Even if his eyes occasionally fell on her, it was because the dance steps forced him to look at her. But soon after the dance step was over, his gaze would soon be diverted.

However, Huo Wu still liked this photo. Even if she asked a professional photographer to take a photo with this specific effect, they might not even be able to do it. Sometimes an unintentional snapshot had the best effect.

Huo Wu returned the phone to Yu Xinxin and said, “Xinxin, send me the photos and the video later.”

Yu Xinxin naturally wasn’t against it and replied, “Okay.”

One dance song after another played throughout the dinner party, but Huo Wu and Huo Yusen didn’t dance again.

Even though there were a number of men who invited Huo Wu to dance, she still politely rejected them.

Fortunately, she was known to be arrogant and combined with the fact that she was one of the hosts tonight, they didn’t appear dissatisfied even though they’ve been rejected. 

The dinner party slowly came to an end.

The farewell music began to play, and the guests left one by one.

After she bid the last guest farewell, Huo Wu rubbed her sour shoulders. After she talked to Huo Yuan, she returned to her room and rested.

Tonight’s dinner party was held at the Huo Family’s own villa.

Speaking of the villa, the villa was still under Zhang Minglan’s name. It was the wedding gift that Zhang Minglan’s father gave her the year she got married.

This luxury villa was priced at six million yuan at that time. Now, it had quadrupled in value after two decades. It had now become an extremely expensive villa.

Zhang Minglan was the only daughter in the family. She inherited her father’s shrewdness and business acumen. After she graduated from college, her father gave her the company. 

After her death, Zhang Qiang who was in old age, had no choice but to run the company again after he lost his daughter. 

Huo Yusen had many life choices.

He could have followed his father’s path in politics. If he wasn’t into politics, he could have joined the army. Because of how outstanding he was, he was able to become the best no matter which path he pursues. But in the end, he unexpectedly chose to pursue business.

He chose the path that his mother had traveled, preparing the family’s business.

This time, he completed a Ph.D. in finance from Harvard University and successfully graduated.

After he returned to China, he will officially take over his grandfather’s company in a month.

Huo Wu recalled that Huo Yusen’s grandfather had an entertainment company under his name.

If she could sign under a company from her family, then her way to stardom should be smoother.

After Huo Wu returned to her room, she first removed her makeup and then took a shower in the bathroom. 

After taking a bath, she dried her hair with a hairdryer, and then applied a layer of skincare products to her face. More than an hour had passed since she finished everything. 

Huo looked at the time on the clock and found out that it was almost twelve in the morning.

Remembering that she had something to do tomorrow, she quickly laid down on her soft girly bed. She soon fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, Huo Wu was awakened by the alarm clock at 6:45 AM.

She had specifically set the alarm clock last night at this time so she would wake up earlier.

If nothing out of the ordinary happened, then Huo Yuan will leave today. It was unknown when she will be able to see him again, so if she wanted to join the entertainment industry, then she must mention it to Huo Yuan today. 

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