Ji Qingqing looked at the couple through the car window.

Lu Lixing saw her looking at them, so he asked, “Are you envious?”

Ji Qingqing shook her head and looked at the traffic lights ahead, “The traffic police are coming soon. They are about to be arrested because electric cars cannot carry two people.”

Just as she had said, the traffic police arrested them.

Lu Lixing, “…” She was an unromantic woman.

“I don’t envy them.” Ji Qingqing turned around and smiled at Lu Lixing, “I think grandpa is right. It’s important to find someone compatible whether you marry for love or not. Mr. Lu, I know that I’m very lucky to be able to marry you. You can rest assured because even if there’s no love in our marriage, I will always be loyal to you.”

Ji Qingqing had never fallen in love, so she was unclear what love felt like. She didn’t have much expectation in love and marriage. She merely wanted to have a stable life; Ji Qingqing didn’t want to endure bitter hardships again.

The driver and the passenger seats were very close to one another. Ji Qingqing looked at him while Lu Lixing looked back at her.

The traffic light turned from red to green.

The vehicles stuck behind the traffic jam at the intersection began to move forward.

Lu Lixing’s gaze was met with Ji Qingqing’s clear and bright eyes. He realized that today was the earliest he had ever gotten off work. The traffic jam was endless, and the cars moved at the pace of snails. He never noticed that the road can be so jammed around the time people usually got off work.

However, the traffic jam did not make people feel anxious and upset. Instead, they felt very relaxed after they left work.

The crimson sun was setting behind the fluffy white clouds outside the window; it had been a long time since Lu Lixing was able to enjoy such beautiful scenery. He turned around to look at Ji Qingqing. He couldn’t take his eyes off the bright and cheerful smile on Ji Qingqing’s face.

Not everyone can have whatever one wished for in life.

He was lucky to be able to marry her.

“Call me hubby.”


——“Life value +1, the Host’s current life value is 14 hours.”


The car drove into Lu Family’s garage half an hour later. Upon entering the door, Aunt Pei was immediately attracted by the bouquet of roses that Ji Qingqing was carrying in her arms.

“The flower is so beautiful. Ma’am, did you buy the flowers?”

“No, this is a gift from Mr. Lu.”

“Young master gave you flowers?” Aunt Pei glanced at Ji Qingqing and Lu Lixing with an ambiguous gaze, “Give me the flowers, I will put the flowers in a vase and then put it in your room. Go wash your hands and prepare to eat.”

Ji Qingqing gave the flowers to Aunt Pei and went to the bathroom.

Aunt Pei took the flowers to the living room. Mister Lu was reading a book in the living room, and when he saw the ninety-nine roses, he asked, “Who sent the flowers?”

“This was a gift from the young master to his wife.”

“Li Xing sent Qingqing the flowers?”


The old man smiled when he heard her response, “Just like I had said, feelings can be slowly cultivated as long as the two are compatible. Even if they have no feelings for each other, a spark will light up in their relationship sooner or later. This was the case with Li Xing’s grandmother and me.” When he talked about the late Mrs. Lu, the old man was full of smiles, “I haven’t seen her before our marriage, and we haven’t spoken for over three days after our marriage. But a month later, she was no longer willing to part with me.”

“That’s right, these young people know how to be romantic nowadays. You don’t have to worry about the young master anymore. Aunt Pei fiddled around with the roses and asked, “Old master, do you want to put a few of these flowers in your room?”

“What’s the use of putting them in my room? Put the flowers in their rooms, make sure to use a few more vases.”

“Okay, I will do that now.”

After Ji Qingqing returned to her room after she finished dinner, she was greeted by the fragrant scent of roses when she opened the door to her room.

The ninety-nine roses were divided into several vases by Aunt Pei. The vase full of flowers were placed in the most eye-catching places around the room. The flowers exude a captivating rose fragrance.

Ji Qingqing rolled around her bed as she inhaled the fragrant happily. This was the first time she had received roses. Although this was sent by Lu Lixing, she will forgive his hypocritical show of affection since this was the first time she received flowers from someone!

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