Arc 1: The Vicious and Ruthless Lotus’s Red Packet Group
Chapter 2 Part 1

Wen Qing chose a restaurant with a good reputation and ordered a box and a few signature dishes. She made sure she ordered the perfect amount for a single person, so she doesn’t arouse suspicion. Then, she ordered more signature dishes and told the waiter to pack them up to go. 

She didn’t eat the food when the food arrived. Instead, she put the food into the red packet space and sent it as a red pack to the demons and ghosts in the group chat.

『Qing Yuan Taoist Master has grabbed your Honey Chicken Wings¹.』

『Xiao Yao Master has grabbed your Buddha Jumps Over the Wall².』

『Shao Guang Demonic Master has grabbed your Dongpo Pork³.』


Qing Yuan Taoist Master】: Little Lady, what is this? It looks very delicious, does this have 

any negative effects?

God of Death】: It doesn’t have any negative effects. These are the food from my world, you can safely eat it.

The group chat fell silent for a few minutes. No one spoke for a long time, but Wen Qing wasn’t in a hurry. She silently waited for their reply.

Hua Yin Taoist Master】: Little lady, wait no–little sister! Please give me another serving of Cumin Spareribs! It’s too delicious!

Xuan Qing Taoist Master】: Give me another serving of Spicy Hot Duck Neck! I’ll give you a bottle of Grade 6 Soul Calming pills in exchange for the food!

Qing Yuan Taoist Master】: I want Honey Chicken Wings and a serving of what everyone else had. I’ll trade you a Grade 9 Soul Restoring pills with you!

The group chat exploded with excitement, and Wen Qing couldn’t help but smile. Why was an ordinary person like Mo Yao treated so favorably by the people in the group chat? This reason was that these people were foodies. Mo Yao sent them red packets containing food inside, and they would give her various types of medicine for it. But what they didn’t know was that they can exchange numerous servings of Honey Chicken Wings for even the lowest grade of pills they have!

This time, she was able to attract the foodies’ attention first. Let’s so what Mo You could come up with to attract their attention.

God of Death】: There’s no need. These items are very cheap in my world. If you would like to eat more, I’ll send you more. There’s no need to give me anything in exchange.

Hua Yin Taoist Master】: Little sister is a good person!

Qing Yuan Taoist Master】: Wait a moment, isn’t God of Death from the same world as us, Canglan World?

God of Death】: No, I am from another plane. (^_^)

Xiao Yao Master】: Another plane? Is that one of the three thousand realms? I never expect that our group chat can connect to other worlds besides our own.

Wen Qing didn’t explain as she carried the empty take-out boxes out of the restaurant. No one suspected that she was carrying empty take-out boxes. Wen Qing took a turn at the corner of an alley and threw the take-out boxes into a nearby trash can. The reason why she was being so careful was because of the past experiences she had. She reminded herself that she should never underestimate any world. Even an insignificant detail could risk exposing herself.

Wen Qing repeated what she did in the first restaurant. She would first look for some restaurants with excellent reputations. Then, she would ask for a box, ordered some food, and asked for a take-out. After that, she would finally distribute the food to the people in the group chat. The foodies were very satisfied with the food. Even though Wen Qing had repeatedly told them that the food wasn’t valuable and that she didn’t need anything in exchange, the people in the group chat still gave her the items they promised her. In order to show her gratitude, she sent them each a cursed talisman. As a result, the people in the group chat became even more fond of her.

In less than a day, Wen Wing was able to conquer their stomachs and their hearts. Now that her plan was set into motion, she could only wait for the good show tomorrow.


Mo Yao dragged her tired body home. She stood under the scorching hot sun today while wearing a heavy doll costume to distribute flyers. She had distributed two hours of flyers, earning her three hundred dollars. This was her living expense for the next semester.

Because her family was poor, the school had already waived her tuition fees. However, she still had to pay for her own living expenses. Mo Yo never expected her family to give her money for her living expenses. Her mother died long ago, and her father was a heavy gambler. If her gambling-addicted father didn’t snatch her money, she would’ve burned incense and thanked the heavens. 

Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings - Rock Recipes
¹Honey Chicken Wings
Origin of Buddha jumps over the wall | Chinese Cuisine Story
²Buddha Jumps Over the Wall
Slow Cooker Dong Po Rou
³Dongpo Pork

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