Nightmare (11)

He suddenly slowed down as if he had felt her discomfort and nausea.

Yin Xuezhuo completely destroyed Tai Xuanmen Sect’s altar. He did not plan on exposing himself, instead, he only killed the people who saw him.

Then he casually looked around and found the body of a dead woman. He let go of Ji Yan and coldly commanded, “Change into her clothes.”

Ji Yan was elated when he finally let go of her. She sneezed as she shivered. Her face was blue from holding onto his ice-cold body.

His body seemed to be completely made from ice.

She believed that had she held onto him any longer, she would’ve definitely frozen to death.

Ji Yan earnestly changed into the clothes, but she continued to shiver. She wanted to stand up, but she didn’t have any strength in her legs. She fell to the ground the moment she tried to get up; it seemed as if there were weight tied around her legs.

Ji Yan curled up into a small ball. Her wet but long hair draped behind her; her breath was warm as she exhaled warm puffs of air onto her hand.

Ji Yan knew that she had caught a fever after being tossed around by Yin Xuezhuo.

She was unlikely. This was only her second day after she transmigrated into a cultivation novel, and she already caught a fever.

Her body suddenly felt burning hot.

Yin Xuezhuo frowned as he looked at the small ball on the ground. He felt dizzy and feverish.

He was irritated by this feeling. He raised his hands to vent out his feelings and suddenly slice the giant tree behind him in half. The tree fell diagonally and crashed onto the ground.

A loud crashing noise echoed throughout the air and the air became dusty.

Ji Yan was startled by the sound. She stared at the broken tree in a daze.

The man standing in front of her seemed to be in an irritable mood.

Even though he was in such an irritable mood, he still hadn’t killed her yet.

Ji Yan still didn’t understand why he didn’t kill her, why he asked her such baffling questions, why he tore her clothes off, and why he held her in his arms as he killed everyone in his path.

She tried to search for a clue in the original body’s owner, but she couldn’t find anything.

【You don’t need to think about it.】An electronic voice suddenly said in her head.

Who is it?!

JI Yan raised her head in surprise, but she discovered that the electronic voice could only be heard by her. Yin Xuezhuo was still venting out his anger on their surroundings, he was unaware of the strange thing that was happening to her.

【I am the supervisor of the rules and regulations in the novel, 《Ask, and Answer》. However, you can call me system.】

Ji Yan, “…”

System? Is it the same type of system that she often reads about in novels?

Will she finally have a golden finger? Why did it wait until now to appear?

【It won’t be fun if I come out too early. Isn’t your experience in this world wonderful?】

【Is it exciting? Do you feel exhilarated?】

Yes, she was so excited that she wants to pick up a hammer and smash the system into pieces.

She lost all her sense of morality after encountering death so many times despite the fact that she had only transmigrated here for a few days. Why was she bound to a system that was both shameless and brainless?

The system had a strong desire to survive, so it seems began to explain everything to her——

【Hello Host, you are the 109273rd reader of《Ask and Answer》. After you read the book, your reaction differed greatly from other reads. You chose to stand up for the villain and even criticize the author due to the unfair treatment the villain received. In addition to that, you have the same name as the cannon fodder in the novel. Because all the requirements are met, you successfully obtained the only qualification to enter this book.】

【The author decided to satisfy your personal wishes and allowed you to save “the crazy but pitiful villain”.】

【Didn’t you pity him? Didn’t you like him a lot? Now, you can proceed with your plan to save him.】

【In order to prevent you from escaping after entering the novel, you and Yin Xuezhuo have been completely bound with one another. He cannot be more than ten steps away from you.】

【In order to prevent you from dying too early after you transmigrated into the book, I have bound you and Yin Xuezhuo’s life together. He can feel your illnesses and all your pain (all your sorrows and happiness will be shared)】

【If one of you dies, then the other one will also die.】

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