Huo Wu spent two minutes struggling to wake herself up, and then she got up and went into the bathroom. She washed her face and brushed her teeth quickly.

She casually tied her long hair into a ponytail, and then applied some light moisturizing skincare product before she hurried down the stairs. 

The sun rose late in the winter.

Even though it was already seven o’clock in the morning, the sky was still dark. The sun still hadn’t risen yet.

When Huo Wu walked downstairs, she saw that Huo Yuan and Huo Yusen had already awakened. She didn’t know when they woke up, but it seemed like they had been up for a while.

When she saw the two men, one old and one young, she smiled sweetly and greeted them. “Good morning dad. Good morning older brother.”

Huo Yuan’s heart softened as he looked at his beautiful daughter who was blossoming into adulthood.

It was unfortunate that his wife passed away early. Otherwise, she would’ve definitely felt proud when she sees how vividly beautiful their daughter had become.

Huo Yuan wasn’t surprised that their daughter didn’t look anything like them. He contributed her differing appearance from them as a form of genetic mutation.

Some parents are ugly, but their children are beautiful in appearance. This was because the children inherited the best genes of their parents. Since they didn’t inherit any of their parents’ bad genes, they will naturally appear more handsome or beautiful than their parents.

This kind of situation seemed normal to him.

His daughter must’ve inherited all the best qualities from him and his wife. As a result, she had a beautiful appearance. Although she didn’t look too similar to him, she was still his daughter.

“A’Wu, come, and let’s have breakfast.” Huo Yuan beckoned Huo Wu over to have breakfast with them.

“Okay, dad.”

Neither Huo Yuan nor Huo Yusen ate breakfast yet.

After they were all seated at the table, the housekeepers began serving breakfast.

They had two housekeepers in the house, but they don’t live in the Huo Family villa often.

The nanny who was in charge of cooking would come over to the villa every day to cook their meals. She will also prepare supper and snacks at night if needed.

In addition to the housekeeper in charge of cooking, there was a housekeeper in charge of cleaning the villa. The housekeeper in charge of the cleaning will usually spend three to four hours cleaning the villa in the afternoon. After she finishes cleaning, she will leave.

Even though the Huo Family villa had three floors, numerous rooms, and a lot of space, it was usually deserted. It was desolate and cold.

Huo Wu drank her porridge, and then secretly glanced at Huo Yusen.

The expression on his face was bland and indifferent even though the family was finally united and was enjoying breakfast together. However, his cold and indifferent expression didn’t affect his charming appearance.

Perhaps he felt a little more relaxed at home, two of the buttons on his white button-down shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a part of his sexy collarbone.

The hand that he was using to hold a soup ladle was neat and slender. He was eating elegantly and gracefully. Every action he took was attractive. He was simply eye candy.

Huo Yusen noticed Huo Wu’s gaze on him, so he raised his head and glanced at her lightly.

Huo Wu hurriedly smiled at him sweetly before she turned sideways to talk to Huo Yuan. “Dad, I want to enter the entertainment circle.”

Huo Yuan suddenly stopped in the middle of eating. Even Huo Yusen turned to glance at her.

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