Nightmare (5)

Ji Yan’s face was twisted in deep thought as she bit her lip. Then, she cast a glance at her line of sight and saw several corpses lying around the room. The women in white had died a miserable death. Their blood was still bleeding out from their wounds and they still had the fierce expression on their face before they died.

Ji Yan froze on the spot.

Yin Xuezhuo took a step back. He seemed to be amused by Ji Yan’s wooden expression. He was in a good mood, so she asked Ji Yan, “Why are you telling me this?”

Ji Yan, “…”

Why? Why? WHY? Why was he asking her another question that the answer to it would cause her life?

Ji Yan pondered the question for a few moments. Then, she suddenly looked up at him and very sincerely said, “Yin Xuezhuo, the truth is that I like you.”

Actually, she didn’t like him anymore.

She liked him before she transmigrated into the book. But now that she was facing the ultimate devil in the book, how can she still like him? She wasn’t a fool.

Yin Xuezhuo smiled and suddenly turned around. He pointed to the corpse closest to him and said, “I like her too.”

Ji Yan, “What?”

Yin Xuezhuo walked over slowly and snapped the woman’s neck with one foot. He lightly said, “Because it feels good to kill her.”

It seemed like it was impossible to use reason to reason with Crazy Jiao.

She put on a bold face and continued, “…it sounds quite crunchy.”

Yin Xuezhuo, “It’s also very comfortable to step on. It’s so beautiful seeing the blood flow out of the neck and staining the surrounding ground.”

Ji Yan smiled awkwardly and said, “Is that true? Your description makes me want to step on it too.”

Yin Xuezhuo lifted his leg and kicked the corpse towards her. The large glassy eyes on the dead woman’s face were now facing Ji Yan directly.

Ji Yan, “…”

She silently looked away.

Yin Xuezhuo was engrossed in his action, “If you want to step on it, then I will let you step on it.”

No, she didn’t want to!

Ji Yan didn’t know what she was doing. How did her conversation with Yin Xuezhuo start to be about killing people?

She’s only a person in the book. She’s only a person in the book! Ji Yan tried to wash away her fear. Just imagine that this is a game, she comforted herself. Ji Yan reluctantly extended her leg towards the corpse’s neck and stepped on it lightly. Then, she retracted her leg at lightning speed.

Yin Xuezhuo laughed.

He started laughing at himself. But just as soon as he started laughing, his smile disappeared. Ji Yan looked at him speechlessly. It seemed like he was vexed again.

Ji Yan felt that he was pondering over how to properly kill her.

He pondered over it, but he still hadn’t thought of a way to kill her. What’s more, he didn’t really want to kill her either. His black robe fluttered without wind, and his tall and straight figure instantly disappeared into a black mist. 

HIs pleasant and elegant voice echoed in the room before he disappeared.

“Run quickly because the next time we meet, I will step on your neck as I did to hers.”

As soon as his voice disappeared, dead silence resurfaced in the room. The raging wind outside the small house stopped suddenly. The black mist dissipated, and the sun broke out from the darkness. The world cleared up instantly as if she had just returned to the human world from hell.

Ji Yan was still bound to the bed. The corpse was still staring at her with its glassy cold eyes.

Ji Yan, “He just left like that??”

No, he can’t leave yet! He should’ve untied her first!

How will she escape?!

Ji Yan would’ve never imagined that she had transmigrated into a cultivation book as a mortal. In addition to that, she was the only mortal in the cultivating book, the trash of all trash.

Yes, she just happened to transmigrate as the supporting female lead, “Ji Yan” in the book. However, the younger sister of the leader of Tai Xuanmen Sect who had repeatedly harmed the female lead was a mortal without a spiritual root.

Ji Yan’s hands were tied to the beam of the bed. She tried to pull on the statin rope, but they had tied her up tightly. The quality of the stain was too good to break apart.

What kind of knot is this?!

If any of the bystanders were tied up like this, they could easily break free from the bind with just a finger! These shackles are nothing for the regular people in the novel, but it was impossible for Ji Yan to break free. She even tried to use her feet to break free, resulting in doing many unsightly postures. In the end, she only managed to twist herself into a pretzel. She was still unable to break free.

She really had dog poop luck.

Although she wasn’t killed by Yin Xuezhuo, was she going to starve to death here?

Ji Yan was about to cry out of anger. She felt like she was a little white mouse right now, jumping around here and there. However, no matter what happened, she refused to die in vain. Ji Yan didn’t give up and continued struggling. When she got tired from struggling free from the bind, she rested for a while and then continued to struggle.

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