Restoring Princess Status (1)

Wen Ze pondered for a moment before he said with a smile, “The Wen Family didn’t dare to participate in the royal affair in the beginning. The reason why the Wen Family were on such good terms with the Empress Dowager was that she was in power. We had no choice to do her bidding after she won the power struggle.”

Mo Linyuan was not easy to fool, “So why did you say that you are good friends with my mother? After all, you didn’t even help her in times of crisis. In addition to that, I haven’t seen you mourn for my mother in the past few years. You had only come to mourn for her this year. I’m afraid you only came because you wanted to ask for something, am I correct?”

Wen Ze was taken aback by how blunt Mo Linyuan’s words were, he could only stare at Mo Shiwen to help him. Mo Shiwen quivered at Wen Ze’s gaze and said quickly, “Prime Minister Wen is a good person. When you were exiled, the Empress Dowager sent assassins to chase you down. It was thanks to Prime Minister Wen’s help that you escaped many times. When Prime Minister Wen was looking for you in Yue state, he wasn’t trying to harm you, but to help you! Today he came not because of his own private business, but because he wants you to bless him on a matter!”

“What kind of matter?”

Mo Die, who had her head down the entire time, suddenly stood up and knelt in front of Mo Linyuan. “Brother, he’s here because of me. I am in love with the third young master of the Wen Family. I also hoped that royal brother would restore my identity so that I could marry him with pride.”

Ye Mu was stunned by her request. Mo Die was only fourteen years old and yet she wanted to marry someone?!

Mo Linyuan’s face darkened. If Mo Die wanted to marry someone else, he was willing to restore her status and let her marry with pride. But why did she had to choose someone from the Wen Family out of everyone else?

No to mention the fact that the aristocratic families and the royal families are not fighting and opposing each other. Based on the fact that Prime Minister Wen and the general of Yue state had a closed friendship, Mo Linyuan could tell that this person had ill intentions.

When Prime Minister Wen saw that Mo Linyuan didn’t immediately respond, he secretly glanced at Mo Die, signaling her to do something. Mo Die saw his signal and took out a piece of jade quickly, “Royal brother, you do remember this jade?”

Of course, Mo Linyuan remembered the jade. This was a half-butterfly jade pendant that their mother bought for Mo Die.

At this time, Prime Minister Wen took out the other half of the jade, “Your Majesty, please look at this. This was given to me by the Empress. The truth is, the Empress had set a marriage agreement with the Wen Family for Mo Die when she was just a baby. Your Majesty is a filial son, so you will surely satisfy her wishes, right?”

Mo Linyuan took the jade pendant and inspected it. Mo Linyuan closely inspected the jade pendant and concluded that it was indeed the other half of the butterfly jade pendant. Could it be that his royal mother really was close friends with Prime Minister Wen? Could it be true that she had arranged a marriage for Mo Die when she was just a baby with the Wen Family?

He frowned deeper as those thoughts raced through his mind. Ye Mu who was just a silent spectator on this matter also felt that something was amiss. She could tell from their interactions that Mo Shiwen seemed to be afraid of the prime minister. There seemed to be things that even Mo Linyuan didn’t know about.

“Let me think about this matter.” Mo Linyuan didn’t want to decide right now.

However, Mo Die knew how to seize a good opportunity. She clutched Mo Linyuan’s sleeve tightly!

“Royal brother! I’m your biological sister and today is our mother’s death anniversary. Please restore my status as a princess! Our mother in heaven will definitely want to see you and I interact with each other in harmony.”

The main reason she lost her status as a princess was because the Empress Dowager said that Mo Die had “died of an illness”. So, as long as Mo Linyuan didn’t personally restore her status, she will not have the status of a princess.

Mo Linyuan looked at her tear-filled eyes and recalled that she had been diligent and obedient in the past four years. He almost agreed to her request because the status of a princess didn’t hold much power. However, he swallowed back the words that he was about to say when Ye Mu anxiously pulled him back.

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