Confessing (1)

Ye Mu really didn’t want to argue with a sick person.

“Of course, I’m afraid that you will die! Now let go of me!”

Mo Linyuan’s eyes shone brightly, and his handsome face became even more enchanting.

“Why are you so worried about me? Is it because you’re my friend or is it because of something else?”

Ye Mu looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Something else?”

Mo Linyuan’s heart gradually started to beat faster. He casually asked, “For example, are you worried about me because you like me as a man?”

He held his breath subconsciously after he finished asking her the question. Ye Mu was stunned by the sudden question and became mute.

Mo Linyuan found her dazed expression to be quite interesting.

He reached out his hands and squeezed her cheeks. He realized it was meaningless to test her like this.

He simply smiled and said, “Since you didn’t respond to my question, then I will confess first. Ye Mu, little Mu’er, I like you.

I like you.

His words were like a spell. Ye Mu instantly froze as she looked at him in disbelief.

Mo Linyuan waited for her response, but Ye Mu still hadn’t replied after a long time. She looked like her soul had left her body. Mo Linyuan was unhappy with her silence.

“Earth to Ye Mu!”

Ye Mu suddenly snapped out of it and asked, “D-did you just say that you like me?!”

“Like?” Mo Linyuan chuckled, “I think my feelings run deeper than the word “like”.

Ye Mu was shocked by his confession. It turned out to be true! Mo Linyuan actually likes her!

She grabbed her hair, “Y-you l-like me? W-why do y-you like me?”

She kept repeating the sentence over and over. This was unscientific. According to the original storyline, he would eventually marry his Empress and a few concubines in the future. Later in his prime, he would slowly fall into depression. How did he end up liking her?

Ye Mu broke free from Mo Linyuan’s embrace.

Mo Linyuan’s face sank when he saw her retreat from him, but he hid his disappointment.

He smiled and asked, “Are you shy or are you scared?”

When he said the latter few words, his tone was inexplicably cold.

Ye Mu did not answer. It was more correct to say that she did not know how to answer him. She looked at Mo Linyuan who was currently wearing a plain robe with dragons embroidered on it. She tried speaking several times, but no sound would come out from her mouth.

Mo Linyuan misunderstood her silence. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, but the smile on his lips became more enticing.

“Or is it because you don’t like me at all?”

Silence fell upon the Qin Palace. Fortunately, no one was around, the two of them were alone. Otherwise, Ye Mu would never have the courage to ever look at Mo Linyuan again in the future.

She forced herself to calm down.

Ye Mu replied truthfully, “You are a good person, but…” But she can’t like him!

She wanted to return home to save people after she collected the city boundary map! She came here as a guest; she never had the intention of staying here permanently, much less marrying someone from this world!

“But what?” At this point, Mo Linyuan’s expression had turned extremely frosty. He sat upright and asked, “Do you really dislike me?”

He originally patiently waited for her to understand his feelings. But after years of interacting with one another, she still remained oblivious to his feelings. When he saw her concern for him today, he thought that it was because she actually liked him, so he confessed his feelings to her. But who would’ve known that she would’ve reacted this way to his confession?

She was panic-stricken and she appeared to be scared of his sudden confession.

Ye Mu was also confused. Do I like Mo Linyuan? She had never thought about it before, nor did she ever think that Mo Linyuan would actually like her.

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