Figuring Out the Truth (2)

It was just that Mo Linyuan never expressed any doubts at the cause of his mother’s death. Since he never doubted his mother’s death, why did Mo Shiwen behave so strangely?

Ye Mu turned around the corner and headed towards the place where Mo Shiwen lived. She felt that if she wanted to know the full truth, then she would have to start with the weakest link.

At this time, Mo Shiwen and Mo Die were together. However, they didn’t even eat lunch yet because of the current matter that weighed heavily in their hearts.

Since they mentioned the Empress’s final wish and even brought out her butterfly jade, Mo Linyuan would probably restore Mo Die’s princess status, right?

Mo Die reluctantly said, “Royal Brother almost agreed to my request before. After all, restoring my title is only a small request. It must be that damned Ye Mu! She must’ve been afraid that I would snatch her favor after I restored my status!”

Mo Shiwen also felt unhappy. It was only a small request. The two of them had lived their lives quietly in the past four years without causing any trouble. Why didn’t Mo Linyuan agree to their request?

“Let’s wait a while longer. Mo Linyuan will definitely agree. We should remain patient.”

Ye Mu originally wanted to ask the servants to report to Mo Shiwen that she was here, but this was a perfect chance for her to eavesdrop on them. She had excellent hearing thanks to the hundred years of internal energy inside her, so when she heard Mo Shiwen’s words, she suddenly prevented the palace guard from reporting her arrival.

The palace servant was confused by her action. He looked at her then looked back at the palace hall. He was a master cultivator, but he couldn’t hear anything from this distance. Since she was only a little girl, it should be impossible for her to hear anything.

Mo Die said, “I heard from someone that Ye Mu went to visit the Empress Dowager this morning. She wouldn’t find out something she shouldn’t know from the Empress Dowager, right?”

“That’s impossible.” Mo Shiwen said, “That woman chose to cooperate with us, so it’s impossible for her to dismantle the whole plan. Even if Mo Linyuan promised to give her more benefits, she wouldn’t agree.”

Mo Die mumbled, “Sigh, if I wasn’t afraid that the cause of Royal Mother’s death will provoke Royal Brother, then I wouldn’t have participated in this matter! I would be satisfied with just a princess title. The Empress Dowager and the people from the Shi Family are difficult to deal with.

Mo Shiwen also sighed, “If Mo Linyuan found out the truth about what happened that year, then we’re all going to die. What choices do we have right now? Later in the afternoon, you should visit him to curry some favor with him. Since we have no way out of this, we can only proceed forward with the plan!”

When Ye Mu heard this, she couldn’t help but narrowed her eyes. She was stopped by the palace guard that was guarding Mo Shiwen’s palace. It was obvious that the palace guard wasn’t one of the emperor’s people. He thought something was fishy when he saw Ye Mu suddenly fell silent. Without Ye Mu’s permission, he announced her arrival.

“Young Lady Ye Mu has arrived!”

Ye Mu glanced at the palace guard, but she didn’t say anything. The moment her name was announced, the door to the palace hall was flung open. Mo Shiwen was a little flustered by Ye Mu’s sudden arrival. She couldn’t have heard anything since she was so far away from them, right?

Ye Mu smiled generously at him and said, “Ye Mu paid respect to the Emperor’s Father. I came here to visit you on behalf of His Majesty.”

She signaled her servant to take out the box she had prepared beforehand and opened it. There was old ginseng inside the box.

Mo Shiwen concealed his suspicious gaze and allowed Ye Mu to enter. Ye Mu didn’t appear surprised when she saw Mo Die, instead, she greeted her properly.

Everyone knew that the emperor favored Ye Mu. The reason was that Ye Mu saved his life. Even if Ye Mu didn’t know the palace etiquette, no one could blame her or punish her. After all, the emperor always protected her.

“What did you come here for?” Mo Shiwen asked straight away. He had ordered all the servants to leave the room, except for the palace servant who announced Ye Mu’s arrival.

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