Chapter 3 Part 1 – There Are Immortals In the Depths of the White Clouds 

Shi Xia didn’t know how long she had walked. Perhaps as a result of running for her life earlier, her feet felt like it was floating. Luckily, she didn’t encounter any more giant, overfed cats along the way. She didn’t have a second packet of dried fishes to spare. 

It wasn’t until noon that she heard some faint murmuring ahead. Overjoyed, she quickened her pace and sped forward with Niuniu in her arms.

She pushed aside the bushes in front of her, and she was dazzled by the view. The area before her was covered in fresh green grass and was populated by a crowd of people.

My god, I’ve finally escaped. Shi Xia was so happy that she almost burst out singing as she plopped on the ground. She never wanted to get up from the ground, today’s event was like the movie, The Great Escape.

“Niu’er!” As soon as Shi Xia put the little girl on the ground, a figure clothed in a cyan robe rushed over and hugged the little girl. 

“Brother!” Niuniu’s eye brightened and hugged the boy in front of her immediately.

“Niu’er, how are you? Are you injured anywhere?” The boy started to check her injuries meticulously.

Niuniu shook her head and pointed at Shi Xia, “Big sister protected me.”

The boy turned to look at Shi Xia, and knelt on the ground without hesitation, “Thank you, benefactor, for saving my sister.”

He was a courteous kid, but Shi Xia waved her hand indifferently, “You’re welcome, it’s my duty to serve the people.” I was just serving the people.” 

The boy froze for a second and replied politely, “I’m unable to repay my benefactor’s gratuitous. If you ever need me in the future, I will do my best to repay your kindness.”

“That’s enough, why does a brat have so much to say?” Shi Xia looked at the boy who could barely be two years older than Niuniu, yet he behaved like an adult. “My feet don’t have any strength to stand up right now, so I can’t help you up. Get up, don’t kneel anymore”

The boy finally stood up, but when he saw Shi Xia lying paralyzed in the puddle of mud, he thought it would be inappropriate for him to stand. As a result, he pulled his sister to his side and they both squatted down beside her. His cheeks were rosy, but he continued to look at her with a serious expression on his face.

“I’m Xuan Lin, from Liang Country. I brought my sister here intending to seek the immortal path, but I didn’t expect the immortal forest to be so dangerous. Thanks to our benefactor…” He held on to his sister’s hand more tightly and his face wrinkled altogether.

“Seeking the immortal path?” When Shi Xia heard those words, she sat up like a fried corpse, “What does that mean?”

Xuan Lin was stupefied, and looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face, “Benefactor, didn’t you… also came here to the mountain of immortals to see the immortal path?”

“…” She was just an innocent delivery girl who was tricked by the system.

“It is rumored that the gate of the immortal mountain opens once every ten years. As long as you enter the gate, you will become the disciple of an immortal.” Xuan Lin continued, “Even though the immortal forest is dangerous, you can abandon your mortal identity once you climb up the mountain. That’s why everyone is willing to travel thousands of miles just to get here.”

Shi Xia then looked at the crowd of people gathered around the area. She was wondering why there were so many people gathered at this place. Originally, she thought they were merely celebrating their escape from the forest, but it turned out that they are waiting for the immortal gate to open!

Wait a minute!

Why does this setting feel like a fantasy fiction drama?

“Are there really immortals in this world?”

“Of course!” Xuan Lin nodded affirmatively and pointed to the misty white fog at the edge of the grassland, “Today is the day the immortal gate will open, and there will be immortals descending from there.”

Shi Xia became a little excited; if there are immortals in this world, then there would be hope for her to leave this world and return home. Don’t immortals possess remarkable abilities? Perhaps one of them might be able to open the time-space gate.

“Oh right, benefactor, you still haven’t told me your surname yet.” Xuan Lin asked.

“Oh, my name is Shi…”

Before she was even able to finish her introduction, someone ahead let out a cry of alarm.

“The immortal gate is opening!”

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