Chapter 164 – A Difficult Birth (2)

When the crowd thought the silent master was only persuading them not to fight, but Ye Mu knew very well that the silent master was afraid she would kill them.

“Don’t worry!” Ye Mu glanced at the other party with ill intentions and said, “I can still stall them without resorting to force.”

After Ye Mu reassured him, the silent master turned around and left.

Seeing the silent master and his monks had taken away the woman they planned to capture, the noble lady chased after them in anger. However, she was once again stopped by Ye Mu.

“Move aside!” The noble lady pointed her finger at Ye Mu with a scowl on her face and said, “This matter isn’t something you can stick your nose into! Don’t act all high and mighty just because His Majesty dotes on you, you’re not the ruler of Mo Country!”

Ye Mu glared at the noble lady with her hands at her hips. “You’re not the ruler of Mo Country either. Did you construct this temple? Who allowed you to bring your people to a public venue to commit murder? Did you construct or founded Mo Country?”

Her words had completely put the noble lady at fault. The noble lady was furious; she couldn’t help but push Ye Mu away forcefully!

“Get up and stop spouting nonsense! No matter how you justify yourself, I’m still the person who is correct!”

When Ye Mu was pushed back by the noble lady, Ye Mu took a few steps backward before she sat on the ground. The rim of Ye Mu’s eyes turned red as she looked up at the noble lady.

“Y–you’re bullying me…”

Ye Mu had suddenly changed her tactics and suddenly accused the other party of bullying her!

“I didn’t. I only pushed you! You…”

“You pushed me!” Ye Mu bit her lips, her delicate and adorable face was filled with grievances as she looked at the other party!

“I was just trying to reason with you! Wuwuwu…I’m telling Brother Emperor!”

“You…” The noble lady was enraged because usually, she was the one who would throw an unreasonable fit. She never expected there to be someone even more shameless than her. She had just pushed Ye Mu lightly!

At this time, the imperial guards standing guard outside the temple rushed in when they heard the commotion and surrounded Ye Mu in a protective circle. The imperial guards stared unkindly at the noble lady that was causing a scene.

“Young lady, are you alright? Zi Xu never expected anyone would dare to bully Ye Mu at Tianshu Temple.

Ye Mu covered her face with her hands and cried grievously.

“This noble lady from the Zhong Family is bullying people…wuwuwu…she hit me! Everyone had seen her hit me!”

“Everyone” in the temple glanced at each other, it was indeed true that the noble lady was the one who hit the young lady first.

Seeing that more and more imperial guards arrived inside the temple, the noble lady became slightly nervous. She didn’t want to cause a huge commotion over the matter, so she glared harshly at Ye Mu and shouted unhappily, “Humph! Let’s leave!”

The noble lady and her servants quickly left the temple. They were afraid that Ye Mu would prevent them from leaving, so they left as fast as they could like they were being chased after by ghosts.

Seeing that the people had left, Ye Mu removed her hands from her face, revealing a clean and tearless face. She didn’t cry. 

Zi Xu looked at her helplessly. “Young lady, please get up, the floor is cold. If His Majesty found out that you sat on the cold floor, he would be very angry.”

“Oh!” Ye Mu stood up quickly and snorted. “She’s still too young to compete with me. She can’t outcompete me when it comes to competing who is more shameless.”

“Yes, young lady is correct. Young lady, do you want me to teach them a lesson since they’re being so unreasonable?”

Ye Mu thought about it and then waved her hand. “Forget it, I’m too lazy to deal with them! You can go attend your own matters; I’m leaving now.”

“Understood, young lady.”

Ye Mu turned around and ran in the direction the silent master had left.

As soon as she stepped into the backyard, she could smell a pungent bloody smell. The smell made her even more restless. She forced her discomfort down and walked towards where all the monks were standing.

Except for the two monks inside assisting, all the other monks were standing outside. Ye Mu asked one of the monks, “How is the situation?”

The young monk replied, “The situation is not good… the pregnant woman doesn’t have enough strength to push the baby out and she keeps bleeding. Both the pregnant woman and her baby are in danger…”

Ye Mu pondered for a moment before she said something to the young monk.

The young monk widened his eyes in shock as he asked, “That thing… is it really useful?”

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