The Strength of a Three Legged Stool (1)

Early the next morning, Ye Mu went to visit the Empress Dowager while Mo Linyuan was attending court.

The Empress Dowager had just returned to her palace when she heard the news that Ye Mu came looking for her. She couldn’t help but feel afraid. Although Ye Mu may appear harmless on the surface, she knew that Ye Mu was a killing machine underneath that facade. She hated and feared Ye Mu because of her abilities. But since Ye Mu was currently unable to use her internal energy right now, she decided that she will meet Ye Mu.

“Empress Dowager, may you live for thousands of years with great blessings.”

Ye Mu smiled as she greeted the Empress Dowager. She appeared like a cheerful easy-going girl, just like any other average girl her age. 

Zhao Yunqin stared at her suspiciously, “Why are you here so early?

Did Ye Mu come here to relay Mo Linyuan’s words to her?

Ye Mu said, “I came here to congratulate the Empress Dowager!”

“Oh? What for?”

Zhao Yunqin couldn’t help but frown.

Ye Mu said, “It’s about your granddaughter, Princess Mo Die. She fell in love with the third young master of the Wen Family, so His Highness is preparing to restore Mo Die’s identity as a princess. That way, she can marry into the Wen Family with pride.”

When Ye Mu finished speaking, she examined Zhao Yunqin’s expression closely.

Zhao Yunqin coldly sneered in her heart, it turned out that she just came here to greet her.

She didn’t express joy or anger, instead, she just faintly said, “Oh? That’s a good thing. Since Mo Die came back from the dead, it is time for the emperor to restore her identity. Since I’ve heard the news, you can leave now.”

Although the Empress Dowager wanted to make things difficult for Ye Mu, it was better for her not to go head to head against the emperor since she just returned.

However, Ye Mu refused to leave. She smiled and pretended like she harbored no ill intentions against the Empress Dowager, “Empress Dowager, I don’t know if you heard the saying, while the mantis stalks the cicada, it was unaware of the oriole behind?”

“What do you mean?” Zhao Yunqin narrowed his eyes.

Ye Mu said, “In a sense, the person closest to Empress Dowager should be the emperor, right?”

Zhao Yunqin sneered. Out of everyone in the world, the emperor was probably the one who can’t wait for her to die the most.

After all, the emperor’s biological mother died in front of her.

“Of course, the emperor is my grandchild, so we are naturally close.”

Ye Mu shook her head, “No, you obviously don’t understand what I’m saying because the most stable chair is a three-legged stool. If one foot of the stool is broken, then the stool no longer can stand upright. Of course, unless you break another one of the stool’s feet. That way, you will be left with one foot in the middle, balancing the whole stool.”

Ye Mu maintained the smile on her small face, but there her eyes were sharp and serious.

“That’s why, no matter what the Shi Family tells you or wants you to do, you shouldn’t agree to it, let alone help them. The reason you were able to live peacefully in the past four years is that the relationship between the three stool feet was strong. Otherwise, how did you think you could’ve lived peacefully after what you did?”

“Impudent!” Was this girl implying that she should’ve died a long time ago?

The servants standing beside the Empress Dowager immediately knelt down in a hurry, but Ye Mu was not afraid. She continued talking, “You know exactly what I mean. That year, you joined forces with the Shi Family and killed the Empress. As a result, you subconsciously regarded the emperor as an enemy. But you should know that once the emperor dies, you will be next. Otherwise, why do you think the Wen Family wants to marry a princess? Perhaps, she will be used to replace you in the future. Don’t forget who it was that imprisoned her underground for five years!”

Ye Mu was just trying to scare her because she hadn’t exactly guessed what role Mo Die was playing in this matter. But unexpectedly, Zhao Yunqin’s expression turned unsightly when she heard Ye Mu’s words.

The Wen Family had approached her and told her that the prince was dead. Now, there was only a princess left in the royal family. Unfortunately, the princess didn’t have a status and was not recognized by the emperor as a princess.

They told her that if she was willing, she can cooperate with the Shi Family like before. Once Mo Die’s identity was restored, they could kill the emperor. As soon as the emperor dies, they will assist the princess to ascend the throne. This way, Zhao Yunqin can become the regent and rule over the court. The Shi Family can continue to grow and expand their power without the emperor’s hindrance. More importantly, both parties will receive an equal benefit in this plan. They won’t have to worry about one side betraying the other side.

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