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At this moment, another door to a room opened. Several people came out from the inside. Among them was the one who had been seen from afar on the day of the exhibition, the great, domineering, and emotionless helm of the Luo Family, Luo Chengyu.

Luo Chengyu passed by Xu Zhiโ€™ang, his dark pupils glancing at the jewelry box held in his hands, โ€œWhatโ€™s going on?โ€

Yu Qiao was afraid of causing trouble, โ€œYoung Master Xu, how about you ask Sister Wei Wei? Iโ€™m just someone whoโ€™s running an errand.โ€

Upon hearing this, Luo Chengyuโ€™s stern facial expression turned a bit deep. Yu Qiao couldnโ€™t care anymore, as the soles of her feet moved to retreat as fast as she could.

Xu Zhiโ€™ang collected himself in his anger. He cracked a smile at his brother, saying, โ€œItโ€™s nothing.โ€

โ€œFocus more on work.โ€

Xu Zhiโ€™ang had always paid attention when Luo Chengyu spoke up. He continuously nodded his head to indicate that he understood. 

Luo Chengyu took two steps forward, before suddenly turning around to warn, “Stay away from her.”

Xu Zhiโ€™ang thought Luo Chengyu held prejudice towards Ye Wei, and said, โ€œBrother, sheโ€™s not that kind of a woman.โ€

โ€œI want you to keep your distance, do you understand or not?โ€

His voice was both heavy and cold, like a sharp-edged knife. Xu Zhiโ€™ang could only shut up. He wasnโ€™t afraid of his father and mother; he was just scared of his brother since he was tempered to be submissive since childhood. His mother would knock his head every day and say, โ€œLearn from your brotherโ€ฆ Look at himโ€ฆ how did I raise you to be like this?โ€

Shadow, always the shadow. 

At 3 pm, Ye Wei was going to MG Corps to record an interview for a magazine. The photo for the front cover of the magazine had already been shot a month ago. There just hadnโ€™t been enough time to record the interview.  

She came out of her private lounge. The secretary stood up as she passed by the front desk, โ€œMiss Wei Wei, weโ€™re watching the interview with Yuan Lu from when sheโ€™d attended the event in the morning.โ€

โ€œWhat did she say?โ€

There wasnโ€™t anyone who didnโ€™t know that the main competitors for <The Seamen> were Ye Wei and Yuan Lu. Whose home the flower would fall upon was unknown. In the circle, Ye Wei and Yuan Luโ€™s situation was like how one kingdom couldnโ€™t have two kings. The two always kept an eye on the other personโ€™s every move.

โ€œThe reporter asked about the jewelry exhibition, and she said she really liked a certain diamond within a diamond pendant. Little Qiao said it was the exhibit that had caught your eye on that day. This Yuan Lu, just fighting for a role, is not enough for her. She even fights for jewelry.โ€

As far as Yuan Lu was concerned, Ye Wei didnโ€™t even regard her as a rival. Even though she never had professional training, she never put Yuan Lu in her eyes (T/N: Omg lol, she really has to say it twice for that extra oomph). Nevermind oneโ€™s resources, since one cannot bribe themselves into the movie. That being said, whether one flattered their way into the entertainment circle or not was their own business.

It was such a pity about that diamond within a diamond pendant, though.


Ye Wei arrived at MG with her makeup artist and assistant. The editor handed over the interview manuscript to her and she went over it once. 

She had her makeup being touched up, while she flipped through the content of the questions. Once everything was ready, she came out and sat in the interview room.

MGโ€™s chief editor, Cheng Jing, had always been known as the Fashion Queen in this line of business. She was no less of a devil than Fan He. But although these two were both devils, their relationship was nevertheless extremely close.

When other people got together, they played elusively and threw jokes. When those two got together, they would just verbally trash whoever they saw as unpleasant. Once they bad-mouthed to their heartโ€™s content, theyโ€™d even go for a few drinks.

And thatโ€™s why there was no need for empty talk in Cheng Jing and Ye Weiโ€™s relationship.

Cheng Jing knew that Ye Wei was coming today, so she returned to the company to find her. She first talked about the arrangements for the cover and the content of the interview. She asked her if she wanted to add a little bit more spice to the interview. That way, itโ€™d be more amusing.  

โ€œHow about adding some romantic elements to the questions ?โ€

โ€œDo I have any romance to talk about?โ€

Cheng Jing suddenly raised her eyebrows, and with a not-so-loud voice, โ€œโ€˜Without a window for so long, (T/N: Without a girlfriend) no man is not lonely.โ€™ A woman is just like a flower. If it isnโ€™t moistened, it will wither.”

Ye Wei rubbed her temples, โ€œIn the past six months, I have had only a handful of rest periods. When would I have the time to find a man?โ€

โ€œTch, Fan He said Young Master Xiao has always chased after you. Canโ€™t you consider him for once?โ€ 

Ye Weiโ€™s mouth twitched, โ€œAh, Iโ€™ll just wither then.โ€

The two were silent for a moment before they both burst out laughing at the same time. Cheng Jing patted her on the back, showing her a teasing look. โ€œYoung Master Xu is from an exceptional background and is both handsome and capable. Itโ€™s a pity that nothing can grow on a hard rock such as you.โ€

โ€œBy the way, whereโ€™s Fan He?โ€

Ye Wei shook her head and took a look at her phone. There was no news, and neither did she go to the company. She tapped a message over to her. 

ใ€Elder sis, donโ€™t tell me youโ€™re vomiting blood back at home.ใ€‘

Fan He didnโ€™t reply to this message after it was sent. 

Ye Wei sent yet another message: ใ€Wash up. Youโ€™re still a hero.ใ€‘

Fan He, who had kept silent, sent back a message. One word: ใ€Scram.ใ€‘

Ye Wei looked down and laughed. Sure enough, sheโ€™d blown up. It was clear who the director had chosen. Ye Wei looked at it more openly, as there was no need to entangle herself with something that didnโ€™t concern her. 

The interview went very smoothly. The answers to the questions had already been prepared in advance. And she was also already ready for the small cards which were randomly selected.

The recording hadnโ€™t finished when the door was suddenly pushed open. Cheng Jing went out and returned to say, โ€œWei Wei, <The Seamen> has made their official announcement.โ€

โ€œI know.โ€

โ€œYou already knew about it?โ€

โ€œOn the day of the exhibition, Sister Fan got the news that theyโ€™d decided on Yuan Lu.โ€

โ€œYuan Lu, your butt.โ€ Cheng Jing handed the phone to her. 

Displayed on the screen was the official blog of <The Seamen> Weibo.

The blog just released its official announcement: Ye Qinglan @Ye Wei

Ye Weiโ€™s face stared blankly. They chose her. Did Director Qu suddenly change the decision? They actually chose her over Yuan Luโ€™s background as an investor.  

Cheng Jing had also been paying close attention to this matter. If Ye Wei was able to get the first female lead of this movie, it would become a big production that would surely lead to awards. It would become a hit in the box office and attract public attention. The crew, theme, and script were all top-notch. This was a very significant turning point that would definitely broaden her prospects. 

She saw that Ye Weiโ€™s face was calm, without a ripple. Was she so happy that sheโ€™d become an idiot? She excitedly shook her shoulders, โ€œThis is so great, Iโ€™m so happy for you. This cannot do. Tonight, we canโ€™t go home until we pass out drunk!โ€

It wasnโ€™t that Ye Wei wasnโ€™t happy. It was just that her happiness was taken over by doubt. 

Notifications flooded her phone non-stop, the sound of beeps went on and on. Upon randomly swiping open one notification, she saw that it was a message that congratulated her on getting Ye Qinglanโ€™s role in <The Seamen>.

She was puzzled. What was up with this sudden change?

She could only think of one person who could make such an unpredictable decision and bring a change in the movieโ€™s production.

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