Arc 1: The Vicious and Ruthless Lotus’s Red Packet Group
Chapter 2 Part 3

Mo Yao】: What is the Canglan World?

There was no need to answer because she was definitely not from the Canglan World.

Hua Yin Taoist Master】: What is your world called?

Mo Yao pondered for a while, before answering “Earth”. Since none of them belonged to this world, it didn’t matter if she told them the truth.

Shao Guang Demonic Master】: That’s strange, why did another person from another world enter our group chat again? @God of Death, do you know what’s going on? 

God of Death】: I don’t know.

Mo Yao had a good impression of God of Death because she recalled that it was God of Death who had sent the Honey Chicken Wings in the chat.

After discussing the matter for a long time without finding a valid answer, the group finally dropped the topic. Instead, they started teasing the newcomer again!

He Hua Old Master】: Newcomers are required to post their selfies! Come, come, send us your selfie! 

Mo Yao tensed for a moment. She turned around to look at her reflection in the mirror. Even Mo Yao felt sick after seeing her fat and ugly figure in the mirror.

Mo Yao】: It’s best if I don’t send my selfie. I look so ugly; I might even scare you guys. (^_^)

Hua Yin Taoist Master】: It’s okay, we all grew up from fear. There’s nothing a beauty pill can’t solve! 

Hua Yin sent his message and then following his message, he sent a red packet. Mo Yao subconsciously opened it.

『You’ve received a beauty pill from Hua Yin Taoist Master』

Mo Yao was so startled that she almost dropped her phone on the ground. A beauty pill?! It can’t be what she thinks it is, right?

She was full of doubt, but she couldn’t help but look forward to its effects. With trembling fingers, she clicked the beauty pill in the nine square grids on her phone. In the next moment, a round plump milky white pill was lying on her hand.

Mo Yao held her breath. All the blood had rushed to her head and her mind wouldn’t stop buzzing. She quickly threw the pill in her mouth and swallowed it. She was afraid that all of this was just a hallucination, that it would all disappear, and she would end up with nothing once again when she awakened. So, only by eating the pill quickly did it give her a peace of mind.

Mo Yao disappeared after she took the red packet. As a result, the people in the group thought of her as someone who liked to take advantage of others without giving back. Their interest in her wasn’t high.

Wen Qing smiled at the outcome. If the plot had followed the plot of the original world, Mo Yao would’ve done the same thing. She would’ve grabbed the red packet and used it, so it took her a while to reappear in the group chat. But because she was the only fresh face in the group chat for a long time and because she was from another world, everyone was very interested in her. So, they didn’t take her sudden disappearance into account. Since Wen Qing appeared in the group chat before her, they weren’t enthusiastic about the appearance of another newcomer. They were more interested in Honey Chicken Wings than Mo Yao!

The reason Wen Qing didn’t just kick Mo Yao out of the group chat was that the higher one climbed, the harder they will fall!

Mo Yao used several buckets of water and finally washed off the sour stench on her body. She looked in the mirror and was surprised to find that she had lost a large amount of weight! Her skin was much whiter, and her facial features were inexplicably delicate and pretty!

Mo Yao was extremely excited. She quickly walked out of the bathroom and into her room. She picked up her phone and began typing.

Mo Yao】: Thank you, Hua Yin Taoist Master! The effects of the beauty pill are amazing!

Because everyone had to attend their own businesses, not many people were always in the group chat. Mo Yao had sent the message a while ago, but no one replied yet. She could only anxiously wait for a reply.

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