Chapter 2 Part 2 – The Kitty Doesn’t Eat People

How would she be able to run away from such a large cat?

Wait a moment! A cat?

It was as if a light bulb had lit up in her mind, she suddenly remembered about the packet of small dried fish she had in her pocket.

Should she…try it?

She immediately pulled the packet out, opened the packaging, and threw the contents inside the packet on the ground. Her action scattered all the small dried fishes all over the ground. 

The giant cat froze for a moment, but it was still staring unwaveringly at her with its vertical pupils.

Sure enough…

It would’ve been weird if it had actually worked! Even though it looked like a cat, it was clear that the two species aren’t from the same breed. How would it be possible for it to surrender for a packet of small dried fish……


But in the next second, the giant cat turned its body around, and as swift as a clap of thunder could be heard, it had already thrown itself towards the scattered dried fishes on the ground. It let out a meow of satisfaction as it licked up the dried fish from the ground. 


It was actually useful! Hey, where is your dignity as a monster? Shi Xia was shocked.

As expected, no cat, no matter its size, can resist the temptation of dried fishes.

Shi Xia’s strength suddenly returned to her body. While the large cat was still immersed in the temptation of the dried fishes, she held the little girl tightly in her embrace and ran towards the direction where she was originally heading to.

It didn’t matter if she took the main or side roads, she continued to run desperately towards denser places. She ran until her legs became soft, and her body fell forward. But when she remembered about the kid in her embrace, she turned sideways and plunged headfirst into a pond of mud. 

Only then, did she realize that she barely even had the strength to turn her body sideways. It was the sound of birds chirping nearby that made her realize that it was already daytime. The sky was as white as snow, but she was surrounded by dense fog. No wonder she felt like her limbs didn’t feel like they belonged to her, it was because she had run for the whole night. She was in immense pain.

This had to be the most painful day in the 20 years she lived.


The girl in her embrace moved and popped her small and dirty face out. Her eyes were misty, and it seemed as if she was about to shed tears in the next second. She appeared confused and worried.

“Smart girl, don’t cry!” Shi Xia tried to stroke her head, only to find out that she couldn’t lift her hands at all. She could only lie there stiff as a corpse as she gasped for breath. “I’ll……take a rest……then I’ll be fine. Be good.”

“En. Niuniu will listen to you.” She nodded her head obediently.

In the end, she was still a child, how could she not be scared? Seeing how Shi Xia couldn’t move at all, tears began to flow down from her face without a sound. The little girl bit her lips, pretending that she didn’t cry at all. Shi Xia’s heart felt sour. The little girl lied motionlessly by her side as she clung onto Shi Xia tightly.

After lying for a while, she finally regained some strength. She finally had the strength to sit now. Shi Xia pulled out the little radish that was buried in her bosom. My poor chest!

“Sister…” The little girl blinked her eyes that were swollen almost to the size of walnuts and looked at her pitifully. 

Shi Xia stroked her head and checked the wound on her feet. Luckily, it was just a cut on her feet and the wound had already stopped bleeding.

Although she did save the little girl, what should she do with her now? The child appeared to be five or six years old, and she definitely won’t be able to survive in this forest alone. Shi Xia sighed, “Is your name Niuniu?”

The little girl nodded her head.

“Do you think you can tell me where we are right now?”

Her face was filled with confusion.

Shi Xia changed her question, “The child that was with you earlier, do you know him?”

Niuniu was silent for a while, then she finally answered, “Brother.”

“He’s your brother?”

She nodded her head.

“Then do you know how you got here?” She tried to ask as gently as she could, “Where did you live? Do you remember your way home?”

Niuniu nodded her head, then shook her head again, “Not going back…brother said we will arrive there soon…once we find the place, he will become very powerful.”

Shi Xia didn’t understand her and was somewhat confused. But according to Niuniu’s words, she must’ve been heading to a certain location with her brother. But was separated from each other because of the monster they met on their way there.

“Do you know where your brother is heading?”

Niuniu shook her head, but then she thought of something afterward, and grabbed her clothes hastily, “East…brother said he’s heading east. He said we will arrive soon.”

East? Is that the direction?

Shi Xia looked up at the sun and figured out their current direction. It just happened that they are heading eastward. It was impossible for them to head back now, so they can only head forward. If Niuniu’s brother was really heading east, then maybe they will meet each other.

Shi Xia rested for a while before continuing her journey onwards with Niuniu. She held Niuniu’s hand and ignored the mud on her body. She could just think of the mud as skincare. Shi Xia didn’t know anything about this place, so to her, it was more dangerous for them if they had stayed in the same place for too long. 

It may be because of her previous express delivery trips, but she was extraordinarily calm about transmigrating. This was probably because she had transmigrated so many times that it had become normal for her. 

She didn’t know if it was just her intuition, but she felt that the system didn’t just randomly throw her into this world. The system must have its own purpose for throwing her into this world.

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