Nightmare (4)

Ji Yan’s mind began to wander.

Humans were strange creatures. Whenever they were in a critical moment, their thoughts would wander and run wild.

This often happened whenever she was taking an exam; a song would play continuously in a loop in her mind during exams. She really wanted to exchange her brain for someone else’s. Many irrelevant thoughts suddenly surged forth in her mind at this critical moment.

Her first thought was: Was this hand the legendary Nine Yin Skeleton Claw?

T/N: The Nine Yin Skeleton Claw is a reference to the famous wuxia television series called The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Her second thought was: Ahh, this sound is too emotionally moving!

In the end, she actually began singing the song in her mind!

While Ji Yan was singing the song in her mind, she watched as Yin Xuezhuo’s hand touched the red cloth covering her head. But just as he was about the lift the cloth, she suddenly shouted out three words desperately——

“Yin, Xue, Zhuo!”

Her voice was powerful and resonating.

Ji Yan’s scalp turned numb. She was doomed, it was over for her.

As soon as she said those words, Yin Xuezhuo must’ve figured out that she was a fake. He will probably kill her in the next second.

However, something unexpected happened. Yin Xuezhuo suddenly withdrew his hand and asked, “What’s the matter?” He sounded like he was in a good mood.

His tone was very natural, but she could hear the hidden danger perfectly hidden beneath.

Goosebumps rose on Ji Yan’s arms and her brain began spinning rapidly again.

What was the matter? What matter did she have? She didn’t know what matter she had either!

Should she be begging him not to kill her?

No, begging someone insane like Yin Xuezhuo was useless. If everyone he wanted to kill was set free because they begged him, then those Yin Xuezhuo had free would’ve probably built a temple to worship him already. They would kneel in front of his status every day and burn incense for him. That way, no one would be dying by his hands.

Should she show good faith towards him?

Ji Yan gritted her teeth. Since she was about to die anyway, she might as well try her best to grasp at her last strand of hope. She told him everything in one breath, “I’ve been forced to ingest poison that is specially concocted to use against you. They forced me to impersonate Yin Miaorou and sent me here to poison you. However, I have hated them for a long time. I believe you’re an innocent person, so I want to remind you not to touch me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the red cloth covering her head fell down.

Ji Yan secretly sighed in relief when she felt that her skull was still intact.

But she froze at the sight in front of her.

The man in front of her appeared somewhat different from her imagination.

The book described him as a cold and brutal devil. He can squeeze a person’s head open and slaughter a city without blinking an eye. Even when he was facing the woman whom he once loved, he was able to choke her to death without blinking and placed her soul in a box.

He was not a human and didn’t have the three moral views that a human had. After he transformed into a devil, he became the ultimate villain. Yin Xuezhuo’s soul and bones were tainted with evil. However, this was all because he was thrown into despair and forced down the road of a devil. 

Although the book had mentioned that he was extremely handsome with a near-perfect skin, Ji Yan had her doubts when she saw his frightening hand. She can’t imagine anyone beautiful and handsome with such a terrifying-looking hand.

She thought that he would look like a true devil who had just escaped the refining abyss.

However, he didn’t appear as she thought he would.

The main in front of him had slender limbs and a tall figure. His long black hair was scattered all over his body and his skin was the color of the moonlight on a snowy night. He had long eyebrows and beautiful dark eyes. There was a dark but rich aura around him. In short, he was shockingly handsome. 

He was like an untarnished jade, like pearls hidden away in clams. He was a bright and dazzling sight.

Despite all this, he had such a pair of terrifying looking hands. His hands constantly reminded Ji Yan that he was the villain, the bad guy in the book.

Ji Yan forced herself not to tremble under his gaze.

If she trembled or showed her fear, then her skull will not be safe.

She stared at Yin Xuezhuo’s face without blinking. Yin Xuezhuo suddenly leaned towards her and looked at her with his icy black eyes.

She held her breath.

Yin Xuezhuo sniffed her. His breath was ice-cold as his breathing puffed on her neck. It felt like a viper was crawling on her neck.

After he confirmed that she was poisoned, Yin Xuezhuo’s mouth curved up into a smile. His smile was beautiful, but it was a ridiculing smile. He was looking down at them. Ji Yan could tell that he was laughing at how foolish their plan was.

Ji Yan froze and tried to think of another plan.

Ji Yan wished she could remove her head and shake all the water out from inside her mind.

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