Chapter 3 Part 2 – There Are Immortals In the Depths of the White Clouds 

The crowd began stirring and they all started moving forward. Shi Xia had no choice, but to stand up too. Shi Xia’s eyes sharpened at the area where everyone was moving towards. 

The area in front of them was originally covered in misty white fog, but something seemed to have pierced through the fog, pushing the misty fog towards two opposite sides. As the fog parted way, a beautiful game like scene was revealed. A beautiful mountain peak surrounded by white floating clouds in the bright and spacious sky entered Shi Xia’s eyes. There are small white palaces located on the peaks of the mountain. The waterfall flowed down from the top to the bottom of the mountain like a silver ribbon, and the sky right above the mountain was more brilliant than any sky she had ever seen.

Paradise, it was really paradise!

Shi Xia could feel the people standing around her taking a collective gasp of surprise at the scenery in front of them and then falling into silence. Suddenly, white square tiles appeared one on top of another, forming a spiral stairway connected to the immortal mountain from afar. 

“It’s the stairway to immortals! It’s the divine stairway!” It was unknown who had shouted that, but the crowd suddenly started to run towards the stairway excitedly. 

Shi Xia was far away so she couldn’t see the situation on the other side. When she tried to get closer to have a look, she was squeezed out by the crowd. Even Xuan Lin and Niuniu didn’t know where to squeeze in.

“Eh? Why can’t we go up?”

“Is this stair alive?”

“Oh my, I’m going to fall!”

In mere moments, Shi Xia began hearing cries of surprise from ahead. Shi Xia tiptoed and saw that the stairs weren’t easy to step on. A lot of people already fell from the stairs after walking a few steps up.

Well, it seemed like the divine stairway isn’t that easy to walk on. Shi Xia was no longer in a rush to move forward.  

Many people stepped forward to try the stairway, but no one was able to completely walk up the divine stairway. The person who walked the furthest could only walk up to the tenth step before falling back down. The originally excited group quickly became spiritless, but they continued to try the stairs again and again. 

“You need an immortal to lead you up the divine stairway, otherwise, you’ll fall off. Stop playing around and wait for the immortal to descend.” It was unknown who had said that, but everyone stopped trying to climb the stairway and began waiting for the immortals.

They waited and waited, but not even a piece of a feather had fallen from the immortal mountains. Seeing that the sun was about to set, the crowd became a little irritable. Even Shi Xia was a little skeptical. Do people here not work on the weekends? 

Suddenly, someone let out a cry of alarm.

“Look at the sky.”

They saw a black figure flying towards their direction from the peak of the floating mountain.

It’s coming, the immortal is coming.”

“The immortal has come to pick us up, that’s wonderful!”

The crowd became excited once again and started moving forward slowly. Shi Xia looked up and couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. There really are immortals that can fly! 

The shallow became larger and larger. The crowd could see that the immortal was clothed in black while riding a flying sword. 

Black cloth?! Shi Xia frowned and felt a little confused. Don’t all immortals wear white clothes? This immortal sure has a unique personality! Also, is it just an illusion, but why does the sky behind the figure seem to be darker?  

It only took the dark figure a couple of seconds to appear in front of them. The crowd could finally have a clear view of the immortal. The man was skinny, dressed in a black robe, and his complexion was sickly pale. His red lips contrasted sharply with his pale white face. If he wasn’t wearing ancient Chinese styled clothing, she would’ve mistaken him for a vampire from the dramas she’d watched. 

With the longsword beneath his feet, he stopped 4-5 meters above the crowd and narrowed his eyes. The man glanced at the crowd, the contempt in his eyes was not disguised in the slightest as he smirked, “I was wondering who it was, it turned out to be just a group of foolish mortals.”

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