Chapter 2 – Nightmare (2)

Immediately afterward, she had a series of fortuitous encounters that activated the female lead’s golden finger. All the men in the world flocked to her like doves, willing to sacrifice everything for her. At the time of a calamity, she met the young master of the Tai Xuanmen Sect. He was the male lead of this book; his name was Ji Yunqing. The two started a love-hate relationship where they took turns chasing after each other.

The author was very eager to give all the good luck to the female lead, making the female lead invincible. The female lead would slay monsters, and occasionally have a few emotional entanglements with the supporting male leads from various sects. Some of the supporting male leads would try to force their love upon her, and there would be one melodramatic event happening after another.

At the same time, the author didn’t forget to develop the villain character in the novel.

The “Ultimate Boss” Yin Xuezhuo was confined in the refining abyss to reflect on his mistakes after he saved the female lead. His body was continuously burned by the spiritual fire inside the abyss which caused him to gradually lose his mind. His strength also became stronger and stronger by the day. He accompanied the sect leader of the Kunning Sect to massacre everyone in their path, causing chaos and upheaval in the world.

However, because he still remembered the warmth he received from the female lead, he still had a shred of kindness deep inside his heart.

Whenever he faced the people from the justice sects, Yin Xuezhuo would be controlled by others and ruthlessly kill them. But whenever he faced Yin Miaorou, he would break free from other people’s control and go easy on her. Gradually, Yin Miaorou discovered this.

Yin Miaorou wanted to avenge her biological father, kill Taoist Master Ming Shu, and regain her position as the leader of the sect. In order to achieve her goal, she decided to exploit Yin Xuezhuo, who wholeheartedly liked her. 

In the decisive battle between good and evil, Yin Miaorou exploited Yin Xuezhuo for her selfish intentions. As a result, Yin Xuezhuo was severely wounded by the male lead. After seeing Ji Yunqing standing beside Yin Miaorou, Yin Xuezhuo knew that he was being used. He sank into darkness and despair; Yin Xuezhuo demonized on the spot.

Of course, he failed to harm the female and male lead.

Perhaps the author wanted to prolong the story and decided that the villain could not die so soon. The gentle and kindhearted female lead’s Holy Mother halo suddenly flared up. She decided that she will confine Yin Xuezhuo in the refining abyss rather than kill him. Because she was afraid that he would break free from the abyss, she pierced his bones with numerous chains, she almost completely disabled him. 

Yin Xuezhuo was driven by hatred to practice cultivating all day every day. On the day, the male and female lead established their new joint sect, he broke through the seal and killed everyone in sight.

He absorbed the spiritual energy from humans and became a devil. And because he was emotionally hurt by the female lead’s betrayal, he became insane. He came extremely hostile towards humans, thinking that all humans were exactly like Yin Miaorou. In addition to that, he hated couples a lot. 

He occupied the Devil Realm and commanded a group of devils to capture humans and destroy the whole world. No one could calm his anger and hatred.

In the latter half of the novel, Yin Xuezhuo constantly killed women that looked similar to Yin Miaorou and became the ultimate villain of the book.

Just as he was on a rampage, the female lead, Yin Miaorou decided to sacrifice herself to quell his anger. After Yin Xuezhuo killed Yin Miaorou, Ji Yunqing killed Yin Xuezhuo. Even on his deathbed, Yin Xuezhuo still held onto Yin Miaorou’s hairpin.

After Yin Xuezhuo’s death, people were amazed to find that he still held onto a part of his humanity in his heart. He had preserved Yin Miaorou’s soul after killing her. Since her soul was still in the world, the male lead resurrected Yin Miaorou from the dead. In the end, the male and female lead lived happily together for the rest of their life.

However, the heartbroken villain completely disappeared from the world forever.

When Ji Yan finished reading the book, she had used an entire roll of toilet paper after wiping all her tears.

He was too pitiful.

He was too unique and special.

Why did the villain have to live such a miserable life? From the beginning of the novel, the villain never had a choice. He repeatedly broke from the control of other people to rescue the female lead. In return, the female lead exploited and used him. In the end, he died being scorned by thousands of people, and only ended up uniting the female and male lead.

He was not an innocent person, but his life was too painful. From the beginning, he was destined to die in vain.

Ji Yan’s mood…was the same as when she stepped on dog poop.

Damn the author! What’s with that happy ending tag?!

It was 4 o’clock in the morning and her eyes were as red as rabbits from crying. Ji Yan left an angry review below the book——

“What kind of author are you? Has your damn tomb been dug up by someone or are you just dissatisfied with society? You only know how to make the villains appear pitiful! If you have the ability, why don’t you torture the female and male lead? The protagonist and the male lead were only able to achieve so much thanks to the protagonist’s halo! My delicate little devil is innocent and pitiful. The female lead does not deserve to be loved by him. Fuck! You made me puke up my meal from yesterday.”

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