Chapter 5 Part 1 – Who Can Give Her an Explanation?

The teenager gritted his teeth and looked up at the white figure in the sky, “Grandmaster, look…”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when a ray of white light fell from the sky and directly covered the whole cat. The wounds on the cat’s abdomen were healing rapidly. When the cat was fully healed, there wasn’t even a scar left!

Wow, so high tech!

Even Big Meow was dazed. Big Meow moved its four paws tentatively before it got up. It jumped a few times and rolled around. Finally, the cat let out a purr of satisfaction as it pounced at Shi Xia.

“Big Meow!” That was great! Shi Xia rubbed the cat’s head and was just about to express her gratitude when she realized that the cat was rubbing against her pocket intentionally. It was staring at her with bright eyes.

“Uh…” Her mouth twitches, “I don’t have any more dried fish.”

Big Meow stopped acting like a spoiled cat with its rubbing and narrowed its eyes at Shi Xia for two seconds. Then…

The cat decisively turned around and walked away.\

Shi Xia, “…”

What was that about? What about our friendship?!

The teenager sighed in relief. Fortunately, the Grandmaster was here to help heal the cat. He hurriedly cupped his fist together and bowed towards the figure in the air, “Thank you, Grandmaster.” 

“Thank you, nice person number 2.” Shi Xia also quickly thanked him.

The figure in white acted indifferently as he gently waved his sleeve. The light from the formation of swords began to dim and the people who inhaled the poisonous mist started to awaken.

“Young lady, this is for you…” The teenager suddenly handed her something.

“What is this?”

“You’re probably here to seek the immortal path. I think you have good qualifications; this item should help you if you want to enter this sect”

Shi Xia looked at the white jade tablet he handed her. The jade looked pretty ordinary except for a few unknown characters carved on it. 

“The devil cultivator’s poisonous mist should have dispersed by now. They will wake up soon, so I will have to bid you farewell.”

“Oh.” Shi Xia glanced at the jade tablet on her hand with confusion and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The teenager smiled and summoned his flying sword. The white-clothed man was already flying towards the direction of the immortal mountain. “Grandmaster, please wait for me!” The teenager quickly sped forward, but he suddenly thought of something turned back. He asked Shi Xia, “My name is Yuan Wu, I am a disciple of Yun Hua Sect. May I ask what your name is?”

“Oh, my name is Shi Xia.”

As soon as she responded, Yuan Wu fell off his sword with a plop. He had a ghastly expression on his face like he had just seen a ghost. Even the numerous lightsabers in the sky rained down on the ground a few feet away from her. “You…”

Before Yuan Wu could finish speaking, the white figure in the distance instantly appeared in front of Shi Xia in the next moment. 

“What did you say?”

Shi Xia froze after seeing how close they were standing together. She couldn’t help but lean back a little and was now able to see the white-clothed man’s face clearly.

Shi Xia widened her eyes in surprise. Ohh…he’s a handsome guy.

Since Yuan Wu addressed him as Grandmaster, she thought that he was a very old man. But unexpectedly, he was a young handsome man with sword-shaped eyebrows. His long hair reached his waist and he was dressed in clothes that were as white as snow. He had an imposing aura that was hard to ignore.

His voice could easily mesmerize people, it was impossible for people to resist his charms. “Is your name Shi Xia?”

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