She should be acting brash and insolent like she was before.

The daughter of the Huo Family had the ability to act that way because of her backing.

The men in the Huo Family worked hard to give themselves and their families a stable life.

There should never be such fear and fragileness appearing in her eyes. 

Not to mention, he was her biological brother. He would never leave her alone to fend for herself.

Although Huo Wu awakened, the dream before had left a deep shadow in her heart. Her teeth couldn’t stop chattering.

Her teeth weren’t chattering because of the cold, but because of fear.

She was afraid that she would repeat the original Huo Wu’s mistakes.

She was afraid that she would fall into Huo Yuqing’s trap.

She was afraid that she might not be able to resist the female lead’s halo. 

Huo Wu was anxious to grab a hold of something that would bring her some security.

At this moment, this cool yet powerful hand was the only thing she could grab onto right now.

It seemed like she had just grabbed onto a piece of floating wood while she was drowning in the ocean. She clutched his hands in desperation and even managed to leave a few scratch marks on his hand.

“I know. But brother, I’m so scared.”

Perhaps because of the high fever, or it might be because of the terrible dream she just had, but Huo Wu felt more fragile than usual.

She looked at him pitifully, just like a kitten that had yet to be weaned off a mother’s milk. She appeared desperate for protection and care.

If this had happened before, Huo Yusen would’ve coldly thrown away the other party’s hand.

Truth be told, he didn’t like physical contact.

His dislike for physical contact was not because he was concerned with cleanliness; it was due to his cold personality. 

But at this moment, she suddenly recalled what his driver, Xiao Wang had told him.

Like him, Xiao Wang also had a biological sister.

But unlike him, the relationship between Xiao Wang and his younger sister was obviously much better than the relationship between him and Huo Wu.

When Xiao Wang mentioned his younger sister, Huo Yusen could tell that Xiao Wang doted on his younger sister a lot. 

In the car before, Xiao Wang hinted at him to pay more attention to his sister.

Perhaps his concern for Huo Wu was too little because this was the first time that Huo Wu told him that she was scared. In his memory, Huo Wu was arrogant and proud. She was prideful and would never tell him directly that she is afraid.

Was she facing some trouble at school?

Or did something happen that he wasn’t aware of?

A lot of scenarios and reasons raced through Huo Yusen’s mind. However, while he was thinking of this, only a few seconds had passed.

He sat down slowly on Huo Wu’s bed.

His hand was still held tightly by Huo Wu, but he didn’t think about pulling his hand away from her again.

Huo Yusen looked at how similar Huo Wu’s apricot shaped eyes were to their mother. And for the first time in his life, his heart felt something called warmth.

Although he only felt a slight warmth in his heart that was about the size of a fingernail, it was still extremely rare for him.

The omnipotent young master of the Huo Family suddenly felt a little awkward in front of his younger sister. He was extremely uncomfortable as he tried his best to comfort her, “Don’t be afraid, brother is here.”

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