Restoring Princess Status (2)

“I have already said that we will discuss this later!”

He felt that he could no longer stomach the meal, so he took Ye Mu and left first.

“Damn it!” Mo Die noticed Mo Linyuan’s slight pause before. “Royal Brother clearly wants to agree to my request! It must be Ye Mu’s fault! She’s too meddlesome!”

Wen Ze was also a little surprised by the result. He thought that the emperor would agree to at least one of their requests; to either restore Mo Die’s status as a princess or allow Mo Die to marry into the Wen Family. It seemed like the emperor was overly cautious.

“What should we do now?” Mo Shiwen asked timidly. He felt that he was sitting on pins and needles every day now that the Empress Dowager returned.  He was afraid that Mo Linyuan would not protect him, so all his hopes were on Wen Ze. However, the main reason he was helping Wen Ze was that Wen Ze had something he could use against him.

Wen Ze glanced at him and said, “Look at how afraid and cowardly you’re acting. It’s probably because of you that Mo Linyuan became suspicious. Xiaoyun ruined her life by marrying you!”

After he finished speaking, Wen Ze also left. There was a gloomy expression on his face, he appeared completely different from before.

On the other side, Mo Linyuan asked Ye Mu, “Did you discover anything odd about them?”

Ye Mu nodded her head, “It’s reasonable for you to restore Mo Die’s status as a princess since you two are born from the same parents. However, the atmosphere between the three of them was really strange. It was as if Wen Ze was leading Mo Die and Mo Shiwen by the nose.”

Mo Linyuan recalled their interactions carefully on the way back to the imperial palace, “But it’s only the title of a princess. What can they achieve with such a powerless title?”

There wasn’t much power bestowed to a princess.

Ye Mu didn’t understand their intentions either, “Although we don’t know what their intentions are, I know someone who will definitely know.”

“Are you referring to the Empress Dowager?”

Mo Linyuan suddenly recalled that the Empress Dowager had recently returned.

Ye Mu nodded her head, “The Shi Family, the Empress Dowager, and us, can now be said to be in a three-legged relationship. The Shi Family appears to be close to the Empress Dowager because the Empress Dowager promised to give them a lot of benefits for siding with her. We should test to see whether the Empress Dowager is willing to restore Mo Die’s status as a princess. If the Empress Dowager is willing, then Mo Die must be conspiring something with them. If the Empress Dowager isn’t willing to, then you can agree to Mo Die’s request. This is a more foolproof plan.”

“So how do we know whether the Empress Dowager will agree to it or not?”

Ye Mu narrowed her eyes and smiled, “Stupid! I’ll personally go ask her.”

Mo Linyuan immediately shook his head, “No, I can’t let you risk yourself.”

Ye Mu laughed and said, “How is this risking myself? Just let Wen Feng accompany me to visit her. Since she just returned, why don’t you allow me to visit her in your place?”

A glint of light flashed in Mo Linyuan’s eyes. There were a dozen palace servants standing behind him, but he still took her hand and said, “Only the Empress can visit the Empress Dowager on behalf of the emperor.

After he finished speaking, he felt like his heart could stop beating any moment as he stared at Ye Mu.

Under the moonlight, Ye Mu didn’t realize what he was implying, “Rules are meant to be broken! Anyways, who else can you send besides me?”

He really trusted her the most. But unfortunately, that wasn’t what he was asking about.

“Okay! Rest assured; I will get this done quickly!” Ye Mu saw that she arrived at the place where she lived, so she waved her hand and bid him farewell, “See you tomorrow!”

“Okay.” Mo Linyuan nodded his head. Since she was still young and didn’t really understand what love was, he could only sigh and bid her farewell too, “See you tomorrow then.”

Besides, he still had a long time.

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