Chapter 168 – I Had Hurt Someone (2)

Chapter 168 Since her two of her meridians were broken, her internal energy would fail to circulate throughout her body. This caused her body to experience varying degrees of pain and internal bruising. However, she never complained about that and continued to smile every day.

The one bad deed he did made him hurt Ye Mu.

Ye Mu didn’t know why he was staring at her so intensely. She tiptoed and patted the silent master’s shoulder.

“No one is perfect. You’ve already done a great job. At the very least, you had only done one bad deed,” she maturely said as she sighed with regret.

The silent master didn’t say anything else. He had bid her goodnight and told her to rest early before leaving.

The next morning, the silent master went to the street, as usual, to medically treat poor people for free.

Due to his good reputation, no matter the person who came to see him for treatment was rich or poor, they were all polite toward him. 

She was bored after sitting there for a while, so she helped the silent master wrap the medicine for the patients. During her stay here, she learned a lot about herbs. In addition, the medicinal herbs the silent master used are the commonly used ones.

“Your condition is difficult to completely cure. You should go back and soak your feet with hot water. If you can, I would recommend that you don’t live on the mountain anymore,” the silent master said to an old man.

After he finished treating the old man, he prescribed some medicine to dispel heat for him. Just as he tiredly stood up to stretch, he saw Ye Mu stumbling toward him while she carried a tall medicine box.

The medicine box was piled even higher than her head. The reason she was stumbling was not that she couldn’t hold the weight of the boxes, but it was because the pile of medicine boxes was too tall. If she wasn’t careful enough, all the boxes would fall to the ground.

Even though he can’t see her face, the silent master couldn’t help but laughed when he saw the amusing scene.

The person sitting in front of the silent master was dazed by his smile.

The silent master was a handsome monk. He generally smiled at everyone gently, but for him to suddenly so brilliantly, it really made people’s hearts pound!

Ye Mu didn’t witness the silent master’s smile. She finally reached the table with her short legs and put the stack of medicine packages on the table. Then she wiped off the beads of sweat on her little face.

“Cough. All the heatstroke prevention medicines are here. There will be none left after we used up all of this,” she said seriously

She looked at the silent master with her big round eyes as the silent master pursed his lips to prevent himself from further smiling. He handed her a bowl of water.

Ye Mu was really tired! Her hands were filthy, so she took the silent master’s hands and leaned in to drink the water!

At that moment, they were very close to each other. The silent master didn’t expect Ye Mu to use her mouth directly, instead of using her hand, so he was dazed for a moment!

An old man came here to see the doctor, saw the scene and said, “Look at how gentle the silent master is! He really knows how to take care of other people!”

A female patient snorted and muttered, “Where did this little fox girl come from? How could you make the silent master feed you water in broad daylight? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Ye Mu wasn’t someone who would willingly allow other people to bully her. She wiped her mouth and she finished drinking the water.

“Your words are so sour! It’s obvious that you’re jealous!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she disappeared like a wisp of smoke. Since the monk was here to do good deeds, it was best if she walked away and not quarreled with other people.

After the girl’s intentions were exposed by Ye Mu, the surrounding people were smiling smugly at her. Since Ye Mu had left, she couldn’t even defend herself, so she could only turn away and leave.

The silent master helplessly stared at Ye Mu’s disappearing figure. He watched as Ye My rushed back to the house and helped move the stack medicinal packages that were even taller than hers. He couldn’t help but shake his head and smiled bitterly.

He didn’t realize it, but whenever Ye Mu was there, his dull and quiet life was full of different colors, vitality, and energy.

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