The status of women in the village was extremely low. It can even be said that women had no status in the village. 

The people in the mountain village were savage and vulgar.

She was forced to marry the foolish son of the people who bought her…

She can’t continue dreaming!

No more!

Wake up! Wake up quickly!

Huo Wu knew that this was just a dream. It was a very realistic dream, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t wake herself up from the dream.

She was anxious and desperate.

After all, the dream reached the night of Huo Wu’s marriage to the foolish man. 

It was originally supposed to be the most beautiful night for a woman, but she was currently tied up in a chair and couldn’t break free.

She screamed and shouted. She struggled against the ropes desperately.

She knew that this was the most painful memory for Huo Wu in the book.

She also didn’t want to experience this…

Just as Huo Wu was about to give up all her hope, a pair of cool hands touched her forehead gently.

“It should just be a fever. Auntie Zhang, can you bring me the medicine for colds at home?”

The sound of his cold but extremely clear voice flowed into Huo Wu’s ears. It snapped her awake and she finally woke up from her dream.

“I’ll bring the medicine right away, Eldest Young Master.”

The voice belonged to the housekeeper in charge of cooking at the villa.

From their conversation, Huo Wu deduced that she currently had a fever.

Although she was awake, she still felt dizzy and slightly confused. Due to her dream, her heart was still pounding rapidly against her chest right now.

It was thanks to Huo Yusen’s cool and refreshing voice that allowed her to wake up on time.

His cool hands that were placed gently on her forehead also helped clear her mind a little, but it didn’t take long for Huo Yusen to withdraw his hands from her forehead.

Because of the high fever, Huo Wu was very weak and had no strength. So, it was unknown where she got the strength from because she quickly reached out her hand and grabbed Huo Yusen’s hand firmly before he could completely withdraw his hand.

Huo Yusen was slightly taken aback by Huo Wu’s sudden movement. He looked at his left hand that was being tightly held onto by Huo Wu’s hand.

Huo Wu’s hand was very warm.

Huo Yusen’s hands were slightly cool. So, he felt unaccustomed to her warm hands.

He was just about to pull his hands away from Huo Wu’s hands when Huo Wu cracked open her eyes halfway.

Huo Wu looked at Huo Yusen. Huo Wu’s eyes were slightly red because of the high fever. Huo Yusen looked at her and could tell that she was in a very weak and fragile state.

Her voice was a little hoarse, but it was not unpleasant to the ears, “Brother, can you stay with me?”

The yearning and dependence behind her voice quickly tugged at his heartstrings.

Huo Yusen stopped trying to pull away from her and allowed her to hold his hand.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Huo Wu in disbelief, “Do you know what you are saying?”

His younger sister wasn’t supposed to act this way.

As the Huo Family’s only daughter, she should be prideful and arrogant.

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