Chapter 8 Part 1 – The Yunluo Umbrella Shelters You From the Wind and Rain

For Mo Shang, using this dungeon of the Magical Dragon’s Spirit Forest was like using a steam-hammer to break one piece of nut. The moment he entered the dungeon, Mo Shang warned Ning Xin not to add health to his character because this dungeon wasn’t life-threatening to him. If she tried to heal him, then it would attract unnecessary mobs. Ning Xin entered the copy and followed Mo Shang’s instructions by clicking the ‘auto-follow the leader’ button.

And thus, a scene like such appeared in the Magical Dragon’s Spirit Forest.

A brave and gallant knight dressed in white stood at the forefront of the group, and behind him, were a group of alternate accounts. The group followed after Mo Shang in a single file, even their pace matched his as he navigated them through the dungeon. It could even be said that they were more orderly and uniform than the military officers in military training.

Mo Shang easily swept through the mobs before them. When mobs appear, they would lure the mobs together and attack them as a group. The mobs would fall like dominos before the group. This made Ning Xin, who had never centered a dungeon, thought that the mobs in the dungeon are easier to deal with than the old hens in the beginner village.

The team easily cleared the mobs and rushed all the way to the final boss’s nest. Mo Shang and Ning Xin didn’t pick up any drops from the mobs while the three people with their alternate accounts plundered all the equipment and material drops. The other three were overwhelmed by the Great God’s generous attitude. So, they expressed their respect and admiration for him in the team group chat!

【Team】Moon: Big brother Mo Shang is the best. Big brother, will you accept me as your disciple?

【Team】Against the River: Great God Mo Shang, can I add you as a friend?

【Team】I Am A Small Small Bird: Great God, can you help me clear this again? I still need a ring.

Mo Shang decisively rejected the three people’s friend requests and closed his friend verification system.

Ning Xin stood motionlessly next to Mo Shang. Mo Shang thought that she was unhappy because he was giving everything to their other three teammates. However, Ning Xin was doing her own thing and after she failed once again, she sent out a distress message to Mo Shang. After Mo Shang read her message, he felt like he was a villain, and had wrongly judged Ning Xin! 

【Private Chat】Ning Xin: [Crying] My little fox is refusing to come out.

【Private Chat】Mo Shang: -_-||| How did you put away the fox before?

【Private Chat】Ning Xin: After I got on the mount before, the little fox disappeared on its own. Just now, I wanted to pull it out to help me fight the monsters, but I don’t know how to summon it again.

【Private Chat】Mo Shang: Your fox is blessed to have a master like you.

【Private Chat】Ning Xin: Why? 

【Private Chat】Mo Shang: It can laze around without worry.

~~o(>_<)o ~~ Sure enough, I shouldn’t have asked why.

Ning Xin realized that she should never answer Mo Shang’s questions or even ask him any questions because she would either be angered to death by him or become depressed to death by his answers.

【Private Chat】Mo Shang: The pet summoning button is in the character equipment interface. You have to press the R key on your keyboard and dragon the pet icon from the character equipment interface to the shortcut key. In the future, you can easily summon the fox with a right-click on your mouse, and you can retrieve the fox by right-clicking your mouse again.

Ning Xin followed Mo Shang’s instruction and dragged the pet icon to the shortcut key number 1. After she right-clicked on her mouse, a flashed of light appeared, followed by the cute silver-white nine-tailed fox. The nine-tailed fox was licking its small paws when it appeared before Ning Xin’s feet. 

T/N: I’m going to try translating a few chapters of this novel. If there’s a sizable audience and if I like the plot, I’ll officially pick it up ❤

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