It was half-past six; it was time to get off work.

Ji Qingqing was holding a bouquet of roses as she stood next to Lu Lixing in the elevator. The people outside the elevator sucked in a cold breath as they looked at the two people inside the elevator. They looked as if they had seen a ghost, and no one dared to enter the elevator. 

“Greetings President Lu!”

Ji Qingqing could hear the people next to her whisper among themselves.

“Is that President Lu and Ji Qingqing?”

“Who gave Ji Qingqing the bouquet of roses?”

“I heard from the front desk that President Lu came to Tianyu Entertainment looking for Ji Qingqing with a bouquet of roses!”

“So…Ji Qingqing and President Lu…”

“No way…”

Lu Lixing pretended as if he didn’t hear them. The two people walked together publicly. After this, everyone will probably know about their relationship by tomorrow.

The two walked all the way down to the underground parking lot together. Ji Qingqing got into the passenger seat of Lu Lixing’s car. She put the rose bouquet containing ninety nine roses in the back seat. The roses were deep red, fragrant, and gorgeous.

When they were at Tianyu Entertainment, Lu Lixing looked so cool and handsome as he defended her. Ji Qingqing almost forgot that Lu Lixing had sent her roses and came to the company to pick her off work because she was so absorbed thinking about how amazing her husband was.

Now that she had properly calmed herself down and was sitting inside his car, she was able to recall Lu Lixing’s expression, words, and actions as he defended her.

Lu Lixing didn’t ponder over his righteous actions earlier, nor did he even mention the matter with Ji Qingqing.

Ji Qingqing secretly snuck a glance at him. She was unable to contain the smile on her face, “Mr. Lu, thank you for speaking up for me just now.”

“Mr. Lu?” Lu Lixing was driving with one hand; he glanced at the rearview mirror and slowly drove the car away from the parking lot. As he drove, he silently gave her a meaningful look.

Ji Qingqing understood the meaning behind his eyes and immediately changed the way she addressed him, “Husband, thank you for speaking up for me. If you were not for you, then I would’ve been bullied by them today.”

——”Life value +1, Host’s current life value is twelve hours.”

“They’re bullying you?”

Ji Qingqing nodded her head.

Lu Lixing recalled the scene he saw when he entered the conference room. At that time, Ji Qingqing was baring her fangs and brandishing her claws at Gu Shaoyu as she hid behind Qin Yue. He smiled and asked, “They have the ability to bully you?”

“Of course! You didn’t see…”

“I saw,” Lu Lixing added, “I saw everything from the beginning to the end.”

Ji Qingqing, “…”

Ji Qingqing choked on the words that were about to come out from her mouth. She could neither spit it out nor could she swallow it. Lu Lixing was actually standing behind the door of the conference room the entire time?

So, he heard everything she said and how she bullied everyone else in the conference room?

Then why was she still putting so much effort into this act?

She was so proud of her skilled acting when she threw herself into his embrace while sobbing and complaining like she was suffering a great grievance. But now, the memory was like a slap to her face.

It hurts so much! 

Ji Qingqing wished she could dig a pit and bury herself in it.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Lu Lixing said lightly. “You don’t have as much influence and power as them, so if I wasn’t there at the time, then you would’ve eaten a loss. Furthermore, I am your husband, so I should help you when you need it.”

Ji Qingqing’s mood waned as she asked, “What if I used to be a really bad person like Gu Shaoyu said?”

“Do you think I’m a good person?”

Ji Qingqing looked at him.

“Don’t mention the past. Who doesn’t have a dark past? No one can guarantee that he or she will never be impulsive or do something wrong in their life.”

Ji Qingqing nodded and felt that his words made a lot of sense.

“In the future, I don’t want you to entangle yourself with other people. Remember that you are my wife. Don’t let me catch your wrongdoings.”

Ji Qingqing mumbled in her heart. She knew her place and she never took the initiative to look for trouble, so there shouldn’t be any evidence of wrongdoings that other people can use against her.

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