Huo Yusen replied with a simple, “Oh.”

Xiao Wang thought about how Huo Yusen had not returned to the states for over four years. As a result, he had a weak relationship with his sister. He couldn’t help but give his boss some advice, “Eldest Young Master, young lady is not yet an adult. So, her personality isn’t completely set in stone yet. If she has any bad qualities in her personality, it will become much better if someone gives her some guidance.”

A person’s personality cannot change suddenly. It must be the environment they’re in that subtly changed their personality bit by bit. For the Eldest Young Master to ask this question, he probably thought that his sister’s personality had drastically changed.

In fact, it was mainly because the Eldest Young Master spent too little time with his younger sister. As a result, he felt that his younger sister had changed a lot from before.

Had he paid more attention to his sister, then there wouldn’t be such a problem.

In short, Xiao Wang was telling Huo Yusen to pay more attention and take care of Huo Wu.

Huo Yusen naturally understood the meaning behind Xiao Wang’s words.

Was he not caring enough about her?

Huo Yusen narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

It didn’t take Huo Wu long to get home. Her head started to feel a little dizzy. Perhaps it was because of the sudden drop in temperature when she left the warm coffee shop and went driving in the cold wind.

She ignored her dizziness and walked upstairs. Since she drank coffee, it wouldn’t be easy for her to fall asleep. But now because she was dizzy and uncomfortable, she went to be early. She didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the day anyway.

After she laid on the bed, Huo Wu fell asleep quickly. However, she didn’t sleep too well.

She felt extremely hot and cold at the same time.

For one moment, she felt like she was buried under the icy ground and the next moment, she felt like she was burning inside a hot furnace. 

The constant hot and cold temperature made her very uncomfortable.

Huo Wu’s forehead was covered in beads of sweat. She was currently trapped in a nightmare. Huo Wu was unable to break free from it, so she couldn’t wake up from her dream.

In her dream, she had no choice but to experience the original Huo Wu’s life from the novel.

She was living in Huo Wu’s shoes, from birth to adolescence.

She lived like a carefree little princess for eighteen years. Although her father and older brother were negligent and failed to teach her properly because of their own careers, she still lived a comfortable and easy life. After all, she was the Huo Family’s only daughter. No matter what she wants, she will always get it. 

Huo Wu grew up to be arrogant and willful because of her father and older brother.

She lived happily for eighteen years.

However, everything ended abruptly when she turned eighteen years old. 

She got into a car accident that changed her life dramatically.

She was no longer the arrogant little princess from the Huo Family. In fact, she was not even Father Huo’s biological daughter! It turned out that she was just the daughter of an elderly couple who worked as sweepers!

She returned to her real home and the daughter of the Huo Family became Huo Yuqing.

She took the position that originally belonged to Huo Yuqing. As a result, Huo Yuqing regarded her as a nail in her eye and a thorn in her flesh. Huo Yuqing hated that she couldn’t remove Huo Wu from the world soon enough.

When she was nineteen years old, she fell into a trap set up by a human trafficker. After she went through several people, she was finally trafficked to a remote mountainous area.

The mountain area was backward in technology, impoverished, and it was hard for people to leave or enter the village.

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