Although Huo Wu had been an 18th line actress for a while, she had also filmed many dramas over the years. So, she naturally knew how to use a wire. 

Cliff-jumping scenes in dramas demand a lot from actors and actresses. Their movements cannot be stiff or awkward. Even when they’re in the air, they need to act natural and preserve their character’s beauty. As a result, those requirements became even more important when they’re filming a tragic scene. Her clothes needed to flutter in the air while a single drop of sparkling teardrop needed to spill over from her tears rimmed eyes. It’ll make the tragic scene beautiful and dreamy.

When Huo Wu was dropped into the air by the wire, she didn’t even need to get in character because a cold gust of wind blew in her face; a single drop of tear fell from her eyes because of the wind.

The tip of her nose was flushing deep red from the chilly wind.

This amplified the sorrowful expression on her face.

She had just finished posing for the scene when she heard a commotion below.

“Oh no! The wire is broken!”

“Quickly, go get some air cushions!”

“Hurry and call for emergency treatment!”

Huo Wu didn’t realize what was happening because, in the next second, she directly fell 10 meters to the ground.

“A’Wu, look at this one. What do you think about wearing this dress for later?”

A female voice chirped on and on by Huo Wu’s ears, showing no indication that she will stop.

“Oh my, this Inbal Dror’s¹ high-end dress is really beautiful. However, it’s too sexy, so it’s not suitable for you. How about this one? This dress is lively, but also a little sexy.”

Huo Wu’s mind was still a little dizzy as she slowly opened her eyes. Everything in front of her was blurry, but after trying to adjust her eyes for a minute, the scene in front of her soon became clear.

She was currently sitting on a soft bed and a girl with an apple-shaped face stood not far from her. The young girl couldn’t be older than 17-18 years old and had a few pimples on her face.

Yu Xinxin saw that Huo Wu was still sitting on her bed in a daze, so she walked over and lightly nudged her. She was somewhat baffled as she asked, “What are you doing? Your older brother’s welcoming reception starts in an hour and you still haven’t chosen a dress to wear tonight! Can you hurry up?”

Older Brother? She was the only child in her family, so where did this ‘older brother’ come from?

Huo Wu turned to face the young girl with an apple-shaped face. She was certain that she had never seen this girl in her life.

The last thing she remembered was when she was filming, the wire broke. She fell 10 meters from the sky. During the last moment of her life, she could only feel severe pain burning across her body from the fall before losing consciousness. 

When she opened her eyes again, she was here.

Huo Wu vaguely felt that her life had spiraled out of her control, but she didn’t spend years in the entertainment industry in vain. She had gone through arduous training in the industry, which allowed her to develop a skill set to survive under any situation. She remained calm and collected as she picked out a small black Red Valentino² dress.

“I’ll wear this one.” As soon as her voice came out, Huo Wu was taken aback.

Her voice was very young.

It wasn’t her voice.

Right at that moment, her head started to hurt.

One chaotic memory after another flooded her head.

Some memories belonged to her, while the others belonged to the young girl with the same name as her.

The various memories mixed together in her head, making her lose her sense of what was real and what was fake.

“Hey! A’Wu, what’s the matter? Don’t scare me!”

Huo Wu gradually relaxed after resting for a few minutes and finally understood her current situation.

She had actually transmigrated into a novel! She transmigrated into a novel she had read recently, called《Forced Love》.

A raging storm was brewing in the pit of her heart, but the expression on her face remained as it was before. She turned towards her friend, Yu Xinxin and said, “Xinxin, I don’t feel well right now. Can you let me rest alone for a few minutes?”

¹Inbal Dror – An Israeli fashion designer famous for her wedding gowns. She designed many gowns for famous people such as Beyonce and Naomi Watts.

²Red Valentino – A luxury Italian brand that produces & designs clothes.

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