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Prologue: The Returner (Part 1)

52nd? No, 53rd?

That was the number of times I reincarnated over a thousand years.

There isn’t a thing I haven’t tried.

I’ve been the greatest magician and I’ve been a swordmaster known as the “Sword Saint.” 

The life of a musician, an artist, a blacksmith, a doctor, I’ve experienced them all.

I’ve been a billionaire who had mountains of money and once starved without any food for a single meal.

I’ve lived as a king who decided the life and death of strangers with a single finger and lived the life of the humblest of humble slaves as well.

I’ve been praised as a saint and holy woman who saved the lives of millions and accused of being a witch and burned at the stake.

“I’m sick of everything.”

Those were the very first words that I, who had just started her 54th life, spat out.

Would it be as disagreeably eccentric as my 53rd life?

I seriously didn’t feel like doing anything.

‘This time, I’ll live as a loafer. I must rest peacefully.’

The goal for my 54th life as an idler had been decided. It was now time for me to rest. I didn’t want to move even a single finger.

It was at the moment that my life’s goal had been decided!

The door to the room I was in burst open and a sophisticated aristocratic lady walked in.

“You’ve woken up now? You’re weak and frail just like your mother. Anyhow, you’re clearly not useful in any way.”

What were these roll-cake-bursting-like words as soon as I’ve reincarnated?

It was a sharp voice filled with hostility.

I blinked my eyes for a moment.

I had only just come to my senses, so I did not have the memories of this body’s ‘original owner’.

With my skills as a reincarnator, I quickly scanned over the body’s memories.

‘Oh my. I’m the Princess Rubia of the Roxanne Grand Duchy?’

This body’s identity was far greater than what I had anticipated. A princess from the start? For me, whose ambition was to become a slacker, this wasn’t a good thing.

‘Also, this is clearly a dysfunctional family. Rather than a family, they’re all enemies.’

I felt this body’s original owner, ‘Princess Rubia’, was pitiful.

She died after a lengthy battle with a fever. And in the empty spot vacated by her soul, I had entered. 

From the perspective of her family, their daughter must have been suffering from a high fever and had barely woken up, but their response was only this. I couldn’t help but frown.

When the noblewoman saw my disagreeable expression, this stepmother of ‘Rubia’s’ lost her temper.

“You- what is with that frown? Anyhow, those with the blood of commoners are coarse to no end.”

At the fatigue that swept over me, I let out a loud sigh.

Of course, my sigh naturally brought out the stepmother’s wrath.

“Sighing? How dare you sigh rudely when your mother is speaking?! Do you need to be scolded once more before you come to your senses?!”

Afterward, she continued to nag for a long time. Politely put ‘nagging’, but it was just a temper tantrum.

I listened quietly and only after she had finished her sentence did I open my mouth.

“Have you finished talking? Then, why don’t you be quiet.”

Oops. The attitude from my past life had burst out unconsciously. 


At my shocking attitude, the stepmother looked like someone had hit her over the head with a hammer.

“You, you… What was that just now…!”

“I’m sorry.”

I apologized easily. Though she may be the villainous stepmother, speaking thoughtlessly is still wrong.

“I just woke up, so it appears I have yet to come to my senses. As such, if you have finished what you wished to say, please return. If you still have more to say… Um… Even so, please return. I’m rather tired.”

When the stepmother heard my words, her jaw dropped. Shock and perplexity filled her face. Surely she would have never imagined hearing such words from ‘Rubia’.

It was to be expected, as the original Princess Rubia was so timid and cowardly that she would not rebuke, let alone answer when abused.

‘It’s too tiresome to follow her pace.’

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