The door to the room was suddenly pushed open.

The scent of the roses immediately filled Lu Lixing’s nose. He almost thought that he had walked into the wrong room.

Lu Lixing walked into the room and stood at the end of the bed. He frowned slightly as he watched Ji Qingqing tumble around in bed. Lu Lixing had a headache when he saw the scene.

Is she exercising before she goes to sleep?

“Cough…” Lu Lixing coughed twice, and Ji Qingqing opened her eyes immediately. Because she had rolled herself to the end of the bed, her eyes made direct contact with Lu Lixing’s eyes when she opened her eyes.

She looked at him as if nothing had happened and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Lixing handed her a tablet and said, “The matter has been resolved, take a look at it yourself.”

Ji Qingqing took the tablet from him and scrolled down the tablet. It turned out to be an apology statement on Weibo from Shen Weiwei.

The statement gave a detailed explanation of the incident that occurred a month ago where she fell down a hill. She explained that Ji Qingqing went looking for her to practice their lines together and that they did not argue or became physical with one another. She also explained that she was so invested in practicing the script that she accidentally fell down the hill and injured herself. She wanted to sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding, and she wanted to apologize to Ji Qingqing for all the malicious comments she received this month.

The apology statement was sincere, and it was pinned at the top of Shen Weiwei’s account.

Shen Weiwei wasn’t someone famous. In fact, she didn’t even have half of Ji Qingqing’s popularity. She was only able to gain so much attention because Ji Qingqing had a lot of anti-fans.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend. Ji Qingqing had many ambiguous relationships with other celebrities and offended many fans of other celebrities. As a result, whenever a small problem occurred with Ji Qingqing, a whole group of anti-fans would come swimming against her once they smelled trouble. The anti-fans were able to organize themselves into a group and cause trouble for Ji Qingqing.

Although the majority of the fans were mocking and ridiculing Ji Qingqing, there were also many people who spoke up for her because the water army was not present. The comments under Shen Weiwei’s post were pretty fair.

T/N: Water army – To recap, they’re like ghostwriters who are paid to post negative comments.

“She was forced to apologize. The two artists are both from the same company, but one artist is popular while the other is not popular. The unpopular artist offended the popular artist. Who knows what the truth is? This is too disgusting to look at.”

“Too disgusting to look at +1. There were a lot of news in the past few days that stated that Ji Qingqing found several other backers after she was kicked out by Gu Shaoyu. It seems that rich people these days are really stupid.”

“I have inside formation. Ji Qingqing managed to climb up to Tianyu Entertainment’s highest level, but I cannot name who the person is.”

“So, she found another financial backer. No wonder she is so fearless.”

“I don’t know much about Ji Qingqing, so I don’t know her character. But she is indeed innocent in this matter, and since she is innocent, she has the right to defend her innocence. I heard that she had to stay at the police station for a few days because of this matter. It can be said that she was unjustly punished for something she didn’t do.”

“Let’s judge the matter based on evidence. The video was already released, so why are people still making up conspiracy theories? I think it’s disgusting that you won’t listen or look at the evidence before slandering people. It’s obviously not Ji Qingqing’s fault, so why are you still slandering her? What do you mean she was forced to make an apology statement? Shen Weiwei had caused us to misunderstood Ji Qingqing and caused Ji Qingqing so much trouble. Isn’t it natural for her to apologize and clear up the misunderstanding?”

“I’m not Ji Qingqing’s fan, but I want to clarify that Ji Qingqing wasn’t being kept by Gu Shaoyu. They were in a real relationship before; they were each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend. Gu Shaoyu is a scum. He spread bad rumors about Ji Qingqing after he broke up with her.”

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