After Huo Wu saw her biological parents, she found a nearby cafe and went in. She ordered a cup of coffee and supported her chin with her hand. She planned to comfortably spend the rest of the day like this.

The gentle and calming music filled the coffee shop.

However, Huo Wu could not calm down her pounding heart.

Huo Yuqing was indeed an outstanding person, but she had an extremely cold personality.

What was wrong with Father and Mother Jiang? They even raised her for eighteen years. They gave the best of everything they had to her.

Why would she regard them as a stain in her life? How could she heartlessly cut off her relationship with the “parents” that raised her?

Mother and Father Jiang’s tragic ending can be said to be caused by Huo Yuqing. They just needed a small sum of money to save Father Jiang’s leg. It was a simple and easy matter for Huo Yuqing to help with. However, she was not even willing to help her parents of eighteen years with such a small favor.

Huo Wu aimlessly pondered over the matter as she slowly finished drinking her coffee in the coffee shop.

The coffee tasted bitter, but it helped revive her spirit again.

Huo Wu estimated that she probably wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight because of the coffee.

After she finished her coffee, an hour had already passed.

Father and Mother Jiang had already finished their work and left.

Huo Wu took the car key from her bag and left the cafe. She got in the car and was ready to drive home.

After she left the cafe and got in the car, Huo Yusen turned around and said to the driver lightly, “Drive me to the company.”

The driver couldn’t fathom what his boss was thinking. His boss was only 25 years old this year, but it was impossible for someone to read his mind.

They had been sitting stationary in the car for over an hour, yet his boss didn’t even greet his sister.

He just watched her in the back seat of the car with a thoughtful expression on his face.

However, it was not his job to speculate what his boss was thinking. He only needed to fulfill his duty as a driver.

The driver started the car, and the Rolls Royce Phantom car’s engine came to life. The car accelerated and smoothly merged into the rolling traffic.

There was silence in the car. Huo Yusen was looking sideways at the receding scenery outside the window. Suddenly, Huo Yusen asked the driver, “Xiao Wang, I remember you have a sister. Am I correct?”

Xiao Wang was a little flattered that his boss remembered that he had a sister.

He replied quickly, “That is correct, Eldest Young Master.”

Specks of golden light flicked in Huo Yusen’s dark pupil. He pondered over something and asked a question, “Was there a big difference between your sister’s personality as a child and after she grew up?”

His memory of Huo Wu was blurry. He never paid much attention to his only biological sister when he was younger. But ever since he returned home, he could clearly feel that his sister was different from how she was before.

He couldn’t exactly pinpoint what was different about Huo Wu.

After all, he knew too little about her.

Xiao Wang didn’t understand why his boss asked this question. But since his boss had asked him a question, he naturally needed to answer it well.

He thought about it carefully and recalled his memory of his own sister. Then, he answered cautiously and carefully, “It’s natural that a girl changes between the time as a child and when she is an adolescent. As the proverb says, a young woman is very different from the little girl she once was. However, this change is not only reflected in their appearance, but also in their personality.”

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