Nightmare (6)

Like this, she continued on until the next morning.

Ji Yan was starving, freezing, and dizzy. Just as she was about to give up, the rope in her hand suddenly united itself and fell to the ground.

Ji Yan stopped up and rubbed her wrist. She was still in a state of shock.

This…could this be a bug in the book?

Ji Yan didn’t question it, instead, she quickly slipped away. 

She descended the mountain. There was no one else along the way. Her vision was blurry, and her mind was dizzy from hunger. She only saw the large city wall when she arrived outside Linshuang City.

The city walls were very high. It was as high as five or six floors in a regular house.

Ji Yan could not see inside the city at all. The gate was tightly shut and guarded by many guards. Barely anyone exited the gate. 

The outside of the city walls was shrouded in a faint light, and the city appeared to be covered in shadow.

This was probably due to an enchantment cast over the city.

Ever since the Devil King, Yin Xuezhuo led the devils to bring chaos to the world, Ji Yunqin, the leader of Tai Xuanmen Sect and Yin Miaorou, the female sect leader of Kunning Sect, formed an alliance. The smaller sects followed their suit and established the Immortal Alliance. All the cities under the protection of the Immortal Alliance had a magic enchantment set up to prevent the invasion of the devils.

However, not all of the enchantments were created equal. Some of these enchantments were strong and some were weak. The strength of these enhancements was related to how strong the inhabitants’ spiritual veins were. Although the enchantments can prevent most devils from entering, it may not necessarily stop stronger devils from breaking through.

Therefore, Linshuang City was under strict security. If it wasn’t necessary, then no one would dare to step out of the enchantment.

In the original plot of the book, Yin Xuezhuo almost wiped out all mankind.

However, he only failed because of Yin Miaorou.

Did Yin Xuezhuo really fall in love with Yin Miaorou? Perhaps he did, and perhaps he did not. She didn’t understand how a Mary Sue world operated.

Even if he did not fall in love with her, Yin Miaorou should still hold a special place in his heart. After all, he was only a monster under someone else’s control before Yin Miaorou came along and helped him gain his own consciousness. She helped him remember that he was a nightmare spirit born into the world by Heaven and Earth. He was a symbol of beauty, not a monster that was spurned by everyone.

But Ji Yan didn’t like Yin Miaorou.

To be more precise, Ji Yan didn’t like how hypocritical and Mary Sue the female lead was.

Yin Miaorou had many ambiguous relationships with many different men. Her love-hate relationships with all these men made Ji Yan’s head hurt. Even though the book described her as someone kind and innocent, she had prompted the men who loved her to do many cruel and ruthless things. 

Ji Yan was unable to accept Yin Miaorou because of how incompetent and hypocritical she was.

The most disgusting thing the author did was to slowly kill off the men who loved the female lead to show their love and obsession towards her. The men were happy to die for her as long as Yin Miaorou was able to live happily.

Yin Miaorou lived happily, completely forgetting all the things the men who died did for her.

Then, Yin Xuezhuo came along. He transformed into a devil after he was discarded after being used by her. After he transformed into a devil, he vowed to destroy humanity.

It was such a pity that he failed in the end.

Ji Yan sighed in pity for the villain as she walked towards the gate.

“Wait. What are you doing?” The guard stretched out his arm in front of her to stop her. He sized her up and frowned slightly when he realized that she didn’t have a spiritual root.

She was still wearing a red dress.

Why would a beauty suddenly appear outside the city all alone?

“Why are you running around outside the city when you are only an ordinary mortal?” The guard said coldly, “how did you get out? What is your name?”

Ji Yan answered honestly, “My name is Ji Yan. I am Ji Yunqing’s younger sister.”

The guard didn’t know who “Ji Yan” was, but when she mentioned the famous male lead, the guard’s expression immediately changed.

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