Chapter 165 – Birth (1)

“You’ll know after you finish preparing it,” Ye Mu answered before she walked into the room.

Ye Mu frowned as soon as she entered the room. It was like she was in an oven; the room was very humid. “Open the window to ventilate the room! She’ll suffocate if the room is too humid!”

It was summer, but because they were afraid other people might see the woman giving birth, they closed the door and windows tightly. However, human life was priceless, so they put the matter of her innocence aside first.

No one questioned Ye Mu’s order because of how dignified and imposing her voice sounded. The young monks in the room scrambled to open the windows, allowing the mountain breeze to blow in. The woman in labor was about to enter a coma from all the heat when she finally breathed in a mouthful of fresh air. The fresh air revived her.

But the silent master was still frowning.

During this era, the midwives only performed a guiding role and very few actually used knives to deliver babies. Although the silent master had medical expertise, he had never learned the art of delivering babies, so he didn’t know where to start.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Mu asked.

The silent master furrowed his brows and responded, “She can’t push the baby out and she also won’t stop bleeding. If it continues like this, then both the woman and the baby will die!”

He said to the woman, “You need to persist, the ginseng soup will be ready soon. You need to hold on!”

The woman gratefully looked at the silent master. Then, she pointed at herself and then at her stomach, pleading at them silently.

Ye Mu immediately understood what she was trying to say. She was trying to say that if only one of them could be saved, then she wanted them to save her baby!

The silent master obviously also understood the meaning behind her actions, but he stayed silent. When he saw that the ginseng soup arrived, he quickly received it over from the monk and began feeding the woman.

Ye Mu stood silently by the side as she watched the scene. The silent master was carefully feeding the woman because ginseng soup was a pregnant woman’s life-saving medicine. The white cloth was stained with more blood, but the expression on the silent master’s face was never as pure and holy as it was now.

After the woman finished drinking the ginseng soup, she seemed to have recovered some energy and continued to push. Although the baby was finally coming out, the woman began bleeding a lot not long after!

“Not good!”

Beats of sweat formed on the silent master’s forehead as he became anxious. He wanted to help her, but he didn’t know where to begin!

Ye Mu was also anxious as she looked at the blood-stained woman. Why didn’t the thing she asked for arrived yet?

Just as she was thinking this, a young monk barged into the room. He had prepared the thing she wanted and delivered it to her!

It was sausage casing that had been sterilized by saltwater and then sewn together. At first glance, it appeared similar to what the modern time TT looked like. Sha Mi was holding it and didn’t know what to do!

Seeing that the woman in labor was dying, the silent master had no choice but to pick up a pair of scissors. 

“What are you doing?!” Ye Mu was startled by his sudden action and quickly stopped him.

The silent master pursed his lips as he saw the pregnant woman’s pulse get weaker and weaker. “She said she wants to save the baby!”

Ye Mu let out a long sigh of relief before she said, “You can cut her, but don’t give her a c-section!”

She pointed at a spot under the woman and said, “You can cut a little over here, then you have to reach in and pull the baby out quickly! You have to do it quickly because I have a method to save her!”

At such a critical juncture, the silent master shouldn’t have listened to a young girl’s opinion. But seeing how serious she appeared, he couldn’t help but replied quickly, “It’s useless. If we pull the baby out, she will bleed to death.”

Therefore, it was better if they perform a c-section, that way, the baby won’t suffocate and die.

“You have to trust me!”

Ye Mu pointed at the sausage casing and said urgently, “You have to pull the baby out first, and then stuff the sausage casing in to stop the bleeding! I’m not sure if it’ll work, but it’s worth a try if it can save her life!”

Ye Mu’s calm composure made the silent master fall silent. He frowned as he looked at the sausage casing and unexpectedly agreed. “Okay! Let’s give it a try!”

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