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Mo Linyuan’s eyes turned cold when he heard Zhao Yuqin’s words, but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Ye Mu walking into the palace hall with big strides.

“Royal grandmother shouldn’t worry about it. No one can criticize me just because I want to dote and pamper someone.”

Zhao Yuqin stopped talking as soon as she sensed the killing intent behind Mo Linyuan’s words. She only glared at Ye Mu in anger.

How did the five hundred people she sent all die? It was later verified after a long investigation that they were all killed by the little girl in front of her. Fortunately, her meridians were broken, and it would be difficult for her to kill again. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have dared to return.

She lost her cool and began panicking when she saw Ye Mu smiled like she didn’t have a care in the world. She quickly got up and left with her servants.

Ye Mu touched her nose and said, “I don’t know why, but I think she’s a little afraid of me.”

Mo Linyuan pursed his lips and smiled. His eyes were sparkling like little stars in the sky as he looked at her.

“Ignore her. Are you feeling better?

Ye Mu suddenly said she felt uncomfortable earlier today and needed to go to Tianshou Temple. It really scared him. However, Ye Mu carefreely waved her hands.

“I’m fine!” She said with a smile, “It was just a small problem. Brother Silent Master has helped me solve it.”

In the past few years, Mo Linyuan had been silently observing the Silent Master. He gradually relaxed when he realized that he was suspicious. But listening to how much Ye Mu was praising him, he couldn’t help but turn sour and said, “He’s just a monk, so there’s no way he has a sister.”

Ye Mu looked at Mo Linyuan’s delicate and handsome appearance and smiled secretly, “Yes, only you have such an excellent sister like me!”

Ye Mu’s words put Mo Linyuan in a daze. In the four years they’ve been together, he finally realized his romantic feelings for her. However, Ye Mu continued to treat him like a sibling. He felt very frustrated because Ye Mu didn’t see him as a man.

Ye Mu didn’t find anything abnormal with him, so as usual, she helped him go through the daily accounts the officials had sent him. Mo Linyuan was now skilled at going through the accounts by now. Now he rarely encountered a problem where he couldn’t solve. Even if he did, he can just ask Ye Mu.

However, one of the accounts was giving him a headache.

Ye Mu took the account from him and looked at it. She smiled and said, “How many times has it been this month? You are only fifteen, yet they’re already pestering you to marry a wife and get a concubine.”

Mo Linyuan would usually ignore these things, but Ye Mu’s nonchalant attitude made him extremely resentful towards these meddling people. 

“They just want to implant their own people around me. A prince usually gets married once they turn fifteen. But since I was crowned as the emperor before age fifteen, I have yet married. They said they only want to enrich my harem.”

“Then don’t you need to draft young girls?” Ye Mu’s eyes widened as she recalled all the dramas she had watched before. She was particularly curious about this, “Then why don’t you just choose a woman? You’ll have to choose someone sooner or later!” she said with a sweet smile.

What she had said was true, but Ye Mu didn’t see Mo Linyuan’s somber expression after he heard what she had just said.

“I don’t want to choose.”

“Huh?” Ye Mu’s eyes widened in shock. She poked him with a finger and asked, “Why? You are now fifteen, right when puberty hit guys. You should be at the time where you’re curious about the opposite sex!”

Mo Linyuan was depressed when he saw that she didn’t oppose the official’s idea of choosing a wife and a concubine for him.

“I don’t like the people they’re making me choose from.”

Ye Mu subconsciously asked him, “Then who do you like?”

She laughed when she finished speaking. Mo Linyuan had been busy stabilizing his power for the past few years. Where did he have the time to meet women? Even if he did, he probably hadn’t seen many people.

Mo Linyuan resisted the urge to tell her “I like you”. Ye Mu was currently oblivious to his feelings, and it was still too early for him to tell her.

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