Old (2)

Just at this moment, Mo Die arrived in the palace hall. In the past four years, she had turned herself invisible and avoided political matters. Although Mo Linyuan did not like her, it was impossible for him to do anything to her. Now, she often wen on a fast and bathed herself every day, praying for their dead mother.

Mo Die had grown up into a young lady now. She suppressed her jealousy towards Ye Mu and greeted Mo Linyuan.

She said to Mo Linyuan, “Brother, today is our mother’s death anniversary. Father emperor asked me to invite you to eat dinner together to mourn for our mother.”

He could refuse many things, but this wasn’t something he could refuse. So, Mo Linyuan thought about it for a moment before he agreed. That night, he took Ye Mu to the place where Mo Shiwen lived.

Mo Linyuan originally thought that there would only be a few people present, but surprisingly, Prime Minister Wen was also there.

Prime Minister Wen and Mo Shiwen were about the same age, but they sat next to each other, they looked like they were similar in age at all.

Ye Mu had heard of Prime Minister Wen’s reputation a long time ago. This was her first time meeting him. He looked like a weak middle-aged uncle.

Prime Minister Wen immediately stood up to greet Mo Linyuan when he saw him.

Mo Linyuan frowned as he looked at Mo Shiwen’s flattering smile. He replied, “You don’t need to greet me since we’re not in court. May I ask why the prime minister is here?”

Prime Minister Wen didn’t even have the chance to speak yet, when Mo Shiwen spoke up, “You didn’t know because you were young, but Prime Minister Wen and your mother were good friends. He came here today to pay his respect to her.”

Mo Linyuan was suspicious.  He had never heard from his mother that she and Prime Minister Wen were friends when he was young. On the contrary, his mother appeared quite fearful of him.

Of course, he didn’t reveal any emotions on his face. He only allowed other people to help him get seated along with Ye Mu.

There was an eerily quietness in the big hall. Ye Mu looked at the people present and turned towards Mo Linyuan.

She couldn’t help but quietly asked, “How did your mother die?” Mo Linyuan never mentioned the cause of his mother’s death. Why didn’t Mo Shiwen die with her?

In fact, Mo Linyuan wasn’t clear on the subject himself either. That year, the Empress Dowager combined her power with the Shi Family and attacked the imperial palace. His mother risked her life to send him out of the palace. Shortly after he was exiled, he soon received news of his mother’s death.

He heard from rumors that his mother was forced to death by the Empress Dowager. He conducted various investigations and it was proven that his mother indeed died in the Empress Dowager’s palace. However, the details of the matter were unknown.

Prime Minister Wen chuckled and said, “In the blink of an eye, it has already been years since the Empress died. This humble official will toast for her first!” 

He picked up the wine cup on the side and drained the cup in one gulp. His eyes were filled with emotions; he appeared truly sad.

In contrast, Mo Shiwen and Mo Die appeared more indifferent as they sat on the side. When Mo Linyuan saw this, he couldn’t help but asked them the question Ye Mu asked him.

“Speaking of that, I wasn’t in the imperial palace when my royal mother died. How did she die?”

Since he had suddenly brought up this question, Mo Shiwen was shocked and turned towards Wen Ze unconsciously. Wen Ze just shook his head and said, “Wasn’t she forced to death by the Empress Dowager?”

Mo Linyuan asked another question, “What about you?” He stared at Wen Ze, “Which side did the Wen Family stand on in that matter?”

Although the Wen Family wasn’t one of the families that were officially listed on the Empress Dowager’s side, it was obvious that after the incident, the Wen Family and the Empress Dowager had a good relationship. Which side did the Wen Family truly stand on?

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