Killing One’s Blood Relative (2)

Everyone bowed their heads in fear when they heard her words. Only Mo Linyuan gradually smiled upon her words. He raised his blood-stained hand and held the hand that Ye Mu was using to wipe his face. 

“Are you afraid of me?”

Ye Mu shook her head, “The Mo Linyuan that I know is an earnest emperor who had wholeheartedly committed his mind and body to the wellbeing of the world. He has done nothing wrong, so why should I be afraid of him?”

She looked at him seriously with her big round eyes. Mo Linyuan looked down at her; he could see the reflection of the flickering candlelight in her eyes.

He could feel sorrow spread throughout his heart.

“I only have you now.”

He suddenly pulled her into his embrace, “Don’t you ever think about leaving me.”

Ye Mu said, “I will accompany you to accomplish great things.”

The murderous intent in the air dissipated in an instant after they embraced each other. The onlookers were traumatized by what they had just seen. No wonder the emperor favored Miss Ye; she really deserved to be favored by the emperor. 

The preparation after their death was quickly prepared. The body was dragged out from the secret room for burial. The commoners didn’t know anything. They were only informed that the old bedridden emperor had finally succumbed to the illness and died. The emperor promised not to eat meat for three days and granted amnesty to the world.

However, the news shook the royal court at its core. The old emperor died, and the princess who had “died” nine years ago had disappeared. Instead, they only received news that a lowly maid resembling the appearance of the princess had died. The princess was the emperor’s blood-related sister! Yet he had casually revealed that she had already ceased to exist.

The officials of the court dared not to breathe another word. Mo Linyuan’s ruthless moves had undoubtedly alarmed everyone. This was especially true for those who wished to fight against him.

When the Empress Dowager heard the news, the teacup she was holding accidentally fell to the ground. She could hardly believe that a 15-year old can actually do such a ruthless thing/

She trembled in fear before she whispered softly, “Send news that I have fallen sick. In the next few days, don’t allow anyone to visit me.”


The people in the three big families were also afraid. Their plan hadn’t even begun and yet, their pawns were already dead. They heard that Mo Linyuan was enraged when Mo Linyuan discovered that Mo Shiwen wanted to harm Ye Mu. As a result, he killed Mo Shiwen, making it seem like he killed his father for a beautiful woman. Of course, no one dared to write such speculation on the official historical record. Instead, these were all rumors passed on orally.

After the Wen Family heard the news, they immediately made their third young master marry another woman. This made it seem as if they had never asked Mo Die’s hand for marriage.

Not long after, the emperor asked Prime Minister Wen to stay after the morning court ended.

Wen was not a little uncertain about the young emperor’s true character, so he pretended to be submissive as he stood behind the emperor with his head lowered. 

Only the two of them remained in the imperial garden after everyone retreated. 

Mo Linyuan quietly said, “Mo Shiwen told me that you are my biological father. What do you think of his speculation?”

Wen almost lost his usual calmness after he heard those words.

“That’s nonsense! The late empress was a loyal and pure woman. She should not be subjected to such slander after her death!”

Mo Linyuan laughed when he heard his righteous words.

“There is no one else here right now.” He turned around, and there was a hint of a mocking smile on his handsome face, “Wen Xiang, I want to hear the answer directly from you. Did you love my royal mother?” 

Wen remained silent. There was no expression on his old scholarly face.

Mo Linyuan nodded his head, “Let me put this in another way.”

He walked a few steps towards Wen, “Mo Shiwen said that something happened to you and my royal mother after you saved her in the hunting forest. Did anything happen between the two of you?”

Wen looked at the young boy’s ice-cold eyes. Cold beads of sweat gradually formed on Wen’s forehead. He remained speechless even after a long time.

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