Chapter 166 – Birth (2)

He followed her instructions and cut along the birth canal and then reached in to pull the baby out.

His hands were covered in blood, but his expression remained solemn and dignified. What he was doing right now was considered to be filthy in this era. Most men would choose to stay far away from this kind of scene. Even under such circumstances, only the silent master remained completely focused as he wholeheartedly tried to save both lives!

Ye Mu recalled how the people outside had evaluated the silent master’s character; she felt that the silent master was a good person.

She had been suspicious of the silent master as the person who caused her to suddenly wake up and turned crazy. However, her suspicion of him eased slightly now.

Just when she was lost in her thoughts, the baby was finally pulled out!

Ye Mu quickly went over to help. She stuffed the sausage casing in and slowly but surely, the bleeding stopped! Even she was surprised that it had worked so well.

“It’s useful! I didn’t expect it to actually work!” Ye Mu’s eyes lit up! She learned this method from a battlefield doctor. However, she had never tried the method herself, so she was very surprised when she saw that it worked!

The silent master couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief when he saw that the comatose woman was no longer in life-threatening danger. The baby started crying after he gently hit the baby’s butt. The baby’s eyes were tightly closed on his purplish-red face. His appearance was ugly when he started crying. The silent master and Ye Mu glanced at each other with a smile while the baby cried loudly. 

Before today, there was an invisible wall between them. But after saving the woman and the baby today, the invisible wall seemed to have become thinner.

The silent master was holding the baby when he suddenly bowed at Ye Mu!

“Thank you. It was thanks to you that the baby was able to survive. You also prevented him from being an orphan!”

Ye Mu relaxed and waved her hand. “I didn’t do anything much; I had given some advice. As for you, it’s best if you change your clothes first!”

But the silent master didn’t get up.

“There is another matter.” The silent master appeared somewhat ashamed as he said, “This humble monk hopes that you can reveal your blood clotting method to the world. Women are risking their lives by giving birth. Countless women die during childbirth! If this method is useful to other people, then it can save numerous lives!”

Ye Mu was stunned by the request. She didn’t expect the young monk to be so thoughtful. But since she was doing a good deed, she waved her hand generously and said, “Okay, then I’ll have to depend on you to spread the word. After all, I’m still a kid, so other people won’t believe me if I tell them.”

When the silent master heard this, the tips of his ears turned red. He was a monk; would other people believe him if he tells them this?

In short, the matter was finally settled. However, because she had to stay a few days in Tianshu Temple, Ye Mu didn’t force the silent master to reward her for her meritorious deed. Seeing that he was tired, she allowed him to rest first.

In the evening, the two of them ate a vegetarian meal in the temple.

Ye Mu asked the silent master, “You’re a good person. At first, I thought you wouldn’t allow the pregnant woman to give birth in the temple! You should’ve seen the other people’s reactions when you allowed her to give birth here! They were looking at us like we were blaspheming Buddha.”

It wasn’t just the Buddhist worshippers that disagreed with them, even the other monks disagreed with the way the silent master had handled the situation. After all, they considered the temple to be a holy and sacred place.

The silent master put down his chopsticks and solemnly said, “They are in the wrong.”

He folded his hands in front of his chest. “Buddha had once cut off his own meat to feed an eagle because the eagle also has a life. All living things are created equal. So, in order to save the pregnant woman and her baby, the Buddha will not blame us for spilling blood in his temple.”

His eyes were focused when he said this. His overly delicate and beautiful brows that were usually seductive became pure and holy. 

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