Huo Yuan frowned and asked, “A’Wu, why do you suddenly want to enter the entertainment industry?”

Huo Wu was seventeen years old this year and was currently in her junior year of high school. Her grades were neither good nor bad, but Huo Yuan wasn’t too concerned about Huo Wu’s grades. His daughter deserved to be doted on and pampered. Even if she was ignorant and incompetent, he and his eldest son had the ability to make sure she lived the rest of her life comfortably and worry-free. 

Huo Wu tilted her head and blinked her big innocent eyes. “Dad, I will make sure my grades won’t slip. I will still finish high school and attend college after that. However, I really like acting, so I want to enter the entertainment industry.”

“The entertainment industry isn’t as bright and beautiful as you may think. I don’t think it’s the correct path for you,” Huo Yusen said faintly.

His tone was very tranquil, showing neither approval nor disapproval. It seemed like it was just expressing his opinion.

Huo Wu knew that in Huo Yuan and Huo Yusen’s opinion, they thought of her as someone who was arrogant but simple-minded and naive. She wasn’t suitable for the brilliant and complex entertainment circle.

But in Huo Wu’s own opinion, she had no choice but to enter the entertainment industry. 

The entertainment industry will guarantee a comfortable future for herself and her biological family.

Even if the female lead returned, she would still have the ability to live independently. 

Huo Wu put down the soup spoon in her hand. She used both her hands to hold her chin and looked at Huo Yusen with a bright smile on her face, “I know that, but my older brother will protect me, right?”

Huo Yusen narrowed his eyes, and a flash of surprise quickly flashed through his eyes.

When did his sister become so lovable and sticky? When did she learn how to please other people?

Huo Yuan laughed at her comment before he asked her again, “A’Wu, have you seriously thought it through?”

Huo Wu nodded her head seriously and said, “Yes. I’ve thought it through already.”

Huo Yuan was very straightforward, “Okay then, you can do what you want to do. Your brother and I will be your strong backing. You can leave the entertainment circle at any time if you don’t want to continue acting anymore.”

Huo Yuan sounded very confident as they said those words.

Huo Wu looked down at the table. Huo Yuan was a very doting and loving father.

It was such a pity that she was not his real daughter.

She suppressed the frustration and loss welling up inside her heart. She forced a smile and said, “Thank you, dad.” After that, she turned to Huo Yusen again. The smile on her face was sweeter and more brilliant than before, “Thank you, brother. I will depend on you to take care of me in the future.”

Huo Yusen raised his eyebrows slightly and hummed very softly in response.

After breakfast, Huo Yuan went back to work. His schedule was always full. If it weren’t for his eldest son’s return, he probably wouldn’t have found the time to return home.

Huo Yusen went to his grandfather’s company. He had already begun familiarizing himself with the business and was just waiting for a month to pass so he could formally take over the company from his grandfather.

Shortly after they left, Huo Wu was left alone in the villa. But she didn’t stay home, instead, she took her wallet and went out.

Before she went to bed last night, she had already planned to meet the original host’s biological parents today.

There were many cars parked in the Huo Family’s garage. There were a number of Volkswagen cars that cost around hundreds of thousands of dollars. There were even luxury cars parked in the garage that cost tens of millions of dollars.

Huo Wu wanted to keep a low profile to avoid attention, so she chose a big red Audi to drive in.

It wasn’t difficult for her to find her biological parents. She knew they were in charge of sweeping Fuxin Road. Generally, there were only two people sweeping each road. So as soon as she reached Fuxin Road, she would be able to see them.

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