Chapter 8 Part 3 – The Yunluo Umbrella Shelters You From the Wind and Rain

Originally, these three people were brought along to help Ning Xin clear this dungeon, but now Ning Xin was being mistreated. Mo Shang felt the need to resolve this as quickly as possible; he needed to quickly clear this dungeon and kick these three out of the party.

Mo Shang stepped out and attacked the BOSS. Even if the dragon BOSS of the lvl75 dungeon had been cultivated for thousands of years, it would’ve still fallen under Mo Shang’s sword. The dragon let out a howl before its large body collapsed on the floor.

Mo Shand put away his sword and turned around to see that Ning Xin was still standing to the side. He directly texted her on the team channel.

【Team】Mo Shang: Little girl, go pick up the equipment.

Just as Mo Shang sent his message, the Miao girl named Moon had rushed to the BOSS’s side and examined the equipment drops.

【Team】Moon: [Cries] It’s a purple Yunluo umbrella, I can’t equip it.

Each class in the game can only equip a specific type of weapon. As a result, no matter how powerful the weapon was, they could only stare at it if it wasn’t a match to their class. Moon was a Miao girl, so she needed a double ring instead of an umbrella. By default, the umbrella undoubtedly belonged to Ning Xin. 

Mo Shang wanted Ning Xin to pick the umbrella up. However, who would’ve thought that Moon would click the pickup button, bounding the umbrella to her…

Mo Shang was furious. Why did she pick up the umbrella? Was she planning to use it to shield against the wind and rain?

【Team】Moon: Big brother Mo Shang, can you help me get a ring in the next run? I can only use the umbrella to look pretty, I can’t use it to fight monsters.

Mo Shang believed that he was a patient and a good-tempered person, but he could feel the anger burning stronger and stronger inside of him.

【Team】Mo Shang: Do you know the basic rules for picking up equipment in dungeons?

【Team】Moon: Err, big brother Mo Shang, I made a mistake. Let’s run again and help the spiritual pivot get another umbrella.

【Team】Against the River: Great God, since it had been already picked up and bound, let’s just go run the dungeon again.

Mo Shang sneered coldly and gave up on the dungeon. As a result, the team was kicked out of the Magical Dragon’s Spirit Forest dungeon. 

Ning Xin didn’t seem to care that she was robbed of a Yunluo umbrella. For her, all the equipment was the same. In her opinion, no matter what superb equipment she had on, it wouldn’t change the fact that attributes were a waste. It was a pity that purple equipment had been wasted, but Ning Xin’s goal was to experience a dungeon for the first time. Everything else like weapons and equipment came second. 

【Private】Ning Xin: Do we have to run through the dungeon again? The scenery in this dungeon isn’t the prettiest, can we run through a dungeon with better scenery?

【Private】Mo Shang: Okay, we’re not going to run through this dungeon again. The lvl80 Misty Pavilion dungeon is very beautiful. I will help you level up tomorrow. For now, go learn the movement skill first. I’ll look for you later.

【Private】Ning Xin: Where do I learn the movement skill?

【Private】Mo Shang: You can teleport to Flying Sand Road to learn the light skill.

【Private】Ning Xin: Okay. What about you?

【Private】Mo Shang: I need to deal with some matters. When I’m done, I’ll go look for you.

【Private】Ning Xin: Okay, then I’ll leave first.

Ning Xin didn’t have a mount, so she could only rely on her two legs to get her there. Mo Shang waited for her to get far away enough before he turned around to face the Miao girl named Moon on their team.

He suddenly kicked her out of the team and swiftly stabbed her with his sword before she could even respond.

Moon laid on the ground as she looked at Mo Shang with a sorrowful expression on her face. The current channel was spammed with comments. 

T/N: In games, there are different qualities of gears/equipment. It is usually as follows from worst to best: Green < Blue < Purple < Orange < Red. I changed the translation from copy to dungeon since it made more sense. The equipment here is ‘bound’ once someone picks them up. That means they can’t take the equipment off after they pick it up. That was why Mo Shang was angry.

Movement skill is qinggong -> helps the user become more agile and strong.

Suggestion: Do you guys prefer it when I translate names to English or keep it in Chinese pinyin? For example, Moon’s name is Yue’er in Chinese pinyin. Do you prefer ‘Moon’ or ‘Yue’er’? Also, if there’s anything you don’t understand, like the terminologies I used, please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your question(s).

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