Four Years (2)

In fact, there were many ways to cure her condition. One way was to allow Ye Mu to kill people which will let out the murderous energy from her body. The second way was to find people who were cultivating pure cultivation methods like him. Then they can help cleanse the murderous energy inside him completely.

It was just that there were only a few people who practiced the same cultivation method as him, and he had never been able to find anyone else. Of course, the best method of them all was to completely destroy her martial arts and become an useless person.

The Silent Master pondered over the last choice. Ye Mu was willing to endure the pain of breaking her meridians over and over again, and didn’t even think about abandoning martials arts. Could it be that martial arts was very important to her?

Chaotic thoughts flashed by his mind as the Silent Master concentrated on guiding Ye Mu’s internal force. After a short while, Ye Mu fell asleep in his arms. When she awaken later, she will probably stop seeing the a red double image of everything/

The Silent Master couldn’t help but touch her forehead after seeing the beads of sweat covering her face. 

After four years of friendship, the little girl had entered his heart unconsciously. He had never had a younger sister, so he naturally felt affections towards Ye Mu. At the same time, he had put past their differences. If he could redo everything again, he wouldn’t have hurt her in order to kill Mo Linyuan.

The Silent Master frowned deeply when he thought of this. Inside the quiet inner room of the temple, only a sandalwood incense was burning.

Ye Mu rested at the temple for a few days before she returned to the palace. When she returned to the palace, she found out that the imperial palace was under martial law.

“What happened?” She asked Wen Feng, who had been following her. In the past four years, not only had Mo Linyuan been strengthening himself, the three great families and the Empress Dowager had been actively recovering their strengths too. They had all been slowly restoring the strength they lost a few years ago.

Wen Feng sighed, “It’s nothing big. The Grand Empress Dowager has just returned to the palace.”

Ye Mu froze for a moment before she laughed. It was time for the Grand Empress Dowager to return. After all, it was ridiculous for someone of her status to live outside the imperial palace. Yet she didn’t have to cause a stir when she returned. It seemed like something big was going to happen again.

Sure enough, she hadn’t even reached Zhaoyang Palace Hall yet when she saw a group of imperial bodyguards clothed in black.

Time hadn’t left a trace on Zhao Yunqin’s face, she still appeared beautiful and young for her age. However, she also appeared somewhat stern and imposing.

“Your Majesty, I left the palace to recuperate when I was ill before. Now that I’ve recovered, you’re going to welcome me back, right?”

Mo Linyuan smiled slightly. He was now fifteen years old.

For four years, he had done his best to expand his knowledge and strength in order to sit on the throne. Now, he was no longer the young emperor who needed his ministers to give him advice whenever he encountered difficulties. He was now a grand, reserved, benevolent, wise, and farsighted monarch.

Mo Linyuan’s growth in the four years was visible. The court officials thought that Mo Linyuan had been blessed by God because he could always think of an unique but useful and easy solution whenever he encountered difficulties. Mo Linyuan alway smiled no matter what situation he encountered. The officials admired how well the fifteen year old emperor conducted himself.

“What is imperial grandmother saying? Of course I’m happy that you’re coming back.”

The emperor’s political achievements were impressive in the past four years. It would be difficult if the Empress Dowager wanted to seize the emperor’s power on the grounds that the emperor was young and cannot handle the state affairs like before.

Zhao Yunqin also knew that Mo Linyuan was more difficult to deal with than before. Zhao Yunqin narrowed her eyes and smiled when she saw Ye Mu walking in.

“I heard that the emperor really likes this young girl. Emperor, you should watch yourself. Your mother would be sad if she finds out that you are doting on a stray cat instead of your biological sister.”

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