Chapter 8 Part 2 – The Yunluo Umbrella Shelters You From the Wind and Rain (2)

The little nine-tailed fox appeared once again. Ning Xin wasn’t the only one who was excited by its appearance, the three turnips were also delighted. The team spirit rose after the appearance of the little nine-tailed fox.

【Team】Against the River: What kind of pet is this? Can you send us the attributes so we can have a look?

【Team】I Am a Small Small Bird: This is such a cute little fox, I want one too. Which BOSS drops this little fox pet as a reward?

【Team】Moon: Older sister, your fox is extremely cute. It’s a hundred times cuter than my red panda! I want a little fox as a pet.

Ning Xin was pleased that her teammates liked her little fox, so she truthfully answered their questions.

【Team】Ning Xin: I received this fox from the BOSS in the hidden map in Lingyun Snow Mountain. 

Then, she proceeded to send to them the nine-tailed fox’s attributes on the team channel.

Mo Shang was torn and didn’t know what to do as he watched Ning Xin tell her teammates everything; about the hidden map in Lingyun Snow Mountain and the process she went through to get the nine-tailed fox without concealing anything. This girl doesn’t know how to guard against other people, she will most likely eat a big loss if she meets someone with impure motives towards her. 

【Private Chat】Mo Shang: It’s best if you don’t reveal too much to people whom you don’t know too well.

【Private Chat】Ning Xing: ?

【Private Chat】Mo Shang: Little girl, you’ll be deceived if you keep trusting people whom you don’t even know. Stop talking from this moment on, and concentrate on fighting monsters.

【Private Chat】Ning Xing: Didn’t you tell me not to fight?

【Private Chat】Mo Shang: I think that since I’ve already brought you here to this dungeon, it will be a good experience for you if you attack the BOSS a little.

Ning Xin was thrilled to hear this because ever since she’d entered the game, she had never come in close contact with one! Now with Mo Shang by her side, Ning Xin wasn’t worried at all that she’ll die under the BOSS’s devil claws. And thus, Ning Xin eagerly approached the BOSS while carrying a small umbrella on her shoulder.

Seeing her approaching the BOSS, Mo Shang immediately transferred the physical attack that Ning Xin received onto himself to keep her safe. Mo Shang watched as Ning Xin hummed a song happily as she attacked the BOSS with her small umbrella. He continued to watch on as the words MISS flashed across the BOSS each time Ning Xin attacked it. The corners of Mo Shang’s mouth turned upward as he took a picture of the scene.

While Mo Shang and Ning Xin were playing happily, the team channel was in an uproar.

【Team】I Am a Small Small Bird: Little Spiritual Pivot, stop causing trouble for the Great God. You can even hit the boss, yet you’re still making Great God take the damages for you.

【Team】Moon: Are you a newbie? That can’t be right, you’re level 75! Stop running around when people are carrying you, you’ll cause trouble for the others.

【Team】Against the River: Spiritual Pivot, come back quickly. After we finish clearing this dungeon, Great God will take us to clear it again!

Ning Xin took a few steps back when she saw the chat on the team channel. Mo Shang frowned at her action, if the game allowed him to kick members out of the party when they’re in a dungeon, then he would’ve already kicked the other three members. Mo Shang already stated that he was taking them to clear the dungeon for Ning Xing. When Ning Xin didn’t engage in fighting the mobs earlier and stood to the side, the other three members knew that it was his idea.

But now?

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