Chapter 4 Part 1 – Friendship From a Meow Star

“Immortal…it’s an immortal!” Contrary to the other person’s contempt, the people below looked at him with bright and hopeful eyes. “Are you an immortal from the immortal mountain?” 

“An immortal?” The man glanced at the person asking the question and laughed. “That’s correct, I’m on my way to becoming an immortal.”

The crowd became excited upon hearing his words.

“He is a real immortal”

“That’s amazing, the immortal finally arrived.”

“Immortal, did you come here to pick us up?”

“We can go to the immortal mountain!”

Everyone started to discuss interchangeably with excitement on their faces.

“Picking you up?” The man in the sky laughed even more delightfully, “That’s right, I’m here to pick you guys up.” He looked coldly at the crowd of people below him. Although he appeared to be smiling, there was no warmth beneath his smile. He suddenly reached out his and a ray of light flashed by, revealing a folding fan on his hand. “Get ready for this.”

Shi Xia suddenly had an uneasy feeling when everyone else was immersed in their excitement of entering the immortal mountain. Many people even began pushing forward to get closer to the man. 

“Please help us ascend the immortal mountain by casting a spell on us”

The man laughed heartily and raised his fan. “I presume you’re all here to be disciples of the Tian Chen sect. I’ll be a good person until the very end. I’ll send you all to reunite with my senior uncle and ancestral master.”

Shi Xia’s heart sank. The script was wrong. “Wait…”

Before she could even finish speaking, the man swung his fan and exclaimed, “I’ll send all of you to reunite in hell!” 

A large amount of black mist suddenly rushed towards the crowd like a flood from the fan in his hand. The black mist diffused everywhere and covered everything in an instant. Shi Xia couldn’t respond at all when she saw the people in front of her falling one by one. 

The originally boisterous crowd suddenly fell dead silent. They didn’t even have a chance to resist before they all fell. 

“Bahahaha…” The man’s expression became twisted as he laughed arrogantly. “Don’t blame me for being cruel, who told you to come to the Tian Chen sect to die? As long as I’m still alive, I won’t allow any Tian Chen sect disciples to live in the world. Since you want to enter the Tian Chen sect, then you deserve…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly froze. His gaze sharpened on Shi Xia, staring at her like she was a ghost. “You…why are you still standing?”

“Uh…” Shi Xia froze for a moment. “Should I…lay down?”

The man frowned and immediately became furious. “How dare you toy with me!”

But I didn’t? Would you believe me if I tell you that I just got used to the mist?

The man didn’t give her a chance to explain herself. He raised his fan once again and swung it back and forth, releasing dark wind blades at her. 

Shi Xia rolled to the side instinctively, followed by loud rumbling sounds. A half-meter-long trench suddenly appeared at where she previously stood. 

“Damn!” Shi Xia was so terrified that her heart almost jumped out. He really wanted to kill her!

She didn’t even have time to get up before the next wind blade was headed straight at her. It’s all over. She will be cut into two pieces! Shi Xia closed her eyes subconsciously, but the anticipated pain didn’t arrive. She could only hear a gust of wind blowing by followed by a familiar roar.

Opening her eyes, she saw a giant yellow figure standing in front of her.

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