Chapter 8 Part 4 – The Yunluo Umbrella Shelters You From the Wind and Rain

【Current】Moon: [cries] Brother Mo Shang, why did you kill me?

【Current】Moon: [cries] Brother Mo Shang, why did you become angry? Why did you kick me out of the team?

【Current】Moon: [cries] Brother Mo Shang, was it because I accidentally picked up the umbrella? I promise it wasn’t intentional. [sobs]

【Current】Moon: [cries] Brother Mo Shang, I’m wrong. Please forgive me. I won’t make the same mistakes again. Please don’t be angry.

Moon was laid on the ground like a corpse while she was spamming the current chat channel while sending messages that gave people goosebumps.

She kept crying cutely and calling Mo Shang, “Brother Mo Shang”. Mo Shang felt that he must’ve turned the air conditioner on too low, otherwise, why was it so cold?

【Current】Mo Shang: The princess can go spoil herself.

【Current】Mo Shang: I never killed people without a reason. I’m not bullying you because you’re weaker than me. I’m teaching you how to behave with integrity. I’m not obligated to bring you along to clear the dungeons. It’s not my duty to take you through the dungeons; I’m only doing it as a friend. Being arrogant and narcissistic is an illness. I don’t have time to take care of you.

Even when the Great God was angry, he still gave off the imposing aura a Great God should have.

After Mo Shang finished typing to the current chat channel, everyone became silent. They secretly wondered how this Miao girl named Moon had offended the Great God Mo Shang.

Moon must’ve been frightened by Mo Shang’s scolding. Mo Shang had taught her a lesson in front of so many people. She couldn’t bear it any longer and immediately went offline.

Mo Shang saw that Moon had tactfully gone offline, so he didn’t pursue it further. He also kicked the other two alternate accounts out of the team. Mo Shang summoned his silver dragon and flew directly to the sky, completely ignoring the group of people’s questions.

When Mo Shang found Ning Xin, she was learning how to jump.

She had learned the lightness skill, but she was confused about how to use it.

Mo Shang was able to glide through the sky and moon-like an immortal.

But it looked completely different as Ning Xin practiced the lightness skill. She looked like a little rabbit as she jumped around.

【Private】Mo Shang: My knowledge of you has risen to a new level.

【Private】Ning Xing: To what kind of level?

As soon as she typed back, Ning Xin wanted to chop off her disobedient paw. She told herself hundreds of times that she should never ask Mo Shang questions. Otherwise, she will be angered to death by him.

【Private】Mo Shang: It turns out that you can even alter the lightness skill you’ve just learned. I bet the lightness skill you’ve just learned will develop nicely in your hands.

【Private】Ning Xin: o(╯□╰)o I knew you didn’t have anything nice to say.

【Private】Mo Shang: I’m truly praising you.

【Private】Ning Xin: Liar.

Ning Xin turned around and ignored Mo Shang. She continued to practice walking in the moonlight…no, she meant jumping in the moonlight!

Mo Shang quietly watched Ning Xin jump around. The fox standing behind her also jumped around in joy. Mo Shang smiled at the scene; his smile instantly brightened his face.

Just at this moment, a message interrupted the warm scene.

T/N: I didn’t realize I split this chapter into 4 parts T.T I’ll split it into longer sections next time. Happy reading! Also I changed the translation from movement skill to lightness skill. Also, I apologize in advance if this chapter feels a little choppy. I’m still new to translating gaming terms.

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