Fighting Beasts Stage (2)

On the second day, Su Yanyi had not yet opened her eyes and already felt lethargic. After recalling the previous night’s craziness, she momentarily became angry. This man had clearly said three hours, why did it last an entire night, did he think she wouldn’t get tired?

Su Yanyi didn’t open her eyes and just directly moved her fingers, found a suitable location and viciously stabbed it.

“Ah!” With a groaning in his head, he caught the finger in a gentle grip.

“Good morning, baby.” Qin Jiran also knew that he seemed to have gone too far the previous night so his voice this morning was somewhat cautious.

“Let go.” Su Yanyi’s voice was a bit hoarse. Don’t ask why, it was all Qin Jiran’s fault!

Qin Jiran let go obediently then felt that a certain spot on his waist was painful. It seemed that Yanyi’s anger wasn’t light this time, she had already begun punishing him!

“Yanyi, don’t be angry already. Are you hungry, shall I go prepare breakfast for you?” Qin Jiran felt that the best way to calm her down at this moment was to cook something good and make her happy.

Yanyi became even angrier when she heard this. This man was becoming more and more roguish now. He even knew how to use food to entice her, it was not right!

Su Yanyi thought this blackly and couldn’t resist grinding her teeth. After that, she viciously bit into his flesh. Tsk tsk, it was a bit hard but it was still okay. It was a pity she could not truly eat it!

“Woo!” This time, Qin Jiran’s grunt became a bit weird. It was not simply because of the pain. He looked at Su Yanyi’s expression and also became serene.

“Yanyi, is it that you’re not too hungry?” Qin Jiran pointed out with a hoarse voice.

Su Yanyi was about to say that ‘all you know about is food, whether I’m hungry or not has already been said by you’, but the moment she lifted her head, her mouth had been captured by a kiss and then she got pulled into another dangerous situation.

God, she was very tired already okay! As expected, an excited man was so scary!

That morning, Qin Jiran was kicked off the bed by Su Yanyi while Su Yanyi was carried by Qin Jiran into the bathroom. After that, a wonderful day began with the spring scene.

Breakfast had been prepared by Kangaroo and a few others. With so many people, it wasn’t good to always eat Qin Jiran’s food so Kangaroo had started preparing breakfast early in the morning. He had even specially prepared a portion each for Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. His cooking was not bad, just a bit crude. Qin Jiran made another small pot of porridge for Su Yanyi. The rest of it was secretly eaten by Rabbit. She had almost cleaned out the entire pot.

After breakfast, everyone was awaiting Su Yanyi’s instructions in the living room.

“You guys went out to play yesterday. How did it go?” Su Yanyi asked with some curiosity.

“Debauched.” It was rare for Explosive Dragon to be so eloquent. Actually, it was very hard for him to describe it in detail. After the lot of them reported back to him, he really wasn’t sure if he should report it to the Elder Miss.

Su Yanyi’s brows drew together. She didn’t not chase down a response after experiencing Explosive Dragon’s secretive attitude because that in itself was already a type of answer. It seemed that the situation in the liner was something that left even someone as experienced as Explosive Dragon surprised.

“If there’s anywhere fun, why don’t you recommend it?” Su Yanyi asked in a different way. They would be on the liner for a total of three days, they couldn’t always be cooped up in their room and not go out, right.

“If the Elder Miss wants to go out, how about trying the fighting beasts ring? I can bring the Elder Miss to have a look.” The violent Rabbit said this excitedly as she jumped out at the very first instant. She waved her fist in an anticipating manner. She had walked in a circle last night and that was her favourite place. However, the boss had ordered them not to make any reckless move so she had to come back with an unwilling heart.

“Fighting beasts ring? What is it about?” Actually, Su Yanyi had gone to see the Old Man for information before coming here but the Old Man but he had told her to go see for herself. After that, Su Yanyi had gone to look for her brother but her brother was even less interesting and had only spoken about the auction. As for the other things, her brother had expressed that he had not gone to them so he didn’t know anything!

When she had gone to look for her father, he had been with her mother and had shown an even more innocent expression. He said that he had only participated in the auction and the casino. As for the other places, he didn’t know anything about them! That innocent expression did not hold any innocence in Su Yanyi’s eyes!

At that moment, Su Yanyi decided that she definitely had to have a good look at the Banquet so that she could go home and report to her mother!

“They’re fighting matches. Man vs. man, man vs. beast, beast vs. beast, they’re all fine. You can bet cash, fixed property, variable property, or lives. Tsk tsk, you can bet anything!” Little Rabbit very excitedly explained. That ‘itching to have a go’ attitude made it seem like she wasn’t talking about a bloody affair.

Su Yanyi looked at Rabbit. This brat’s personality hadn’t changed even after a few years, she was still so full of fight.

“Not interested, next.” Su Yanyi was also pugnacious but it wasn’t something that would appear at any time. There had to be a special time and reason, not like little Rabbit who always looked for a fight.

Su Yanyi’s words made Little Rabbit’s head droop in a second. Her expression was very disappointed. She had just known that the Elder Miss wouldn’t so kindly fulfil her wish.

“Elder Miss, what about taking a look at the casino. The facilities here aren’t worse than those of Las Vegas, it’s really not bad.” Big Black Bull liked gambling. Last night when he had visited the casino, he had only played a few rounds as he was on duty so he hadn’t had his fill.

“Next.” Su Yanyi directly ignored this suggestion. How were casinos fun, she had already grown bored of it when she was young!

This time it became Big Black Bull’s turn to droop his head. Why was the Elder Miss not interested, it was really such a blow!

Tiger stood at the side rubbing his head as his eyes flashed. He looked at Su Yanyi, then secretly looked at Qin Jiran. His lips moved a bit but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

When Su Yanyi saw this, she became a bit curious. The manner of someone wanting to speak but not speaking in the end really made one suspect things.

“Tiger, where did you go yesterday?” Su Yanyi went straight to the heart of the matter.

Tiger was stunned but reacted quickly and gave a down to earth laugh. He rubbed his head and said: “I didn’t go anywhere last night, just to the bar for a look. It was pretty ordinary.”

Upon hearing Tiger’s words, the expressions of everyone present changed. If they weren’t holding back laughter, they were outright laughing. He was too obviously playing dumb, it made it hard for people to co-ordinate with him.

“Then let’s take a look at the bar.” Naturally, Su Yanyi knew that Tiger was being weird. She said this, giving Tiger a headache.

Su Yanyi’s words were her decision so everyone began preparing. There were communication devices, weapons, the route, and of course, there was the Tiger who had a headache but was in charge of leading the way.

“That, the bar really doesn’t have anything fun. And anyway, it seems to be lively only at night. If we go in broad daylight, there wouldn’t be any meaning.” Tiger fought to the end, his plan was to change Su Yanyi’s decision. He had really gone to a bar last night but the bar wasn’t an ordinary bar. The performances on stage were really very exciting. It would be nothing if he was going with a few brothers, but it would be too unsuitable if he were to bring the Elder Miss and Son-in-law!

“What you said makes sense.” Su Yanyi’s steps halted, she seemed to have started to agree with Tiger’s words.

Tiger immediately smiled. He courteously said: “That’s right, why don’t we choose somewhere else, the bar really is not interesting.”

“Okay, then we’ll go to the bar tonight then!” Su Yanyi’s words immediately gave Tiger a headache again. He felt that if they were to go at night, they might as well go now. Perhaps the night’s programs wouldn’t be on now. He was so stupid, why didn’t he think of this point!

“Then where should we go now?” Explosive Dragon asked without any preference. It didn’t mater where they went, as long as they could protect the Elder Miss and the Son-in-law.

“Elder Miss, then let’s go to the Fighting Beasts Ring to have a look. It’s really very violent and bloody and causes your blood to boil!” Little Rabbit immediately bounced out. She really wanted to have a jump around the Fighting Beasts Ring!

“Then let’s go the Fighting Beasts Ring.” Su Yanyi saw how Little Rabbit’s eyes had turned red due to excitement and felt that it was interesting so she agreed to Rabbit’s request. Anyway, she didn’t have anywhere special she wanted to go.

“Oh yeah, Boss Sister knows what’s up. You definitely won’t be disappointed when you have a look!”

The lot of them went to the Fighting Beasts Ring. The Fighting Beasts Ring had a stage and was in the liner at the Banquet. They hadn’t gone in but had already heard the sound of cheering. They could see a high stage from afar which had a few shadows on it. However they found out upon entering that to go in to the Fighting Beasts Ring, they needed proof of identity, but Su Yanyi held a golden card which paved the way for everyone to go in without being stopped.

After verifying their identity, the servant gave everyone a small instrument that stated in great detail the various rules of the Fighting Beasts Ring. The rule was very simple: on the Fighting Beasts Stage, other than not being able to use weapons, any physical move can be performed. The thing that attracted people most to the Fighting Beast Ring was the betting. This stage device had a number on it and if a guest wanted to participate, they only had to use the device to register.

The group of them had been arranged to sit very near to the round table that was very near to the front. After Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran sat down, the rest of the ten members all dispersed to the surroundings to guard them. Their expressions were all very serious. This kind of open air spaces held a definite degree of danger.

“Rabbit, do you have any interest in going on stage?” Su Yanyi had a look at the rules. The Fighting Beasts Ring could be said to be of the life and death variety. As long as both sides signed an agreement, life and death didn’t even need to be discussed.

“Of course! If not, wouldn’t I have come here for nothing! Elder Miss, help me sign up and bet $800,000 on me, I guarantee you I’ll win!” The Violent Rabbit naturally understood the rules here as well. However to these people, this kind of life and death stage could not be counted as anything rare or novel. Besides, she was very confident in her own skills.

“Then have a go.” Su Yanyi handed the device to Kangaroo to operate while simultaneously agreeing to Rabbit’s battle request.

Qin Jiran was sitting at Su Yanyi’s side. His eyes looked around and at last, fell imposingly on the stage. At this moment, the ones fighting on stage were two males. One of them was a black man who had a strong build with a height of about two meters, like a little giant. The other was comparatively shorter and was a white person. The two of them seemed to have been fighting on stage for a while as their bodies had some wounds and quite a few mouthfuls of blood had been spat out. However, neither had any intention of giving up. Every move seem to be for survival, making it feel very solemn.

If they were talking about fighting for survival, this wasn’t the first time Qin Jiran had seen it. In the past, he had also seen a few people fighting to survive. When he was young, he also often got into fights with little rascals and a lot of the time, they were fighting for their lives. However, this competition, or maybe to say this method of gambling with lives, was Qin Jiran’s first time seeing it. His heart had an unavoidable sense of heaviness.

This liner was really taking him into a different world.

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