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Qin Jiran smiled at Su Yanyi’s question, “It’s not hard on me to cook for you. Eat quickly, I’m already hungry.”

The two began to eat. Qin Jiran kept adding more food to Yanyi’s bowl as she ate. But after eating for a while, Yanyi suddenly put down her chopsticks and looked up at Qin Jiran.

“Why are you looking at me?” Qin Jiran was uncomfortable under her gaze.

Su Yanyi wanted to ask him where her gift was, but the system task forbade her from taking the initiative to ask for her gifts. Since she can’t say anything, she could only look at Qin Jiran as she waited for him to understand the meaning behind her gaze.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking?” Qin Jiran touched the corner of his mouth. Was there something on his face?

Su Yanyi looked at the foolish expression on Qin Jiran’s face, and concluded that this man probably couldn’t guess the meaning behind her gaze. She could only coldly said, “Stupid!”

Qin Jiran felt like he had been wronged when she suddenly called him stupid. He didn’t do anything. He had just been eating. Why did she called him stupid? He felt like he was treated unjustly!

“Yanyi, how am I stupid? Tell me and I’ll change!” Qin Jiran stopped eating and held onto Su Yanyi’s hand. He began acting coquettishly! Of course, Qin Jiran wouldn’t consider his behavior as “acting coquettishly”, but Su Yanyi definitely did.

Su Yanyi raised her hand and stroked Qin Jiran’s head calmly and said, “Be good and eat your food.”

Qin Jiran didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. He stopped trying to deliberately make Yanyi smile and began to eat his meal happily.

While they had their meal, Qin Jiran was not willing to eat the heart-shaped egg cake. He just placed the sweets in front of him and looked at it again and again.

Su Yanyi naturally didn’t have the misgivings that Qin Jiran had. She took out a spoon and was ready to eat when she saw Qin Jiran putting the egg cake away. When she saw Qin Jiran’s reluctant gaze on the egg cake, she paused and asked him doubtfully, “What are you thinking about again? Eat your meal.”

“I’m not willing to eat what you gave me,” Qin Jiran whispered as he pulled the egg cake towards him.

“Did you really turned stupid?” Su Yanyi was speechless. She put down the spoon in her hand and brought the egg cake in front of her. She pretended that she wouldn’t share it with him.

Qin Jiran continued to look at the egg cake reluctantly. After thinking for a while, he tentatively asked, “Should we take a picture of the egg cake first?”

Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran like she was looking at a fool. Then, she reluctantly said, “Okay, hurry up and take some pictures so we can eat it all!”

“Okay!” Qin Jiran took over a dozen photos in mere seconds. He only put away his camera after he took pictures of the cake from all angles. He smiled at Yanyi and said, “Come, let’s eat the egg cake together.”

“Since you like it so much, you can have it all.”

Qin JIran was very obedient and ate the entire egg cake. He almost ate the plate the egg cake was on too! However, he didn’t only eat the egg cake, but other dishes as well. This was the dinner Yanyi had specially made for him. Even if he died eating it all, he will finish it!

After dinner, the two headed to the premiere hall. The film,《Strife for Power》was released at 7:30 in the evening. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran wanted to be there for the premiere. There were already many people there when they arrived. Both Rin Jiran and Su Yanyi appeared lowkey in the scene. They wore hats and mufflers to disguise themselves. They didn’t attract much attention after sitting down.

The film soon started. Qin Jiran appeared on the screen in a police uniform. He was handsome, dashing, outstanding, and manly. Numerous female fans screamed and squealed when he appeared on the screen.

“He’s so handsome and manly!”

Su Yanyi heard the screaming and cheering of the female fans around them, she couldn’t help but glanced at Qin Jiran and said jokingly, “The Film Emperor is sure popular.”

“Why do you sound so sour?” Qin JIran said as he smiled happily. Yanyi was acting like a jealous girlfriend.

“Are you saying I’m jealous?”

“That’s what you said, I never said you’re jealous,” Qin Jiran argued as he looked at Yanyi innocently.

“Huh? Why would I be jealous? You belong to me. They can only watch you on TV and fangirl over you, so why should I care?” Sunyai said. What she said reflected what she was thinking internally. After all, she wouldn’t stoop so low as to argue with his fans. Not to mention, the more these people liked Qin Jiran, the more proud she was, because this man belonged to her. The more outstanding he was, the more proud she will be!

Qin Jiran’s heart stirred when he saw how proud she was of him. He looked around and made sure that no one was paying attention to them. Then, he leaned towards her and kissed Yanyi. In the dimly lit movie theater, the most suitable thing for couples to do is to kiss.

“Hey, watch the film. Stop touching me,” Su Yanyi protested unhappily. After they kissed for a few minutes, Qin Jiran still refused to let her go. Su Yanyi could barely breathe, so she pushed the man away.

“I thought I looked more handsome than the man on the screen,” Qin Jiran reluctantly said. He was dissatisfied and wanted to prolonged the kiss.

“You are the man on the screen. Are you guys not the same person?” Su Yanyi asked helplessly.

“How can we be the same person? You can touch me physically right now. But you can’t physically touch the person on the screen.” Qin Jiran pulled Su Yanyi’s hand and placed it on his chest. Although he was still wearing clothes, she could still feel his powerful heartbeat.

“Are you jealous of yourself?” The more Su Yanyi listened to Qin Jiran’s childish words, the more she felt like there was a problem with his IQ.

Qin Jiran laughed and didn’t reply immediately. He wasn’t jealous of himself, instead, he only wanted to make sure Yanyi only looked at him for the rest of their lives!

Qin Jiran felt strange at how possessive he felt towards Yanyi. However, he was unable to control it, or rather, he didn’t want to control it. He wanted Yanyi to only have eyes for him. The more he thought about it, the more he desired for it!

He couldn’t tell Yanyi how he felt because he didn’t know whether Yanyi would be disgusted or just dislike how possessive he had become.

“Look at me again after you finished looking at the man on the screen.”

“You’re so odd.”

The two stopped talking and watched the film seriously. This was the first time Su Yanyi had seriously watched a film played by Qin Jiran. The man on the screen seemed to look a little different from Qin Jiran in real life.

However, Su Yanyi didn’t think that the film version of Qin Jiran was more handsome than the real life version of Qin Jiran. She admired Qin Jiran’s acting skills, but at the same she felt distressed for him. She felt distressed for him because he had faced many hardships during filming.

This was especially true when she saw the scene where Qin Jiran was filming in a snowy forest. Even though he was sick, he persisted in filming. How could she not love this hardworking man?

“Film Emperor is so hard working. I heard that the place they filmed for this scene was extremely cold. The Film Emperor even got sick when he was filming. I feel so sad while watching this scene because of what happened to him…” Among the many people watching the movie, some fans started crying during this scene in the movie.

On the screen, Qin Jiran’s complexion was pale purple. He was tumbling in the snow with a few criminals. The fighting scene was not grand or magnificent, instead, it was physical and earnest. Qin Jiran’s struggle as he fought against the criminals brought out the raw emotions from the viewers. The viewers’ eyes were glued on the screen as they trembled in fear while watching the scene. At the same time, their heart ached for the policeman Qin Jiran was playing.

“That group of criminals are really terrible! They should’ve died earlier!” One of the female fans couldn’t hold her emotions in anymore and began crying. Her boyfriend sat next to her. He immediately began coaxing her and wiping her tears. 

“This is just a movie, it’s fake. What are you crying for?” The boyfriend persuaded helplessly.

“What do you mean it’s fake? Film Emperor Qin never uses a substitute when he films. The Film Emperor is tumbling around on the snowy ground. Do you know how cold it is? Why don’t you go try it for yourself?”

The girl stopped crying and started lecturing her boyfriend with red eyes. The boyfriend was helpless and speechless as he could only listen to his girlfriend lecturing him. 

Su Yanyi nodded in agreement after hearing the female fan’s words. It seemed like the fans are now more aware of the hardships that actors had to go through.

The movie gradually came to an end. The criminals were also arrested one after another. At this time, the police officer played by Qin Jiran was riddled with scars. During the last battle, he was shot by a gun and fell unconscious. He was immediately transported into a hospital…

The final scene of the movie depicted Qin Jiran slowly waking up after the surgery. The female lead actress brought flowers and fruits to visit him. The audience gradually stopped crying once the movie reached its finale.

When the film ended, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were holding hands when they left the movie theater. Many of the fans started discussing the movie when it ended.

“Yanyi, I’m going to bring you to a place.” He hadn’t given her her Valentine’s Day present yet.

Su Yanyi blinked her eyes and tactfully understood that he was going to give her a Valentine’s Day present. She knew that he would never forget to give her a gift.

Qi Jiran drove the car, and after twenty minutes, they arrived at a private botanical garden. Su Yanyi recalled something she had said to him in the past and asked him, “Are you really going to give me a potted plant?”

She remembered that she rejected the flowers Qin Jiran gave her. She told him that she would rather have a potted plant because it will live longer. Now that he brought her to this garden, was he planning to give a potted plant? 

Qin Jiran blinked his eyes and then nodded his head. He remembered what she said ever since she told him she preferred a potted plant over flowers. Since today was Valentine’s Day, everyone was sending flowers to their significant other. He knew that Yanyi didn’t like flowers, so he thought that he should give her a potted plant!

“Hehe…” Su Yanyi couldn’t help but laughed. What more can she say about her man? That he was too obedient?

When the two entered the botanical garden, someone immediately stepped forward and greeted them. Qin Jiran had arranged everything long before they arrived. He led them to a small canopy in the back of the garden.

“Mr. Qin and Mrs. Qin, this is what you ordered. Is this to your liking?”

Su Yanyi looked at the potted flower in front of her. The crown of the flower was large and the borders around the pink flower was tinted with gold and a darker shade of pink. It looked elegant and luxurious. The most unique part of the flower was that the two flowers were intertwined intimately with each other.

The flowers were very beautiful, but Su Yanyi obviously had never seen this variety of flowers before, so she asked, “What kind of flower is this? It’s not bad.”

When Jiran went to get the flower, the person in charge explained promptly, “This is a rare species of flower shipped from the south. Everyone called this kind of flower, twins. In fact, this species is a mutated form of the mandara flower. But there are less than ten of these plants internationally. They are extremely rare and precious. The meaning behind the twin flowers is to live together and never each other.”

The meaning behind the flower was for lovers to accompany each other and never leave each other.

“Yanyi, this is for you. Do you like it?” Qin Jiran accidentally overheard about this type of flower before, so he exerted a lot of effort to ask someone to find it.

“It’s very beautiful,” Su Yanyi praised without holding back. It was obvious that she liked it.

At the same time, the system suddenly prompted a message.

【Congratulations to the host for completing a level three mission. You’ve received an additional point. At this stage, the host has a total of 27 points. Please continue to work hard!】

Su Yanyi enjoyed the heartwarming car ride.

The flowerpot was not very heavy. On the way back, Su Yanyi was holding the flowerpot while she sat next to the driver’s seat. Qin Jiran was focused on driving the car, but he would occasionally chat with her about work. The atmosphere was very peaceful and warm.

“Do you have any expectations at the box office? I bet everyone else except for you is very nervous right now,” Su Yanyi asked curiously. Today was the film’s premiere day, but she could tell that Qin Jiran wasn’t nervous at all.

“Since I’ve reached this point, it doesn’t matter whether I’m nervous or not. I’ve tried my best to do what I can. I can only let the rest take its course,” Qin Jiran replied without much care. This was not his first movie and he had long been used to waiting. Though he was not nervous because he had confidence and was looking forward to the results of his movie.

“Then do you have any plans as to what you want to do next?” Su Yanyi admired how calm and collected Qin Jiran was. This man was always so calm and collected except he was facing her.

“I plan to take a short break. If you need me to do anything, I can also work for you. Before he started filming 《Strife for Power》, Qin Jiran had packed his schedule. He was thrilled when he got the script from Yanyi because the script was even better than he anticipated. However, during the filming for 《Strife for Power》, Qin Jiran’s thoughts changed a bit. He felt that he should spend more time with the people he cared about instead of working all the time. After all, he no longer needed to rely on this acting career to gain fame or money. Of course, the most important thing was that he didn’t need to rely on this acting career to pursue the woman he loved anymore!

“Aren’t they still preparing your costume for the ancient film you’re in?” Su Yanyi doubtfully asked. She was well informed in regard to Qin Jiran’s work thanks to Kang Zhong. She thought that Qin Jiran would immediately invest in the shooting of the ancient film after he finished shooting 《Strife for Power》. But now, it seemed that Qin Jiran wasn’t planning to do that.

“It will take some time for the preparations to be complete, but I’m not in a hurry right now. I’m planning to start working again after taking a short break.”

“That’s fine, you can do whatever you decide to. If you have time, you can come to the company to help me. If you plan to do something behind the scenes, then you can follow the people in the company and watch their actions.” Su Yanyi didn’t really care what Qin Jiran chose to do. She only cared that Qin Jiran did what he truly wanted to do. As long as it was Qin Jiran’s own choice to do something, then she will support him unconditionally.

Qin Jiran made dinner and did many other things for her, but he did them willingly. She never forced him to do anything.

Su Yanyi was different from other women with the way she showed her love for him. Although she was greedy for Qin Jiran’s cooking, she won’t force his world to revolve solely around her.

Su Yanyi can enjoy Qin Jiran’s love for her peacefully, but she will never unreasonably demand him to show his love for her. This was part of Su Yanyi’s pride, but also how she showed her love to him.

Moreover, she won’t force her own opinion on him nor will she interfere too much in his businesses. She respected Qin Jiran’s own opinions. Whether it was in the beginning when she rejected Qin Jiran, or when she later accepted and even fell in love with Qin Jiran, she didn’t interfere too much with Qin Jiran’s career and choices. She will only help him on the path he chooses so that the path he chose will be smooth sailing!

Even so, she showed her love for him by respecting and supporting him!

Su Yanyi may not be gentle, meticulous, and considerate. She may not know how to act coquettishly or act cute like other women, but she had her own pride and strengths. Other women cannot be compared to her in that area.

Some people liked radishes while other people like cabbages. You might love your little cabbage, but he loved his Tyrannosaurus Rex. Everything and everyone had their own unique beauty.

“Then I’ll head to the company first.” Qin Jiran’s goal was to stay behind the scenes, but he also wanted to go to the company because then, he would be able to stay with Yanyi longer. The main purpose he took a temporary hiatus was to accompany Yanyi.


After they returned home, they placed the Japanese bonsai plant in the greenhouse. The greenhouse here was much larger than the one in the small villa. Mother Su was also a woman who loved flowers very much. Her third sister-in-law was also the gardener who had beautifully arranged the gardens here. It was like walking into a small forest when they entered the garden. There were all kinds of tall, short, fat, and skinny flowers and plants. The rich oxygen the trees gave off made people feel very comfortable.

This was the first time Qin Jiran came here, so he was a little surprised.

“It’s beautiful here,” Qin Jiran sighed in admiration.

“I used to come here often when I was young.” It was also the reason she built a greenhouse in the small villa. The air here was refreshing and had a calming effect on people’s minds.

“We can come here often in the future to walk around,” Qin Jiran suggested.


The two picked a rather quiet corner to put the Japanese bonsai plant there. They bumped into their third sister-in-law on their way to the small building. After the three exchanged a few words, they bid their farewell.

On the night of Valentine’s Day, Su Yanyi personally prepared a tableful of dishes, complete with a plate of heart-shaped egg cakes. Qin Jiran took Su Yanyi to a movie and had specially prepared a pot of Japanese Bonsai with the budding flowers intertwined with each other as a gift. In fact, this present may not have been too special, but it was full of warmth and joy. It displayed the happiness the two of them accumulated over time.

“Yanyi, Happy Valentine’s Day!” Qin Jiran whispered affectionately in Su Yanyi’s ear as he carried her to the bed.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The distance between the two gradually shortened. They looked at the reflection of themselves in each other’s eyes as they leaned in for a soft and lingering kiss.

Not long ago, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi uploaded a series of photos in their respective Weibo account. Film Emperor Qin posted a series of bahulu (egg cakes) photos. No matter where you looked, up, down, left, or right, it was all pictures of egg cakes. He was evidently trying to flaunt.

Queen Su posted two photos of a Japanese bonsai plant. The twin budding flowers of the plant were closely intertwined with each other like lovers. The flowers appeared delicate, graceful, and beautiful.

The two sets of photos had naturally caused a stir among the fans. They came up with countless speculations, but everyone agreed that the Film Emperor and the Queen were showing off their love for each other again!

Please don’t flaunt your Valentine’s Day gifts! You will make everyone jealous!

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