Warning: This chapter contains NSFW content. Please read at your own risk.

The pleasant and soothing melody rose and fell in the air. The audience’s heart throbbed and the song entered their ears.

Yang Anyu’s heart trembled slightly. His eyes and heart were only focused on Yi Chenyan who was in front of him. 

Yi Chenyan’s brows dropped slightly; his expression was focused and gentle. He moved his lips as he sang, and his deep magnetic voice became more matured after years of baptism and experience.

The song gradually entered the climax, the originally soft and lyrical tune suddenly became more passionate.  Yi Chenyan sang the high notes perfectly. The lyrics talked about love and desire. The lyrics, accompanied by Yi Chenyan’s voice, made Yang Anyu gradually forget about his surroundings and completely immersed him in the beautiful singing.

Yang Anyu was completely intoxicated in the song that he fell in a daze for a while when the song ended. Then, he finally recovered and applauded loudly.

“It’s good…the music is so pleasant! Yi Chenyan, you’re amazing!” Yang Anyu praised loudly. Because he was too excited, he didn’t know what else to say.

Yi Chenyan laughed at Yang Anyu’s adoring and infatuated expression. It had been a long time since he last sang. Although he practiced a few times before, he was still a little nervous just now. In fact, he didn’t sing too well. Despite that, the “fanboy” in front of him continued to cheer him on excitedly.

“Is this your new song? When did you start writing a new song again? Yang Anyu asked.

“I wrote this a while back,” Yi Chenyan replied. He had written this song for Yang Anyu when he found out that he liked him.

After all, Yi Chenyan first entered the entertainment circle as a singer. He loved music so much. But after a series of events, he realized that there were so many words he just couldn’t say. All he wanted to do at that time was sing. But he no longer felt that he could truthfully convey his heart in his songs. 

“Jiang Ziqian also helped me write this song,” Yi Chenyan said.

After hearing this, Yang Anyu immediately recalled something. He blinked his eyes and asked, “A while ago, Brother Shawn kept calling you, was it because of this song?”

“Yes.” Yi Chenyan nodded. It turned out that Yang Anyu really cared about the matter between him and Jiang Ziqian.

Yang Anyu smiled. He felt relieved.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what this song is called?”

Yi Chenyan felt helpless. He had already sung a love song for him in private, but sometimes, Yang Anyu was just so slow.

Yang Anyu was dazed by his question, “What…what is it called?”

“Extend your hand.” Yi Chenyan smiled softly.

“Okay.” Yang Anyu extended his hand obediently towards him. His heart was beating faster and faster. He wanted to guess, but he didn’t dare to guess.

The song Yi Chenyan sang just now was more like a beautiful love story. It talked about the initial confusion of falling in love, hesitation, and yearning for the other person. Was…was it a long song specifically written by Yi Chenyan for him?

After he grabbed Yang Anyu’s hand, Yi Chenyan’s finger slowly moved on his palm, writing one stroke at a time with his finger.

Yang Anyu concentrated on the words Yi Chenyan was writing on his finger. Thousand, words, ten thousand

Suddenly, Yi Chenyan stopped.

He raised his head and his gaze met Yang Anyu’s gaze. Yi Chenyan was calm and collected before, but another emotion gradually replaced the calmness in his eyes. Unlike the usual way Yi Chenyan acted in front of a camera, the current Yi Chenyan was no longer an actor at this moment. He didn’t need to disguise his feelings any longer. This was the real him right now.

His gaze became soft and loving, revealing his deepest emotions. As he continued to write on Yang Anyu’s hand, he slowly said, “Yu, Thousands of Words for Yu.”


Yang Anyu’s heart trembled.

Seeing Yang Anyu’s blank expression, Yi Chenyan scratched his nose and asked, “Why? Is this a bad name?”

“If…what if I’m not called Yang Anyu?” Yang Anyu suddenly frowned. He felt a knot formed in his heart after asking this question.

Yi Chenyan laughed and said, “You are you. No matter what your name or identity is, I like the current you.”

Yang Anyu plunged into Yi CHenyan’s embrace and hugged him firmly.

Yang Anyu, who had always been optimistic, now had tears filling up his eyes. He was choking with sobs as he said, “Yi Chenyan, thank…thank you!”

Yi Chenyan’s heart burst with emotions. He lowered his head and kissed Yang Anyum gently sucking on his soft lips. Then, he pushed his tongue into Yang Anyu’s mouth, deepening the kiss.

Their tongue intertwined tightly as Yi Chenyan returned Yang Anyu’s firm embrace. They arrived in the bedroom and Yi Chenyan pushed him onto the bed.

Yi Chenyan had suppressed his desires for many years, so it was difficult for him to stop this kind of thing once he started. He unbuttoned Yang Any’s shirt and planted gentle and soft kisses from Yang Anyu’s white neck. Then he nibbled gently at Yang Anyu’s sexy and beautiful collarbone.

Yang Anyu continued to hug Yi Chenyan tightly. He could clearly feel Yi Chenyan’s hot breath spray on his neck. It seemed like there was a fire burning inside  Yi Chenyan’s body. The places that had been kissed by Yi Chenyan began to heat up gradually. Yang Anyu became hot and itchy, and he twisted his body unbearably, trying to cool down.

Yi Chenyan had been restraining himself, but the fire inside him intensified when Yang Anyu was squirming underneath him. Yi Chenyan’s breathing became heavier until he suddenly sucked on the small red grain on Yang Anyu’s chest.

“Mmm…” Yang Anyu moaned softly. He couldn’t stop shaking. This was the first time he was experiencing such embarrassing things. But as long as the other party was Yi Chenyu, it didn’t matter.

“Be good, don’t be afraid,” Yi Chenyan coaxed him.

Yi Chenyan circled the left one with his tongue, licking and teasing it. After he finished “bullying” the one on the left, he turned his target to the other one. It was not until these two poor little things were tortured till red and swollen that he finally stopped and smiled in satisfaction.

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