Chapter 170 – The Zhong Family is Capturing People (2)

“Presumptuous!” A crease appeared in the space between the silent master’s brows when he heard the woman’s accusations. This was the first time he had been so angry! “A Buddhist temple is a sacred place; how can your mouth be so filthy?”

“I’m filthy?” Madam Zhong laughed shrewdly. “Am I the filthy one or are you the one with an impure mind? Not only do you have a young girl living in the temple, but you’re also forcing a pregnant woman to stay here. Who knows what you’re preaching here?”

The silent master was furious! But before he could do anything, there was a ‘pa’ sound and Madam Zhong was slapped hard by someone. Madam Zhong screamed out in pain and retreated a few steps. “Who is it? Who hit me?”

Ye Mu shook her hand and jumped in front of her. “I’m really sorry for not slapping you hard enough. What did you just say? Is there a problem with a young girl staying at the temple? I’m here right now, why don’t you say it to my face?”

Madam Zhong covered her face and glared resentfully at her, “You little slut, how dare you slap me! Don’t be impudent just because you’re one of His Majesty’s people! I’m here to catch a runaway concubine. Even if I report you to Yizheng Manor, they’ll still side with me!”

Ye Mu didn’t back down. “You said she’s a runaway concubine from the Zhong Family, where’s your proof?”

At this time, Fang Ru walked out from the rear court and looked at Madam Zhong with red-rimmed eyes.

Madam Zhong was furious when she saw that Fang Ru had actually given birth to the child.

“You want evidence? I’ll show you!”

She took a book listing all the concubines from the Zhong Family from a box. “Look right here. She personally inked her fingerprint right here, so this can’t be fake.”

As soon as Madam Zhong took out the concubine book, the surrounding people immediately became discussing. Ye Mu looked at Fang Ru strangely, but Fang Ru turned pale and was on the verge of collapse.

She had signed the book in order to become Young Master Zhong’s concubine. But later, Young Master Zhong told her that because his mother disagreed, the page listing her was torn by his mother. Could it be that she didn’t tear it?

When Madam Zhong smirked when she saw Fang Ru retreating in fear with her child in her arms.

She arrogantly said, “This isn’t a fake document! She is the runaway concubine from the Zhong Family. Now you have nothing to say, right? Take her away!”

Then, she turned around and glared at Ye Mu. “Damned brat, just you wait. I’ll return your slap soon!”

The servants from the Zhong Family walked toward Fang Ru, but Fang Ru kept retreating backward. She couldn’t speak, so she could only scream as she held her baby. The silent master wanted to help, but the document was signed by her. This matter was something he no longer interfered with. 

“Stop!” Ye Mu jumped in front of Fang Ru and said, “Did I allow you guys to touch her? Are you looking for a fight?”

Fang Ru quickly hid behind Ye Mu. Although Ye Mu was small, she was the only one willing to defend her.

The silent master certainly wouldn’t let Ye Mu, a child, bear the weight of the whole situation. He walked forward and said, “This humble monk will personally verify the truth of this matter with the people from Yizheng Manor. However, she is still weak from giving birth, so you can’t take her away.

Madam Zhong didn’t expect this group of monks to be so stubborn. “Okay, just you wait. I will go report this temple for corruption!”

Madam Zhong’s sharp and arrogant voice irritated Ye My. Her hands were itchy for action when a familiar voice could be heard.

“Why is it so lively here?”

Ye Mu’s eyes brightened! Mo Linyuan was here!

She subconsciously ran towards Mo Linyuan, and Mo Linyuan was also very happy to see Ye Mu. He came here today to bring Ye Mu back, but he had unexpectedly walked in on this scene.

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