Chapter 167 – I had hurt someone (1)

Ye Mu couldn’t help but smiled. “Now you’ll have a clear conscience after helping someone! In the past years, I’ve always heard people talking about the good deeds you’ve done. I heard you gave away free items and even gave people medical treatments for free! But there is something I really want to know.”

She lowered her voice and said, “You’ve always been doing good deeds. I’m curious, have you ever done anyone bad in your life?”

Wouldn’t he be a saint if he hadn’t done anything bad at all?

But her brisk words pierced heavily through his mind. His eyes widened suddenly as he stared at Ye Mu.

If someone had asked the question before she had, then he was able to say that he had never done anything bad without any hesitation. He had never harmed or deceived anyone. Ever since he became in charge of Tianshou Temple, it became a habit for him to do good deeds. He would endure any hardship gladly.

But now that he thought back, had he committed any bad deeds?

In a trance, he suddenly remembered the field of corpses littered at the foot of the mountain.

At first, he awakened Ye Mu before everyone else and intensified the internal energy inside her body. He did this because Wen Feng said that Mo Linyuan was coming to pick her up soon.

He wanted Ye Mu to kill Mo Linyuan.

However, he never expected so many people were chasing after Mo Linyuan to kill him. Yet even under such circumstances, he still came to look for Ye Mu. What was most unexpected at that time was that even though Ye Mu was only six years old, she had enough willpower and determination to control herself! She killed off all of Mo Linyuan’s enemies and to prevent herself from hurting Mo Linyuan, she destroyed some of her meridians.

He originally wanted Ye Mu to kill Mo Linyuan. But in the end, the beast he released helped Mo Linyuan with his plight and saved him.

When he descended the mountain and saw the field of corpses, he cried and laughed. In the end, he puked out blood.

It was definitely God’s punishment for wanting to harm other people! He didn’t harm the person he wanted to harm and actually harmed himself in the end!

“Hey! Hey!” Ye Mu waved her small hands in front of him. “If my question is too difficult to answer, then forget it. Your face looks so unsightly.”

The silent master looked in her direction, but he didn’t dare to meet her gaze because she was someone he unintentionally hurt in the process.

Ye Mu poured him a cup of tea and said, “You should be tired after such a long day. Rest well tonight!”

The silent master looked at the teacup in his hand and suddenly said, “The truth is, I had done something bad in the past.”

“Huh?” Ye Mu’s eyes widened in surprise and she immediately smiled. “I never expected that answer! What did you do?”

The silent master looked at her with his delicate and bewitching eyes. In the candlelight, Ye Mu’s round face looked very cute and lovely.

“I hurt someone.”

The people who chased after Mo Linyuan to kill him were all killed off. Their deaths were justified. But Ye Mu was still suffering the injuries she had received from that day. 

He intensified Ye Mu’s powers too much, forcing her to be on the end of qi deviation. Even if he helped Ye Mu stabilize the internal energy inside her every month, she will still become more and more unstable.

The reason she was able to maintain her sanity until now was that she never fully healed her meridians!

Ye Mu’s ability to recover from injuries was very strong. Although she may appear insignificant, tiny, and thin, she possessed hundreds of years of stored internal energy inside her! As a result, her body was different from others, no matter how serious her injuries are, she would quickly recover from it. 

But in order to prevent herself from hurting other people, she broke two meridians each time her other two meridians recovered. 

Qi deviation – It’s literally translated as “to catch fire and become possessed by devils”. This happens when cultivation becomes unstable and dangerous. The cultivator could no longer control the internal energy inside their body. 

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