Chapter 163 – A Difficult Birth (1)

After she finished speaking, the woman pushed past the silent master and walked out of the temple. She was right; a concubine was considered the property of her husband. If he tried to intervene, the law wouldn’t stand by his side.


Suddenly, a childlike voice broke the silence, “Wait a moment…” Ye Mu walked slowly towards the married women and said, “Saving a person’s life is more admirable than building a seven-floor pagoda. Since we’re at a Buddhist Temple right now, you aren’t allowed to kill anyone. You can deal with the matter of her escaping later; your priority right now should be helping this woman give birth first. 

Many people didn’t recognize Ye Mu when she appeared; however, based on her luxurious clothes, they knew she had an extraordinary status.

The married woman considered her proposal for a few minutes before she asked patiently, “Who are you to stick your nose into the affairs of one of the three great families?”

Ye Mu touched her nose, “One of the three great families? Wow, that’s impressive! As for who I am…”

She thought seriously about it for a moment and realized that she currently doesn’t have an impressive identity yet. Having nothing to lose, she put her hands on her hips, and said, “Don’t you know? I’m His Majesty’s study companion.”

Everyone looked at her in surprise when she said that. As it turned out, she was the one whom the young emperor highly valued. The young emperor had even sealed off the road leading from the imperial palace to the temple for her. Even though she was merely his study companion, the emperor treated her like she was a princess!

The married woman’s domineering attitude instantly disappeared when she heard that Ye Mu was the emperor’s study companion.

A year ago, the Zhong Family lent the Empress Dowager 100 suicide soldiers¹. After all the internal conflicts and struggle, all the great masters in the inner palace had died.

As a result of this incident, Zhong Family’s strength was knocked down a few notches. Their ancestors implored them repeatedly to conceal their strength so they can bide their time. They followed their ancestor’s advice and didn’t clash directly with the young emperor. But what should they do now that one of the young emperor’s people was bullying them?

The married woman frowned, “…based on your status, you still don’t have the right to stick your nose into the Zhong Family’s affairs. She’s a runaway concubine, you have no power to decide how the Zhong Family should deal with this matter.”

“A runaway concubine?” Ye Mu shook her head. “The woman has a speech impairment, right? Don’t bully other people just because they can’t talk. The Zhong Family is influential and rich, so why would a runaway concubine from the Zhong Family stay in the city? Wouldn’t she leave the city to avoid being discovered? How could she still have the time to come to the Buddhist temple to pray and burn incense? I don’t care. You are not allowed to take her away before we confirm her identity.”

The crowd was amazed by her keen observation skills. The monks didn’t dare to touch her as they watched the scene unfold quietly.

“What are you all standing idly by for?” Ye Mu swept her gaze across the monks in the room. “Aren’t you going to take her to the backyard to deliver the baby?”

“But…,” a young novice monk suddenly spoke up, “But this is a sacred temple…” How could she deliver a baby here? The young monk was at a complete loss.

Ye Mu glanced at the silent master and asked, “Do you think so too?”

The silent master smiled gratefully at Ye Mu, but he didn’t reply!

It was rare for him to smile, and when he smiled, he appeared more handsome and charming than usual. His pupils in his eyes were bright and clear.

“Send her to the backyard, I will personally help her deliver,” he said without the slightest hesitation.


“Go quickly!”


The married woman was furious when she saw how easily the silent master had snatched away the woman from her. She quickly ordered her servants to chase after them.

The silent master originally wanted to help, but he was pushed aside by Ye Mu. “Leave this to me, you should go help her.”

The silent master was anxious because he knew the pregnant woman was in a dire state. Before he left, he lowered his head and whispered to Ye Mu, “Be careful and remember that no matter what happens, you cannot use force.”

¹Suicide Soldiers – soldiers sent to die.

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