Alternative Title: 崽他爹每天都在装穷
Author: 哒哒哒哒哒哒哒
Release Schedule: Undecided
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Xie Yishu was an outstanding student and the 7,621st graduate of Nanxi University. On the day of graduation, he wanted to propose to his boyfriend, but he ended up transmigrating unexpectedly. He transmigrated to Ancient Blue Planet and lived there for five years before he returned back.

At first glance, nothing seemed to have changed. It was just hard to find a job and they discovered that his boyfriend had disappeared.

Xie felt like he was played by fate: …

In order to live, Xie Yishu became a nursery school activity teacher.

There was a child in the nursery school named Bo Zai. He was chubby, cute, and soft. He looked like him when he was a child. The other teachers told Xie Yishu that the little child’s life was very pitiful.

“He comes from a single-parent household. Only his dad takes care of him; he has no mother.”

“His father seems to be a car mechanic.”

“I heard that his father owed other people money. So, he had to often move from house to house and change nursery schools for the little one.”

Xie Yishu’s heart was about to melt after learning the little one’s background.

Until one night…

The little child video called him and asked him in tears to accompany him to find his father.

Xie Yishu looked at the picture sent by the little child. The man in the photo looked exactly like his college boyfriend.

【Small Theater #1】

Xie Yishu never expected to be reunited with Gu Yanzhi like this. They stood in the apartment they rented together five years ago. The wallpapers of the apartment were mottled, and the yellow light bulb was faintly flickering. 

Just like five years ago.

The chubby little child opened his arms to hug Gu Yanzhi as he called him “daddy”. However, Gu Yanzhi ignored him and just stared at Xie Yishu. Then he reached out carefully and hugged Xie Yishu.

There was a slight smell of alcohol in the rented room.

The man’s eyes turned red as he hugged him. He looked like a fragile domestic dog that had just been abandoned by the family, “Where have you been?”

“I couldn’t find you.”

【Small Theater #2】

Xie Yishu thought that they should live happily together now that the family was finally reunited. He can use the knowledge he obtained in Ancient Blue Planet and create a few patents to support Gu Yanzhi and Bo Zai. He will become their support and the pillar of the family!

So, he asked Gu Yanzhi how much money he owed. He believed that they could pay it all back if they work together. He didn’t notice the strange expression on Gu Yanzhi’s face when he asked the question.

He was the young master of the Gu Family, and also the youngest grandson of the richest man in the world. He had never owed money. Gu Yanzhi looked down at this son, the chubby child was joyously slurping noodles. Gu Yanzhi put down his chopsticks and had a serious expression on his face.

[The chubby little cub didn’t know.JPG]
[It’s not the chubby little cub’s fault.JPG]

When Xie Yishu didn’t get an immediate reply, he turned to look at the father and son pair, “How much do you owe?” Gu Yanzhi looked at his enthusiastic lover and hesitated before he said, “…f-five million?”

#He has never owed money#
#How much should he saw he owes#

【Small Theater #3 After a Long Time Has Passed】

Chubby little cub: Did his little daddy find out that his patents have all been bought by big daddy?

Chubby little cub: He did✓

Chubby little cub: So, Bo Zai will be sleeping with his little daddy tonight.


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