In the spacious study, the warm light sprinkled down from the chandeliers. Wei Jing sat on a chair and wanted to cry at the English homework in front of him. 

He was thinking that math was too simple. He couldn’t even pretend to act dumb. After thinking about it, Wei Jing chose English without a doubt. Up until he had to answer the questions that he suddenly realized something…His handwriting didn’t match!

When he was in second grade, his handwriting was illegible and unbearable to read. Then, he started to practice his handwriting…The differences between the two handwritings were too tragic. He didn’t even know what to say. 

Wei Zhe raised his eyebrows when he saw that the child didn’t touch his pencil. “You don’t know how to do it?”

“Ah?” Wei Jing smiled weakly and scratched his nose. “N…no.”

The first question required him to look at the pinyin and write words. He clutched the pencil and tried his best to mimic his previous handwriting. Children didn’t have as much strength as adults. Naturally, his words were crooked. But at a glance, there wasn’t much difference between the handwritings. Wei Jing sighed and focused on his homework. 

Wei Zhe was reading a novel. He sat by the child’s side and glanced at him from time to time. 

The second grade’s English homework was pretty easy. It was mostly reading pinyin, making phrases, and comprehending the text. 

Wei Jing finished quickly. Almost at the blink of an eye, he turned to the next page of the exercise workbook. 

When Wei Zhe saw this, he couldn’t help but touch his chin and say, “Pretty good. But why does it take you a long time usually then?”

The pencil on the exercise workbook paused. The pencil couldn’t handle the pressure and the pencil lead broke. Wei Jing blinked his long eyelashes and his pink lips parted, “Because I re-reviewed in school before.”

Whenever he got nervous, he stuttered. 

He basically gave himself away. 

Wei Zhe laughed lightly and wanted to tease him. His fingers slid over the child’s fair and delicate face. “I was just casually saying this. Why are you nervous?”

“I, I, I’m not nervous.” Wei Jing subconsciously denied it. 

“Then why are you stuttering?” Wei Zhe asked.

Wei Jing pursed his lips tightly and refused to speak. He glanced at Wei Zhe with his moist and big doey eyes. He looked at Wei Zhe with grievance and seemed to be saying: how could you bully me?

Wei Zhe stopped, seeing this. “Fine, you can continue.”

Wei Jing became better this time. He continued to write at his previous speed; he wrote slowly like a snail. It was pure torture for him. 

Up until he finished with the unit did he relax his stiffened body. He also seemed free, saying obediently, “Big brother, I’m done.”

Wei Zhe grabbed the workbook and checked over his work. He returned it when he noticed that there wasn’t anything wrong. “Ok, go back quickly and rest.”

“Ok.” The child answered. When he walked to the study door and was about to walk out, the young man added, “If you want to be with your big brother, just tell me. You don’t need to beat around the bush.”

Wei Jing paused his action and turned around, looking unbelievably at the young man. 

He had never seen such a shameless person. 

Big brother’s grand image seemed to have collapsed a bit right now. 

Wei Jing held a sullen face as he ran off, terrified. 

Wei Zhe was in the study alone. He touched his chin and wondered how he didn’t notice in the past. This younger brother is fun to play with. He should talk to him some more in the future. After all, Wei Jing was no threat to him. He could raise him as a pet. 

When he returned to his bedroom, Wei Jing shook everything in his backpack out. First, he looked to see where he had learned up to in his textbook. Then, he completed the homework according to the workbook.

That way, when his big brother asked for him tomorrow, he could confidently tell him that he was done and there was no homework. 

The child happily curled his lips up and wanted to give thumbs up to himself for his IQ. 

Wei Mei had adjusted his state of mind during the night. The next morning, he smiled and greeted Wei Jing. He even enthusiastically poured a glass of milk for Wei Jing. This made the latter suspicious and wondered if the milk was poisoned.  

As for Wei Zhe, Wei Mei was even more enthusiastic. He shamelessly went up to him and although he was scolded, he pretended to be stupid as though he didn’t understand the words. 

Wei Jing couldn’t help but sigh. As expected, each person was different. In short, he couldn’t act like Wei Mei. 

What a pity that the more Wei Mei acted like this, the more Wei Zhe was on guard. 

It’s fine if he had a stupid younger brother. But with a sophisticated, flexible, and blood-related younger brother like him… He was a strong enemy. Therefore, Wei Zhe didn’t lower his guard despite Wei Mei’s age. 

Wei Jing stood by the side, watching the show. Yet, Wei Zhe just had to drag him down, acting like his gentle big brother. 

A morning passed by and Wei Mei looked at him…differently again.